How many spell-bearing items can you activate in a turn?

In the Prometheum Exxet, there are two means of creating an item that can cast a spell: Items with the Automatic Spells power, which require no Zeon and have to recharge, and items with the Spellcaster power, which do require Zeon.

How many of each type of item can you activate in a turn, assuming you have three actions and indefinite magic accumulation?

macos – How to activate IP over Thunderbolt from command line (within Recovery system)

This is my setup: Two Macs (M1 2020, Mini 2018), connected with a Thunderbolt 3 cable. When both are running Big Sur, they have a working IP connection.

However, if I boot the M1 Mac into Recover Mode, it only connects with the network via Wifi, but not over the TB3 connection.

When I enter Terminal on the M1, ifconfig lists many interfaces, but I can’t tell if the TB interface is amoung them. Clearly, it shows no IPv4 address for any but the Wifi interface, though.

What commands do I have to enter to enable the IP-over-TB interface and get it up so that I can connect the Macs via this faster connection?

wordpress plugin add page when activate

I have written a WordPress plugin and want to make new page when plugin activate I tried by the following its loading only html its not including css style-sheet which is included in html file

if ( ! defined( 'WPINC' ) ) {



class /CUSTOMIZE_THIS/_Controller {
function init() {
register_activation_hook( _FILE, array( _CLASS, ‘activate’ ) );
register_deactivation_hook( _FILE, array( _CLASS, ‘deactivate’ ) );
function activate() {
// Add options, initiate cron jobs here
register_uninstall_hook( _FILE, array( _CLASS, ‘uninstall’ ) );
function deactivate() {
// Remove cron jobs here
function uninstall() {
// Delete options here
add_action( ‘custom’, ‘add_my_custom_page’ );

function add_my_custom_page() {
// Create post object
$my_post = array(
‘post_title’ => wp_strip_all_tags( ‘My Custom Page’ ),
‘post_content’ => ‘My custom page content’,
‘post_status’ => ‘publish’,
‘post_author’ => 1,
‘post_type’ => ‘page’,

// Insert the post into the database
wp_insert_post( $my_post );


register_activation_hook(FILE, ‘add_my_custom_page’);

add_filter( ‘page_template’, ‘wpa3396_page_template’ );
function wpa3396_page_template( $page_template )
if ( is_page( ‘My Custom Page’ ) ) {
$page_template = dirname( FILE ) . ‘/registration.html’;
return $page_template;


function register_my_scripts(){
if ( is_page( ‘My Custom Page’ ) ) {
wp_enqueue_style( ‘style1’, plugins_url( ‘registration.css’ , FILE ) );

How do I make my android ROM auto-mounts and activate a swap partition in my sd card?

I have created a swap partition via GNOME Disks in my SD Card and I found that my Android system doesn’t detect it until I used Aparted to activate it but still It is not persistent after a reboot and I don’t know how to recognize the path of my swap partition according to Android But I knew the path of my SD card via Aparted: /dev/block/mmcblk1 so I don’t know how to modify fstab.qcom for permanently using the swap partition in my SD card.

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applescript – Activate Numbers app and populate chart every 30 minutes

applescript – Activate Numbers app and populate chart every 30 minutes – Ask Different

I need to refresh and activate some project from command line — GSA SEO Forum

sendmessage(<handle of SER>, 1042, 0, 0);

Hello @Sven – sorry to revive such an old thread. I’m using Python’s win32api to refresh the SER project list after externally generating a new .prj file:

win32api.SendMessage(hwnd, 1042, 0, 0)

Works to refresh the project list, but this causes all the running GSA projects to come to a stop. Can I start GSA again without closing/reopening the executable – or even better check the current state of “Start” or “Stop” first so that I can set it back to the original state?

Thank you

Cannot activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure

Unale to activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure in Site Collection Features. I was told I need to activate this in order to have Design Manager enabled.
It shows the following error message

Sorry, something went wrong An unexpected error has occurred.

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation
ID: be85879e-1095-6000-33d3-0635dc15345c

Date and Time: 23/08/2018 02:48:05

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