Why is the action not displayed?


Does anyone know why my story is not displayed? I get a recursion error.

ω = Range(0, 5, 1);
U = 0;
μ = 0;
Σ(ω_) := 0;
G(ω_) := 0.5*(ω + μ - Σ(ω)) + 0.5*Sqrt((ω + μ - Σ(ω)) ^2 - 4);
G0(ω_) := ((G(ω))^(-1) + Σ(ω));
Gnew(ω_) := 0.5*G0(ω) + 0.5*( (G0(ω))^(-1) - U)^(-1);
Σ(ω_) := (G0(ω))^(-1) - (G(ω))^(-1);

Plot(Im(G(ω)), {ω, 0, 5})

Network – Trigger an action on multiple Android devices at the same time

I'm trying to trigger an action in my Android app on multiple devices at exactly the same time (or with the least possible delay / shift).

The devices are very similar (make, model, version) and are connected via USB to a Macbook Pro. I have 4 devices so far, but the final solution will contain much more, so I need a solution that works with many devices.

I tried to use sockets (Socket.io and regular WS) via Wifi and USB, but the delay increases slightly for each device, so the action is not triggered synchronously.

I also tried to send a broadcast UDP packet over USB. This leads to better results, but seems to be very inconsistent: The maximum delay ranges from 10 to 100 ms.

Synchronizing watches was another option that I thought about, but I'm not sure how it works on many devices (and NTP seems to be difficult on Android).

Any idea or pattern to meet this type of requirement? Thank you so much!

Active or disabled action button in a mobile form?

I have a "Change Password" screen where the user's password has expired and he / she needs to change it. It is a standard screen with the fields "New password" and "Re-enter new password" and an inline check that verifies that the password policies are adhered to (while the user is typing): 8 characters, 1 digit, 1 digit, 1 special character character.

We have an argument as to whether the main Change Password action button should be disabled until all checks are cleared, or to keep them active and provide an error if needed.

What do you think is better?

c ++ parsing "pick up" action in a text-based role-playing game

I'm programming a text-based role-playing game and my controls work: I have a string that checks what you write in an array of if Statement.

It can do anything but my pickup right.

My if statement is as follows:

if (PlayerOption //That’s the String// == “blah”) 

and this works with one-word commands, but it breaks off when it comes to picking up the two-word command. How can I compare the string with two words?

Spells – Does a familiar action count on your own initiative?

In our group, we have always had a familiar action "at the same time" with their Master on a single Initiation Tally (the Master's).

But if you consider that

  • A confidant can act independently
  • has – in most cases because of his own skill – another initiatory modifier than his master
  • can use the "delay action" or the "standby action" which automatically leads to a new position in the boot order

A confidant should rather have their own initiative count.

The problem now is – assuming the familiar is not worn, sitting on a shoulder, etc. – that it can not move together with his master, if he acts on his own initiative. Even if the familiar and the master act in immediate succession, someone has to move first.

If master and confidant want to stay together within 5 feet, the only way to accomplish this would be to move no more than 5 feet per turn, otherwise they would lose contact.

This would have consequences, especially with regard to the trusted share spells ability of the familiar.

Share Spells (PHB): … If the spell or effect has a duration other than "Instant", it no longer affects the known "if" it moves farther than 5 feet away and will not affect the familiar even if it returns to the Master before the end of the duration. (Highlighting me)

Character Creation – What 3.5e power / spell / ability does you know if you are breaking a vow / the rules of your god as a free action?

I build a D & D 3.5e clergyman in the monastery with a vow of poverty and the vow of peace. In the last two weeks, I've come across a character ability (an ability, a talent, a spell, an alternate class function, a domain skill, or something else) that had the following wording:

as a free act, you can consult your intuition and know if something is in tune with your God's will (or make a vow, I'm not sure what the benefit is)

I explicitly recall that this was a free action that allowed you to check the status of a contemplated action. But I spent 3 hours searching through the book of sublime deeds, the player's manual, and Google, and can not find it.

lubuntu – Defines the File Manager drop action when the modifier key is pressed

When I drag a file from one file manager window to another, the file is moved from the source folder to the destination folder. If I keep the control key pressed, the file will be copied. If I hold down the Shift key, the file will also be moved. If you hold down the Alt key, the window moves instead, so I ignore this case.

I'd like to change this behavior to run a script of my choice that retrieves the source path / file and the destination path if the Shift key is held down when the file is dropped. Alternatively, it would work if I could copy the path on the source page from the menu or with the keyboard shortcut (for example, Ctrl + C) and then have a menu option / keyboard shortcut that performs the action in the destination window.

My main use (but not only) will be doing things like creating hard / soft links.

I use PCManFM under LUbuntu 18.04, but if another file manager is the only way, that's okay too.

Why do poor whites complain about positive action instead of going to college?

Hmmm ….. Blacks get into good schools just because they're blacks, who are basically deducted from those who are less qualified most of the time, for which they've been working their butt.

Why should white people be forced to attend a community school that is less than academically possible?

Even after sitting down because of their skin color, they complain that whitey is not using their services because they know they have not got this job through any real academic achievement.

Black people claim to want equality, but their idea of ​​equality is a special treatment. Not a difficult answer, unless you are of course black

Visual Studio Code How do I go back to the last action?

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dnd 5e – Do ghosts triggered by the Hex's Spellcaster's Cursed Specter feature require action to be ordered?

The section Basic Rules Combat states:

Other activities on your train
Your turn can include a variety of swirls that require neither your action nor your turn.

You can communicate with short expressions and gestures whenever it is your turn.

A verbal command is communication and can be executed on your turn without taking any action, as long as it is a short command.

If it is difficult or difficult to deliver your order, you may need to take action at your own discretion.