updates – I accidentally installed (parts of) a GUI on Ubuntu Server

Knowing no better, I ran the ‘automatic’ update and install commands with my eyes closed.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Reading other posts on this subject brings me to this command;

zgrep 'install ' /var/log/dpkg.log* | sort | cut -f1,2,4 -d' '

This indeed shows that have installed some Xserver components.
Using CRTL+ALT+F3, I am still able to access a terminal.

The GUI that is displayed has no ‘start button/menu’ and seems to just be a blue background.

This installation is a VM and I have a snapshot. I intend to roll back to the snapshot (before trying again).

I do have the resources necessary to run a GUI – but had hoped not to.

when running apt-get update, is there a simple way of identifying updates that may cause a GUI (or in this case, incomplete parts of a GUI) to be installed?

Of course, I will pay more attention and not install packages that are not “…./ubuntu focal” (other than those for packages I am using and know to be non-Gui).

I know I have a lot of manual reading to do – but other than ‘don’t blindly click around’ is there any other useful advice the community can offer?

Accidentally changed default open program in windows – how can I change back?

I’m on Windows 10, and I was tinkering around trying to open a VirtualBox VM that I transferred from another machine. When I saw that the VMs I transferred weren’t showing in the GUI, I decided to try to open one of their .vdi files directly, and I accidentally set it to open by default with VirtualBox – the image has changed permanently.. How can I change the default program back? I guess it isn’t so important but it’s bothering me because it is wrong. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling vbox but it remains!

Here’s an image – the left is correct, the right is what I’ve done.

enter image description here

email – When I scroll or zoom, I accidentally click on links. How can I prevent this?

I’m using an older phone with Android 8, and I’m finally frustrated enough to look around, but I’m not seeing my problem when I search the interwebs.

There are two instances in which I often accidentally click on a link. I think it’s potentially dangerous.

  1. Scrolling in the Chrome browser because the links are so close to the edges of the screen.
  2. Zooming with two fingers, whether in the browser or email client. It’s especially annoying in the email client.

Is there something I can do differently with the touch screen or a setting that will prevent the links from opening with just a touch (say, requiring a longer press)? Or a different browser or email client with that kind of setting?


Accidentally set gmail to bypass inbox and send all emails to trash

I was setting filters to automatically move junk emails to trash. Unfortunately, I managed to set filter moving all emails- incoming and sent — to trash.I can’t find a way to get rid of filter. I managed, using “settings”,then “filters…” to remove filters from certain email senders , but only about 25 senders— junk and not junk, are in that list. So can’t pickup everything that way. Plus, I can’t remove filter from new senders. I want my inbox and sent file back! Help! Thanks

command line – I accidentally changed root’s shell to zsh, is this bad?

command line – I accidentally changed root’s shell to zsh, is this bad? – Ask Different

Installed app from source but then accidentally deleted source code before uninstalling, can I uninstall the app?

I built a program from source then went to pull the code and build again to get a more recent version but my pull wasn’t working so I deleted the directory before uninstalling the app (dumb) and now whenever I try to build the app again or try to install via apt it doesn’t overwrite the old version. The version I am using is 0.1.12 and the current release is 0.4.0. Am I just screwed here?

Microsoft Azure’s CosmosDB Accidentally Left Wide Open

Microsoft AzureMicrosoft revealed Thursday that some customers’ CosmosDB databases in Azure were accidentally left wide open. A security researcher named Wiz discovered that it could access keys that unlocked thousands of customers’ databases.

Microsoft has issued a fix and contacted affected customers so they can change their keys.

“This is the worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine. It is a long-lasting secret,” Wiz Chief Technology Officer Ami Luttwak told Reuters. “This is the central database of Azure, and we were able to get access to any customer database that we wanted.”

Reuters has full details in their article.

In related news, thousands of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on LowEnd hosts continued to work securely.


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