networking – If a game automatically downloads addon content it doesn’t already have when joining a server, how can I test this without a second computer?

One thing you can do is make the addon path user-configurable. Besides allowing you to configure this differently on the server and the client, your end users may also find this feature useful, especially if they have multiple storage drives on their computer.

However, at least under Linux, it is possible to have a directory show up as having different contents for two different processes, by using what’s called a mount namespace. By placing a process in a new mount namespace, it is possible to mount volumes which will only exist for that process and its subprocesses. If you create a new mount namespace, and mount a temporary file system on top of the addon content directory, you can then start the client in the new namespace and the server outside of it, and the client and server will see entirely different contents in that directory.

For the following instructions, replace $ADDON_DIR with the path to the addon content directory, and $USER with your local username:

  1. Start the server normally, and tell it to use an addon you have installed.

  2. Run sudo unshare -m in a terminal, and enter your password. This will bring you to a root shell in a new mount namespace.

  3. At the root prompt, run mount -t tmpfs tmpfs $ADDON_DIR. This will mount a temporary, empty filesystem over the addon content directory, but will only take effect within the new mount namespace.

  4. At the same prompt, type runuser $USER. This will switch back to your regular user in a subshell, which is still inside the new namespace.

  5. From that subshell, launch the game client and connect to the local server. Since the client is running in the new mount namespace, it will see an empty addon content directory, and proceed to download the content.

Can “Page Sizer” Google Docs add-on read my Google Docs?

Tl;Dr: Yes, Page Sizer can read your Google documents.

To review the permissions that the app requires to be installed, click on the Install button, then dialog asking for the Google account to be used will be shown, then the OAuth consent screen will be shown. This dialog list the permissions required and next to each of them there is a button for each of them that show a description of what that permission allows to the app to do.

Below is a screen shot of the OAuth consent screen shown to me few moments ago:

The Plus – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

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javascript – JS script in website won’t run when it’s a Firefox addon

I’m making a basic start page to replace the “blank” option on Firefox, it’s basically just an HTML website with some JS scripts added for some functionality. I added a script for a real time clock, which works fully when run as a website, but for some reason when I run it as an add-on, the scripts don’t load (e.g. the clock doesn’t appear) and I get this error in the console:

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“script-src”).

I’ve taken a look at the content_scripts and user_scripts manifest keys, but I’m not quite sure where to start with those or if I’m even barking up the right tree with them.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Is there a script or add-on for google sheets that counts the number of used cells?

I am getting the error of reaching the 5 million cell limit in Google Sheets

I’m wondering if there’s a script or add-on to count the used cells in the sheets/workbook

I found this add-on called sheetgo, but can’t see the count option in the menu, wonder if there’s an alternative.

Page Scanner Addon – Delay?

I am currently texting some functions using Scrapebox without proxies.

Google and Bing Meta Scraper offer a “delay between requests” option in connection settings (so I can can test a long list with delays of 12 to 30 seconds without getting blocked).

I do not see an option for “delay between requests” for the Page Scanner Addon.

Is there a way to set a delay in Page Scanner Addon?

I am using page scanner to search google results and find which pages have Google My Business, A Video section or Image section

I did a test of 1000 similar URL’s and it completed in about 10 minutes but after about 700 results it returned about 300 results with “HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests” in the Status column.

One surprise is that I was able to do a manual search in browser while this was running and after it finished without a Captcha challenge.

Thanks ColinK

Page Scanner Addon – Report all footprint instances?

Assuming I am using the Page Scanner Addon correctly, it seems to return only one result for each url

Eg If I have three footprints to find:
New York

If a Page contains one of the search terms (not necessarily the first one) it will return a positive result for one search term and move on to next URL and never check for the other two search terms.

It seems that If I want results that have “any AND all” of the three cities I have to run the the search 3 times with only one Footprint active at one time.
Is that correct or am I using the Addon incorrectly?

Thanks ColinK