woocommerce – Added to cart message not showing on product page

The single product page does not show me a message after the item has been added to the cart. In the Product archive, the message normally shows.

enter image description here
enter image description here

I use the Elementor Pro plugin. Does anyone have experience with such a problem? Could the plugin cause this problem? I also use this plugin on other sites and I don’t have these problems.

Im asking for help.

8 – I can’t see the newly added toolbar buttons I added to CKEditor

I have added some new buttons from the toolbar configuration onto the BasicHTML profile of CKEditor
I’ve added the standard text alignment buttons and also the color button which was supplied by the module I installed (details below)

However, when I try and use the editor (whether in paragraphs, or the standard wysiwyg supplied by Drupal), the new buttons don’t appear. I’ve cleared caches etc.

Does anyone know what I’m missing ?

I am using:

  • Drupal 8
  • CKEditor 8.85
  • CKEditor ColorButton 8.x-1.2

I’ve installed the color button module and uploaded the 2 libraries (colorbutton & panelbutton)

magento 1.7 – Setting shipping programmatically when product is added to cart?

Magento 1.7

This is the code which gets called via the checkout_cart_product_add_after event when I add a product to the cart:

function addProductComplete(Varien_Event_Observer $observer) {

        $onepage = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/type_onepage');

        // Add address to cart
        $address = $onepage->getQuote()->getShippingAddress();

        if (null == $address->getCountryId())
            $country = Mage::helper('core')->getDefaultCountry(); // use default country
            if ( '' == $country )
                $country = 'DE';

        if ( null == $address->getPostcode() )

        // save settings


When I add the first product, nothing happens, only after adding the second product, it works. I guess thats because the first time there is no quote object? How to solve that so it works with the first product as well?

Reordering admin columns for CPT with custom taxonomy and an added custom field

This may be a repeat but it’s the combination of things I can’t find.

Custom post type is event.

I have added an admin column ‘Event Date’ generated by ACF and it appears at the right. Everything appears fine in this order; ‘Title’, ‘Venue’, ‘Date’ ‘Event Date’

I’d like to reorder it. So far so good, this code does that.

But the custom taxonomy ‘venue’ which has the slug venue does not reappear (it appears but is not populated). How do I find out what the custom taxonomy is called for the purposes of the admin columns?

function reorder_event_columns( $columns ) {

$columns = array(
    'cb' => $columns('cb'),
    'title' => __( 'Title' ),  // Post Title
    'venue' => __( 'Venue'), // not populated!
    'event_date' => __( 'Start Date'), // Appears fine
    'date' => __('Date'), // Published Date

  return $columns;

add_filter( 'manage_event_posts_columns', 'reorder_event_columns' );

Is cPanel worth the added expense.

For me I say it is. Just for the amount of clients that are used to it. I have tried to use different once in the past and that tended to create more tickets than anything. This ended up costing more than just using Cpanel.

Yes the new pricing set everyone back but heck if you have over 100 accounts already just raise your new pricing by 30 cents and move on.

automation – How to automatically add data series to line chart when new row of data added to underlying sheet?

I have a line chart where the X-axis is Day of Week and Y-axis is a count. The underlying sheet has Sunday dates in column A, where each row is one week apart, and columns B-H have count values for Sunday through Saturday, one week per row.

The sheet auto-updates as new data comes in, but not the chart.

In Chart Editor > Setup > Data range I specified A1:H1000, and when I click the Add Series button at the bottom the chart editor readily offers up the new rows (i.e. I don’t have to specify the cell ranges, they are already detected) but I do have to explicitly click each one to add them to the chart.

Is there a way to bypass this final manual step, so the chart draws a new data series line whenever a new row of data is added to the underlying sheet?

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theming – How to add variable (field added in commerce_order) in twig template?

I have created a custom field (selection list) in Commerce Order / Checkout

  • name machine : field_jour
  • extract url : config/order-types/default/edit/fields/commerce_order.default.field_jour

I would like to customize Mail Template when order is completed
(file = modules/commerce/modules/order/templates/commerce-order-receipt.html.twig)

All is OK for me but what is the name of this variable ?
I have tried :

  • {{ order_entity.field_jour.value }}
  • {{ commerce_order.default.field_jour.value }}
  • {{ commerce_order.field_jour.value }}

But no value appear in my Mail…

I have installed modules such as “Value” or “Twig Field Value” which are supposed to be simple to use and useful to know the name of the variable… But I don’t understand how to use them.

I’m lost…

Is someone can help me please ?
Thank you in advance