– iOS Mail marks mails in multiple accounts as read

I have two e-mail accounts. A common customer service @ … and a own username @ ….
For a better overview of what I have already read, I get all incoming mails in the customer service @ forwarded to myname @.

If I now read one of these mails in myname @ account, Apple Mail marks the same mail as well as read in customerservice @ 🙁

I have already tried to change To and X original To headers. No success.

I can imagine that it's a problem for Apple Mail to identify emails with the Message-ID header, which is bad because forwarding an email does not change the message ID set by the original sending mail server ,

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? It's terrible when I read an email before customer service and they think it's already done!

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. It would be great if you kept the customerservice @ account in Apple Mail to be able to send emails through this account and track customer service progress. Deleting customerservice @ from the mail app fixes the problem, but that's not what I want to do.

magento2 – Quickly remove Magento 2 Spam customer accounts in the database

I have thousands of spam accounts in the customer database. Is there a way to remove them quickly?

I can not rush it in the admin section because it crashes the site when I try to delete them all at once. If I delete only 200 at a time, it takes a while very long time.

Is there a query that I can execute in SQL / phpMyAdmin? All spam accounts have the email address. Reseller – from $ 4.5 / month, SSD Raid10, unlimited accounts, 24/7/365 support

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encryption – What can I hacker do if I publish my email and password 2FA on all of my accounts?

This depends on the kind of 2FA and of the service providers. If this is the case, then the physical device becomes vulnerable (U2F token or similar). If 2FA is instead just implemented using an app on a mobile phone the attacker might even try to target the phone itself. If 2FA is SMS based there are even more attack vectors.

It also depends on the second factor is bound to the domain you visit (as in WebAuthn) or not (SMS and others). In the second case of the attacker, you could trick it into a look-a-like phishing site instead of the real one.

And finally it depends on what processes are implemented at the service provider in the case of lost 2FA access. If the client still owns the original 2FA.