sharepoint online – How to deploy from powershell script using github actions?

I am trying to deploy to siteCollection appcatalog on each push to my github repository using github actions. Saw that it’s possible using Office 365 CLI action, but that only allows tenant admins to deploy.

Before I run the powershell script I build and create the .sppkg file.
So I used PowerShell’s SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline Module in github actions. I was able to connect to the site.

I’m not able to find a way to access the .sppkg file and deploy it to the site

Below is my code

Install-Module -Name SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline -Force -Verbose -Scope CurrentUser

$siteUrl = ""
$username = "" 
$password = "myPassword"      

$encpassword = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $password -AsPlainText -Force
$cred = New-Object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $encpassword

Connect-PnPOnline -Url $siteUrl -Credentials $cred

Write-Host "logged in"

#code to access the sppkg file and deploy it to the site collection appcatalog

$getTheSPPKGFile = *************

Add-PnPApp -Path $theSPPKGFile -Publish -Overwrite

Any search is resulting to tenant admin approach. I don’t have tenant admin access, only site collection admin access.

Thank you

If I have 2 actions per turn can I cast 2 spells? (ranger 5th level)

If I have 2 actions per turn can I cast 2 spells? (ranger halfling 5th level)

There’s a question in my party if someone can cast 2 spells during a turn if they have 2 actions (ranger 5th level class feature). There’s info online that says you can’t cast 2 spells in one turn, but it seems to mostly be discussing bonus actions and reactions (and not taking the ranger feature into account). But can I cast one spell for each action if the casting time of each spell is 1 action?

If yes, another question… if I cast a spell that requires concentration (like fog cloud) with my first action, can I then cast another spell with my second action (like cure wounds or pass without a trace)?


dnd 5e – Can the Clockwork Amulet be used for all actions that require an attack? (melee, ranged, spells, etc)

Mechanically, it works on any of your attack rolls.

The description poses no restrictions except that the attack must be yours. Melee, ranged, and spell attacks are affected. Other creatures are not affected, i.e. a monster’s attack roll can never be affected unless the monster is the amulet’s wearer for some reason. Also, not all damaging spells let you make an attack roll. Those that do, say so.

Lorewise, Mechanus’s laws are all-encompassing.

The lore on Mechanus (DMG p. 66, and description of Modrons MM p. 224) state multiple times that it is a plane of absolute law and order. There is also no specific reason why spell attacks would be unaffected and the descriptions suggest that the rules of Mechanus do not include arbitrary exceptions. As as aside, the amulet’s effect is an adaptation of the Law of Averages (DMG p. 66) which now applies to attack rolls instead of damage rolls. The description of the Law of Averages also specifically includes spell damage.

software – sync mouse movement and actions with multiple laptops

hello guys i need to sync all actions done by my mouse to multiple laptops usually 10 laptops so i wanna software solution to bring them all at the same time like this photo enter image description here

all i need is to take the mousex and mouse y coordinates and left and right mouse clicks and paste it to the other laptops using blutooth wireless communication or even hardware solution theory – How to identify the two copies of $D_{24}$ in the homomorphisms of the 2 musical actions?

Let $S$ be the set of minor and major triads. Two sets of actions are defined on the set:
1) Musical transposition and inversion
2) P, L, R actions
$P(C-major) = c-minor,$
$L(C-major) = e-minor,$
$R(C-major) = a-minor.$

I already know that each action can be described as a homomorphism from our group into $Sym(S)$ ($S_n$). I just don’t really know how to identify these ‘distinguished copies’.

Apparently, each of these homomorphisms (of action 1 and 2) is an embedding so that we have two distinguished copies, H1 and H2, of the dihedral group of order 24 in Sym(S).
This is the duality in music described by David Lewin.

“The two group actions are dual in the sense that each of these subgroups H1 and H2 of Sym(S) is the centralizer of the other!”

These notions are defined in this paper:

Should I put actions dropdown in the right side of breadcrumbs?

I’m designing a user page for the back-office web application and thinking of the best place to put the actions(change user password, remove user).

The solution I came up with is to put them under the dropdown menu and move the trigger button in the opposite side of breadcrumbs.

Is that a good practice? Since the breadcrumbs is a component which located at the navigation area of the page and actions is a component which logically should be at the content page area but I’m putting it in the navigation side.

If that’s a wrong idea, I’m opened to the suggestions(Use it as plain buttons without dropdown, move to another place etc..)

Here it is a screenshot:

enter image description here

email – Course of actions after finding security flaw

I’ve found what I believe is a significant security flaw on quite a big platform. It can be exploited to obtain on the orders of millions of email addresses with some additional data. They’re big enough in that they have set up a customer support system, which is causing me great problems in getting in touch with the right person.

Is there a good course of action I can take in such circumstances?

dnd 5e – Do legendary actions trigger effects that happen at the beginning of the monster’s turn?

Consider this scenario. The monster is standing in the area of the cleric’s spirit guardians. As written, the monster takes damage at the beginning of its turn as long as it’s standing in the field. Suppose, however, that the monster takes a legendary action before its turn in initiative order. Does this trigger the effect of the spirit guardians, in addition to the normal trigger that would happen at the beginning of its regular turn? My ruling on the matter during the game was that it did not… This would seem to violate the whole purpose of legendary actions, resulting in a massive debuff of the monster (i.e. taking double spirit guardian damage simply because it took another turn in the initiative order).

magento2 – Apply filters or mass actions on grids with fake collection (or wirhout ui components)

I a admin grid with a change on _prepareCollection() function to get the collection from a response of api call, its working fine. But I do not have the filters or mass functions, how can I do that without ui components?

enter image description here

I have this change on my grid file:

 * Collection
protected function _prepareCollection()
    $filter = (
        'query' => 'cat yellow',
        'page' => 1,
        'region' => '',
        'year' => '',

    $collection = $this->_api->searchCat($filter);

    return parent::_prepareCollection();

If I could simulate a collection, maybe I could use ui components, but I’m lost, how can I resolve my problem?

The idea is use the filter to search cats with cat api, and the mass action is to import those registers into a products.