dnd 5e – When does an UA Sea Sorcerer choose the added effect of Curse of the Sea?

The sea wizard curse of the sea says in part:

Once per turn, if you cast a spell, you can trigger the spell if that spell deals cold or lightning damage to the accursed target or forces it to move. If you do so, the target will be subjected to the corresponding additional effect. The curse ends when the spell is not a cantrip (you choose the effect to use when more than one effect is applied):

cold damage, If the affected target suffers cold damage from your spell, the ()

lightning damage, If the affected target suffers lightning damage from your spell, your (…)

forced movement, When the target is moved by your spell, you can (…)

I do not know when The sorcerer actually chooses this ability, because it is different from other features such as: B. the overchannel function of Evokationsassistenten, has unusual formulations.

If you cast a level 5 or lower spell that deals damage, you can use your spell to deal maximum damage.

In the question "When must the assistant decide for an override?" It has been decided that this feature will be used if you speak a magicNot if the spell actually causes damage. However, the Curse of the Sea feature uses a different wording, and I'm not sure how this (if anything) affects the timing of the feature.

Does the sorcerer choose to use this feature while casting the spell or if the spell actually causes movement that causes or forces damage?

Once it matters:
If you have used this feature if you speak a magic and decided to, and then the creature proved immune to cold damage, the extra effect would not occur.

7 – Drupal site hacked, links to any content added and weird Javascript

My Drupal site (version 7.66) has been hacked and I'm looking for advice on whether anyone can identify this hack to alert me to a potential vulnerability, as I have not found one yet.

The way it was hacked is that all the articles on my site got something added to the bottom of the content: some HTML code and (more importantly) some javascript code – I do not know what it is does.





Does anyone know what this hack could be and which modules were compromised?

As far as I know, they probably gotten access to the database using one of the compromised modules and changed all the content by adding the above data.

Encoding Style – If-else-ladder to capture all conditions – should a redundant final clause be added?

What is missing in the answers so far depends on which type of failure is less harmful.

If your logic is good, it does not matter what you do, the important case is what happens if you have a mistake.

They omit the last condition: The last option is executed, even if this is not the right way.

You simply add the final condition: no option will be executed, depending on the situation where something may not be displayed (minor damage), or a zero reference exception may appear later (possibly debugging) pain.)

You add the last condition and an exception: it fires.

You have to decide which of these options is the best. In the development code, I think that's a snap – take the third case. However, I would probably set Circle.src to an error before throwing and circle.alt to error – if someone decides to turn off the claims later, it will harmlessly fail.

Another thing to consider – what are your recovery options? Sometimes you do not have a recovery path. What I consider the ultimate example is the first launch of the Ariane V rocket. There was an unrecognized / 0 error (actually a divisional overflow), which led to the destruction of the booster. In fact, the code that had crashed had no purpose at all at the time. Once they're in orbit or boom, you do everything to avoid mistakes. (If the missile deviates from the target for this reason, the security guard turns his key.)

sharepoint online – The home page becomes empty when an spfx webpart is added

I have a custom SPFx web part that retrieves the event from the calendar. The web part works fine, but when I place the web part on the communication page of the homepage. The homepage is empty.

If I add the web part to other pages of the site, these pages will work properly. Only the homepage does not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much

x4Servers – New SSD VPS plan added, for sale for 25% off the regular price outside of Chicago!

X4Servers is back with a flash sale to the community. They have been presented here once before. We hope you enjoy what you offer us today! You have two new plans for 25% off the regular price! They have also told us that they have limited availability, so it does not last long.

You can find your terms and conditions / legal documents here. You accept PayPal, credit cards, Alipay, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as available payment methods.

As always we are interested in your feedback. You are welcome to comment this in the comment section below.

They had to say the following:

"The main goal of X4Servers is to provide superior hosting for everyone without breaking the bank. With RAID-10-protected SSD servers and a 99.9% availability network, X4Servers wants to be your central hosting provider. What is special about X4Servern is that we are willing to work with our customers on their needs and requirements. If you need a tailor-made package or a tailor-made solution, you can always contact us. We're here to help. We are not limited to one of our packages!
Below are our exclusive Chicago SSD VPS offerings, which we only extend to the LowEndBox community! "

Here are the offers:


  • 1 CPU core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB SSD memory
  • 1000 GB monthly transfer
  • 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) network connection
  • 1 Own IPv4 address
  • OpenVZ / SolusVM
  • Full root access
  • 49.50 USD / year
  • (ORDER)


  • 2 CPU cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 25 GB SSD memory
  • 3000 GB monthly transfer
  • 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) network connection
  • 1 Own IPv4 address
  • OpenVZ / SolusVM
  • Full root access
  • 85.50 USD / year
  • (ORDER)


Data Center in Chicago, Illinois

Test IPv4:
Test file:

VPS node – host node specifications:
– Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 to E3-1240v5
– 32 GB to 64 GB RAM
– 4x 1TB RAID10 Samsung 860 SSD drives
– 1 Gbps network connection

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and have fun!

Google Tag Manager – How does GTM know that advanced e-commerce data will be sent when it is added to the dataLayer?

I ask this question to better understand how GTM works, hoping to debug it myself. A better title could be:

I want extended e-commerce to "only work" when I push the dataLayer. What am I doing wrong?

In the past, I have implemented the enhanced eCommerce DataLayer from GTM in
Magento 1
, Since Magento is rendered server-side, that is dataLayer At the time of loading the page, the JS array is already filled with products / impressions / conversions / etc. In these scenarios, I could just:

  1. Add a Universal Analytics Tags Page Call tag in GTM
  2. Select the check box for "Enable advanced ecommerce features" and "Use data tier."
  3. When triggered on "All Pages Page View",

That's enough for GTM to automatically call the advanced eCommerce features that translate that data into Analytics.

I say automobilemagically because I now realize that I took it for granted how it worked. I'm implementing this for a client-side rendered site where the dataLayer will be filled long after the page loads. I had to add extra GTM tags (UA with type = Event) and trigger to trigger those tags when moving certain events into the dataLayer.

I now have conversion / purchase tracking, but for some reason, impressions are not pushed. GTM says the tag fires and I see an HTTP request to send the UA event (has t=event), but the request does not contain any impression data.

Ideally, I could add only one tag, and GTM will call the appropriate Analytics feature when new products / details / impressions / AddToCart / purchase data are transferred to the dataLayer – as it happens when the dataLayer on the page is already filled out is loading time.

Is it even possible to let GTM work that way? Or I just do not understand how it should work.

ios – How to display newly added books in iBooks on iPad?

I use an iPad mini 4 as an e-book reader to read PDF books. I do not know if it's my stupidity, or if I think that the use of the iPad as an e-reader is many times more difficult than with an Android tablet. It causes me a lot of headaches when I'm doing things like transferring or syncing books. I often think of dropping the iPad and buying an Android tablet instead, but my frugal way always wins.

I have many books on the iPad and manage books using collections in the iBooks app. One problem bothered me for a long time: If I add a new book to iTunes, sync it with the iPad, and try to move it to a collection, finding the newly added book on the iPad is very difficult. It's buried in a list of hundreds of books. There is no category "Not in a collection". I've searched Google many times for a simple solution, but to no avail. Am I so stupid not to be able to solve such a simple problem as if my computer science degree was a fake?

Please enlighten me.

SQL Server Availability Group notification when a new database is added

When a new database is added to the setup of SQL Server AG, a notification e-mail like the following is sent to us.

The availability group database XXXX changes roles from SECONDARY to SECONDARY because the mirroring session or availability group failed due to role synchronization. This is just an informational message.

What's confusing is the sentence

"Role change from" SECONDARY "to" SECONDARY "…"

  1. Can someone please decrypt the meaning of it?
  2. Is it normal for a notification to be sent when new DBs are added, or am I doing this wrong or have other problems?

–In & thoughts; …

8 – 503 Service Unavailable error on all pages except my route file added

I have a D8 web with some views and pages. When I log in with an administrator, everything works fine. When I log in with a normal user, after a few seconds I get the Error 503 service unavailable. This happens with all pages (view pages, public pages, etc.), and I can only open pages (routes) defined in my module. Anonymous user can navigate to public pages, but ordinary users can not navigate to other pages after logging on.
It looks like a permission issue, but I've successfully rebuilt it. A suggestion?