Lock Screens – Can I activate my fingerprint lock screen without (!) Enabling encryption?

I like to secure regularly my dates Partitioning with TWRP. I noticed that I activated my fingerprint screen lock, TWRP can not access my data partition because Android 8.0 encrypts it from the moment I set one Password for lock screen (obligatory if I activate the fingerprint lock screen). For the moment "Force the encryption"is out in Magisk. Can I take the risk and activate my fingerprint screenlock now? Or is my data partition being re-encrypted? I do not want to reformat my data and reinstall everything. My Bootloader is unlocked and my phone is a Samsung SM-G935E

dnd 5e – At what level do you give the command when you activate the Majesty's cloak?

From level 6, glamor bards receive the following abilities.

Mantle of Majesty
From the 6th level, you gain the ability to wrap yourself in a fairy-tale magic that makes others serve you. As a bonus action, you work Command without using a spell slot, and appear eerily beautiful for 1 minute or until the end of your concentration (as if you were focusing on a spell). During this time, you can use the command in each of your moves as a bonus action without using a spell slot.

However, it does not really mention what level you are in command of. Do you use it as a level 1 spell or at the highest level that you can cast in your level?

android studio – How do I activate the button so that it is not pressed before I select the 4 answers of the test?

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Mcafee.com/activate – McAfee – Install McAfee Activate with Product Key – Everything Else

McAfee.com/activate – With the rising cybercrime rate, the need for a trusted antivirus program has increased overall. Large companies and businesses are generally facing the consequences of cyber attacks, whether financial or private. To protect privacy, not only businesses rely on the McAfee Activation Antivirus program, but everyone.

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Visit – Mcafee.com/activate | Activate Mcafee | Mcafee activate the 25-digit code

Guide to McAfee Activate and Full Installation and Activation – Advertising, Offers

McAfee Antivirus protects your devices from viruses, malware, and other security threats at home and on the go.
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Visit – mcafeecomactivate

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How do I install and activate a C-Lightning plugin in Lightningd?

As explained on the simple fund overview plugin, you just have to start lightning with the plugin Argument as follows:

lightningd --plugin = / path / to / plugin / directory / plugin-file-name.py

Of course, plugins can also be written in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than Python.

You also see this mechanism in action in this video, which explains who needs to write and run their own plugins.

You can also move the plugin to that Clightning codebase to plugindirectory (version at the time of answering this answer). Plugins stored there are automatically called up and activated lightning Startup, if the file of the plugin is executable.

You also need a c-lightning version that is larger than 0.6.