Javascript – How do I activate a button that is disabled by clicking with another button? RENEWAL OF THE EVENT PAGE

Good evening a few days ago, I asked the same question and they gave me excellent answers. Now my next question is how to create this code of a colleague when you click on the button and the same page refreshes the button that stays on The same event that gets activated when the page is refreshed

$ (& # 39; jsBtn_1 & # 39;). a (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, function () {
// remove the & # 39; disabled & # 39; Attribute of the second button as soon as a click on the first button is detected
$ (& # 39; jsBtn_2 & # 39;). removeAttr (& # 39; disabled & # 39;);

dnd 5e – Would it take an action or something similar to activate the blindsight feature of a dragon mask?

In the Tyranny of Dragons campaigns, there are magical items, the dragon masks.

They also appear in this supplement (page 4).

I'm especially interested in how this property works:

Dragon sight. You get a dark vision at 60 feet, or an additional 60 feet, if you already have that sense. Once a day, you get 5 minutes of sight on 30 feet.

Since you can only do it once a day and it only takes 5 minutes, you need to activate it, right? But it does not explain how. What are the costs for the action economy in particular? Does it cost an action? Is it an object interaction? Are you just doing it with action fighter of a fighter?

I hope there's something I've missed, or maybe somewhere, a generic rule that says something like, "If it does not say it's an action" or "if it does not say you do it".

https – Do I need the AutoSSL from cPanel, if I also activate Cloudflares SSL?

All websites I manage use cPanel, which also offers free SSL Certificates. However, some of these domains use cloudflare for their DNS, and they also get their SSL certificates from Cloudflare.

For these sites, cPanel's AutoSSL feature usually fails for renewal. I see several questions online asking if AutoSSL works when Cloudflare is in the picture (and the solution requires either editing the .htaccess file for the website or temporarily disabling Cloudflare SSL) the AutoSSL function can be completed successfully).

My question is different: If I already get an SSL certificate from Cloudflare, do I even need the AutoSSL feature of cPanel? Is there a scenario in which I could assume that cPanels AutoSSL will still properly renew all certificates?

unity – activate object that contains a button?

There is a conceptual difference between a GameObject and a component. A GameObject has many components, and each component belongs to a GameObject. If you have the UI thing that you think is a button, then you actually have a GameObject that has a Button component (among other components).

Some components can be activated and deactivated with a .aktiviert Property or otherwise (not all components). For example, you can disable one renderer but you can not disable a transform). A GameObject, on the other hand, will be activated or deactivated SetActive (bool) Method.

So, if you want to get all the game objects into the children of weapon_carry_pistol[0] who have a button and then activate these game objects, then you:

  1. you will find all the button components with GetComponentsInChildren, In that case, you specifically want to include all buttons in inactive game objects GetComponentsInChildren
  2. iterate in one for each loop
  3. Determine the GameObject of the current button by clicking the icon .gameobject Property that each component has.
  4. activate the GameObject with .SetActive (true)

Like this:

foreach (button button in weapon_carry_pistol[0]GetComponentsInChildren

Mouse – How do I activate the forward and backward buttons on Remmina?

I'm using Remmina to remotely connect Ubuntu to my EC2 bare metal machine. I'm trying to use the back and forth buttons on my mouse, but they do not seem to work. xev registers the event on my local computer (Ubuntu), but not on the remote computer. I've upgraded to the latest Remmina (SPICED) version for this to work, but I'm not sure if I'm configuring it properly. Can somebody help me with it? Many Thanks!

evf – How to activate the "Multi Mode Viewfinder" setting on the Fujifilm X-T1?

The Fujifilm website documents an "advanced feature" called the "multi-mode viewfinder". This allows the use of various search modes with the terms "Full", "Normal", "Vertical" and "Dual".

Dual is particularly interesting:

In "DUAL" mode of the viewfinder, you can view the subject differently than through a conventional optical viewfinder. In manual focus, Dual displays a split screen that lets you see both a normal view of the scene and focus-assisting view (Focus Peaking and Digital Split Image Focus) simultaneously, making focusing easy and accurate.

Dual mode

After searching forums and other sites on the Internet, I could not determine how to enable this setting. Going through all the different menus of the camera has also brought nothing to light.

Does anyone know how to turn it on?

Benefits of Using Chatbots for App Business

Chatbots are generally used in online trading centers to assist customers. They are one of the patterns that shaped the past year and will continue to influence this year. This year will be the time of the chatbots. However, they are not yet used in the way they should be used. In the event that you have an online trading center or are in the application business, you should use chatbots in your company.
User management. Many custom software development companies create a chat bot on their website

In online business communities, chatbots are mainly used to support customers. They are one of the examples that formed the previous year and will also affect this year. This year will be the season of the chatbots. In any case, they are not yet used in the way they should be used. If you have an online business focus or are in the application business, you should be familiar with chatbots in your business.

Workers around the clock

In the event that you gain an individual to handle your customer care, the individual would be your specialist for a maximum of 8 hours, if not more. In these 8 hours there would be inactive time, carelessness, lack of consideration and possibly the failure to deal with every type of customer. However, a chatbot is your nonstop specialist. If set, a Visitor Message will fill the company he worked for 24 hours a day, 7 days, 7 days without any disappointment.

Data and metrics

Chatbots give organizations the ability to gather critical information and measurements about each customer and improve their experience. On the one hand, organizations can manage customers on an ongoing basis, while organizations can review and quantify communication with their customers.
Save time and money

The chatbots are a successful time and cash alternative. They make your work less stressful and allow you to focus on other increasingly critical companies. The chatbots help to reduce the torment of doing business, and customers support the split by presenting the streaming streams and the robot-controlled response.
The hour is needed

Chatbots ensure success waves in all industries. They are a trend that customers want for every type of business. The fast automated response chatbots generate helps customers save time and respond to all their questions and questions in a timely manner. Some chatbots are also helpful in finding the product that customers want.

Start your app

These are some of the best advantages of chatbots in the app business. If you're in the industry, you should integrate this technology into your business application or website to help customers and improve their experience. Chatbots can be your best partners and you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.