Q: How can I add subtitle files while uploading videos to Youtube at the same time?

I have 100 MP4 video files that I want to upload to YouTube. For each .mp4 file I have a .srt (subtitle) file with the same file name. Can I upload any videos in any way? and Subtitle files at once? We can upload multiple videos by dragging and dropping, but I wonder if there are similar bulk uploads for subtitle files.

Computer Architecture – Add two 4-bit binary numbers to 2 7-segment LEDs up to 30

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php – add the next and previous arrows

I want to create a simple one-page storytelling WordPress website. I've created a category that contains all the posts that make up the main content for the stories, and I want to show them on the homepage. I have the default loop for the time being, but I'd like to load the content using the REST API to avoid reloading pages. My question is how can I add two left and right arrows to select a previous category or next item?

// here I want to add the needed code and markup for the next and previous arrows.

How to add HTML JavaScript?

Hello friends,

How to add HTML JavaScript?

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Javascript – Add a blind transition to my version of Flickity Carousel

I've put THIS codepie (Carousel) slider, which uses the labels as controls with the Flickity plug-in, with the following two options:var flkty = new Flickity(".carousel", {
pageDots: false,
wrapAround: true
Note: The slider contains videos, not pictures.

I need a transition that is similar to the transition for Venetian blinds by antoni.de.


How is this easiest and fastest? Is it just a CSS thing?
Do I have to write specific JavaScript for this transition?
I'd rather borrow JavaScript. Where can I find it in a readable, non-minimized version?
The code version of the carousel is HERE.

UPDATE: I have added a partial answer. As I say in the answer, I wish I could use the videos myself for the transition.

amazon web services – AWS Lambda Add Permission – Source-Arn-Weirdness

I follow this guide to set up a Lambda feature to subscribe to log events. In step 5, you must give "CloudWatch Logs permission to run your role" as follows:

aws lambda add-permission 
    --function-name "helloworld" 
    --statement-id "helloworld" 
    --principal "logs.region.amazonaws.com" 
    --action "lambda:InvokeFunction" 
    --source-arn "arn:aws:logs:region:123456789123:log-group:TestLambda:*" 
    --source-account "123456789012"

That works fine.

Well, according to the documents of --source-arn Argument too aws lambda add-permission it is optional. However, if I do not provide it, the subscription will not appear as registered when the lambda feature configuration page is invoked on the AWS website (see first screenshot below). The subscription is actually registered and can trigger the lambda. I can confirm if I delete the permission and add it again with one --source-arn The subscription is shown as registered (second screenshot).

I think it's a small thing, but why should? --source-arn bad too add-permission has anything to do with why / why the subscription does not appear in the UI? Especially if you deliver or not --source-arn The permission is still sufficient for the Lambda version.

(Note: After I've come a long way in writing this Q, it just seems to be a mistake, but I'll stop so I can refer to it in a big report until there's an answer.)

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

how to add the Facebook Donate Button to the Facebook page of a NGO

I try to use the nonprofit template to set up a donation page on Facebook. I want to activate the "Donate" button on my page. According to the following resource: https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/facebook-donate-now-button/ I have to choose Edit Page Info, then add Nonprofit Organization as a category to activate Shop with you or make a donation under +Add a Button, This seems to me to give me access to an option for a DonateButton. Even after adding this category, I still do not see it Donate as an option. What else do I have to do to enable access to the Internet? Donate Button on my page?

woocommerce – How do I add custom data for a particular product that I have programmatically and with a separate anchor to the shopping cart to my shopping cart?

function iconic_output_engraving_field() {
    global $product;

    if ( $product->get_id() !== 95 ) {

__( 'Engraving', 'iconic' ), 'value' => wc_clean( $cart_item('iconic-engraving') ), 'display' => '', ); return $item_data; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_item_data', 'iconic_display_engraving_text_cart', 10, 2 );