draw.io – Add elements to the Mindmap / Horizontal tree

This may be a fundamental question, but I could not figure it out, even though I was busy with it and the documentation for a while.

How do I add new elements / nodes to a mindmap / tree?

With the blue arrow you can duplicate the same element (like I did for it) theme), but I can not imagine how to add a, for example branch of the theme as in the picture below:
Mind Map example

Is there any documentation that I might have missed?

Thank you so much!

Meta tags – add property to schema_article_author (schema_metatag)

I want to add the property honorificSuffix to the authors of an article.
Since the author no group Regarding schema_metatag definitions, I can not add the field as shown above schema_article_example Module.

How can I add the property as a subkey of the article_author field?
I do not want to do any patches on that SchemaPersonOrgTrait or SchemaPersonOrgBase to inherit this property into the schema metadata.

This should be possible through a custom tag – as shown in the example module.

Prologue: Define operators for propositional logic statements and add arguments to the list

I'm trying to define some operators that add the operators with the arguments and the lonely arguments to a list.

So far, I've defined the two operators I'll use, OR and NEGATION, but I do not know how to specify the actions they need to do next, create the lists, and add the operators and arguments to it.

:- op(400,fx,neg).
:- op(500,xfx,or).

After that, I'm not sure how to add the operators and arguments to a list and merge all the lists.
According to the unification instruction in the manual, it would be something like this:

neg(X,()) :- union((X),(neg(X)),()).
or(X,Y,()) :- union((X),(or(X,Y)),()).
or(X,Y,()) :- union((Y),(or(X,Y)),()).

Which does not send any errors, but how do I make the union of all the lists and how do I state that every lowercase letter can be used for the input.

An example of an input would be:

neg(a or b).

And the expected output:

(neg(a or b), a or b, a, b)

Node – How to automatically add a PHP code field at the end of a content type when new content is created

I'd like to allow users to add content, but every time they create a new content page, I'll end up automatically adding a field. for example:

When a user presses Add Content, the following is displayed:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3

when the user fills and saves it. It indicates something like this:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
PHP Field

7 – How do I add a currency field?

Can anyone suggest a cure for the question.
How do I create a currency field (with selection of currency and text field for entering the amount), considering the fact that there are multiple currencies?

I tried to add a prefix, but only one value can be entered (for example, $ or pounds, and so on). I also tried the currency module, but there is a single multi-currency page.