unity – How do I activate a button?

Develop a timer script. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis script is that after a certain amount of time, a button in the scene is activated. This script also uses this script, uses DontDestroyOnLoad, but can not be activated because of the following error:

"MissingReferenceException: The object of type & # 39; GameObject & # 39; was destroyed, but you are still trying to access it.
Your script should either check to see if it's null, or you should not destroy the object.
DigitalRubyShared.Timer.Update () (under Assets / DIC / Scripts / Timer.cs: 53))

I understand that this button object is destroyed when I change scenes. How can I keep this object?

 public static float currentTime;
        public static float endTime = 0f;
        public static bool startTime = false;
        public static string recibir;
        public static Timer estadoTimer;
        public string tiempoEscena;
        public string nombreEscena = "Mapa_Izquierdo";

        public GameObject aceptar;
        (SerializeField) Text Contador;

        void Start()
            currentTime = 0f;

        void Awake()
            if(estadoTimer == null)
                estadoTimer = this;
            }else if(estadoTimer != this)


        void Update()

            if (startTime != false)
                currentTime += 1 * Time.deltaTime;
                Contador.text = currentTime.ToString("0");

                if (Contador.text.Equals(tiempoEscena))
                    currentTime = endTime;

                Contador.text = currentTime.ToString("0");


animation – How do I activate ENABLE ROOT MOTION on the state machine?

In this (also asked by me) question, I had problems putting the animation on my object:


Basically, the position and size of the character have changed.

It should look like this:

Enter image description here

But it looked like this:

Enter image description here

I could solve this by activating this option:

Enter image description here

Not just by directly inserting into the character, but also by using BlendSpace.

However, when using the state machine, the following error occurred:

Enter image description here

The transition between the animations works correctly, but in the game this error now occurs:

Enter image description here

How can I activate the mining?

Bitcoin Core no longer has mining code, at least for the mainnet. You can not use Bitcoin Core for refilling. Instead, you need to download other mining software like cgminer or bfgminer. However, none of these software support CPU mining, as mining with CPUs (and even GPUs) is neither efficient nor cost-effective. Mining is nowadays carried out with specialized mining hardware.

How long does it take an Intel i5 to generate the smallest possible Bitcoin share?

Probably a few days or weeks, maybe never. To "generate the smallest Bitcoin fraction", you must join a mining pool. It is not possible to generate only a small fraction of the block reward, so mining does not work that way. To receive less than the block reward, you must join a mining pool. In order to get a chance for a reward, you have to join a mine pool. However, to receive even one reward from the pool, you must be able to clear a share that is essentially a block, but at a lower level of difficulty than the network (the pool faces this difficulty).

CPU mining is unlikely to find a share at all. Even if you do, you will need to find a lot of stocks to reach the minimum payout of a pool. So you will never get "the smallest bitcoin fraction" just by CPU mining.

If you run only a mining software, you will not learn how Bitcoin works or how the mining works.

Activate Titanium Apple Card: iPhone XS / XR compared to iPhone X and earlier versions

The procedure for activating a Titanium Apple Card depends on the iPhone model.

Especially for an iPhone 201S (iPhone XS / XS Max / XR), the package of the Titanium Apple Card must be opened, the iPhone awakened and kept close to the card. For an iPhone 2017 or earlier (supported by Apple Card) (iPhone X or earlier), the Wallet app must be started to activate the physical card.

Request and use your Titan Apple Card in the Apple Support Document:

To activate your Apple Card

You need a compatible iPhone with the latest iOS version to activate your Titan Apple Card. When your Titan Apple card arrives, you can easily activate it.

Enable on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Watch the video to see how to activate your Titan Apple Card

  1. Open the box containing your Titan Apple Card.

  2. Wake up your iPhone and follow the instructions in your card holder.

  3. Touch Activate.

Activate on the iPhone X or earlier

Watch the video to see how to activate your Titan Apple Card

  1. Open the wallet on your iPhone and tap Apple Card.

  2. Touch Activate card.

  3. Wake up your iPhone and follow the instructions in your card holder.

Your card is ready for use immediately after activation.

What exactly is the difference in hardware (or software) between 2018 and earlier iPhone models that requires the difference in the activation process?

How do I activate the default value of a custom field created through Advanced Custom Fields?

I'm using the ACF plug-in to add a custom field for each page that determines whether the header image is displayed or not.

The field type is true / false and the default value is true. The problem is that this default value It seems to take effect only after I update an existing one, In other words, it does not apply to an existing page until the administrator / user has updated this page.

This is the logic I use in my template:

$show_header = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'show_header', true);   
    if ($show_header && $show_header == 1) {
        if (has_post_thumbnail()) {
          $url =get_the_post_thumbnail_url();  

        } else {

How can I force the default value to take effect on every page without republishing it manually?

Windows – How can I make a PC automatically activate safe mode on startup?

I am removing a virus and need to reboot several times with Safe Mode enabled to remove the virus. But I do not want to install programs (just to be sure). I do not want to turn on Safe Mode every time I need to restart. Is there a way to configure a PC to automatically enable Safe Mode if it is started with CMD and then disabled?

windows – How do I activate my bot in discord?

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