Load balancing – Nginx two upstream same backends IP address, but different port, like to have the same backend IP selection when two IP_hash

I have two upstream
Upstream app1 {
Server Server1: 9001;
Server Server2: 9001;

Upstream App2 {
Server Server1: 7001;
Server Server2: 7001;

When the client starts with the location provided by app1, he can later add a location request provided by upstream app2. I would like to have the same IP backend option, even if the port is different.

bitcoind – Getbalance and list address groups are inconsistent

I've imported a private key from my electret bag (testnet) to Bitcoincore (testnet):

  1. In my electronic wallet, I copy the private key associated with the address mmUToPM2vBb2F1ZNcR86J12GxqAbUJtFCr (balance 0.06 BTC).
  2. Then I import it into Bitcoincore:

~ # bitcoin-cli importprivkey "The private key with 52 characters" "From Electrum Wallet"

  1. The search should be done automatically, but I ask you to search again and search again:

~ # bitcoind -rescan -reindex

After a while, I can exhibit:

~ # bitcoin-cli listaddressgroups

And I get successful:

     "From Electrum Wallet"

But when I ask for the account balance, 0 is returned:

~ # bitcoin-cli getbalance myUUVRR2a7tesGbWgUUw7BijHz6pp6Uf9w


How is this possible considering that the rescan was performed and that the balance in list address groups is correct? Therefore, I can not output bitcoins from this address.

Thank you for your input / insight!

My bitcoin.conf:

txindex = 1
addrindex = 1
to list
Server = 1
Daemon = 1
testnet = 1

apache2 – The Apache HTTP access protocol displays its own IP address instead of the client IP address

I use CPanel and WHM to manage some sites.

The Apache access logs are located in:

/ Etc / apache2 / logs / domlogs /

In this directory I have received two files, ie:


I use these logs to use fail2ban to look for brutal attacks on wp-login.php.

If I check that www.somesite.com-ssl_log File coming from requests originating from HTTPS:

CLIENT_IP - - [19/Mar/2019:17:14:15 +0000] "GET /wp-login.php HTTP / 1.1" 500 251 "-" "" Python Requirements / 2.18.4 "

But if I check the HTTP access log file www.somesite.com Instead of CLIENT_IP, it contains my own public IP address:

MY_PUBLIC_IP - - [19/Mar/2019:17:27:14 +0000] "POST /wp-login.php HTTP / 1.1" 500 251 "-" "" Python Requirements / 2.18.4 "

I checked "/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf" for LogFormat:

LogFormat "% h% l% u% t "% r  "%> s% b "% {Referer} i  ""% {User-Agent} i "" combined

LogFormat "% h% l% u% t % r "%> s% b "is common

After the Apache document I tried "% a" but still added my own IP.

How is the client IP displayed in the access log (no SSL requests)?

8 – Drupal Commerce Custom area as payment and shipping address

Currently, Drupal Commerce has no solution for the "Delivery address is the same as payment address" check box, which is very unfortunate. I was thinking about creating a custom section with my custom address form that would allow me to easily create such a check box. However, I could not find any way to trigger a payment (from the Commerce Payment module) after the address form was sent successfully. Can you help me? Many Thanks!

Virtual address translation – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I'm in an OS class now. I have been fighting this problem for a while and can not convince myself of a solution. My professor is very busy and has not found time to help. Likewise, This question is from an example exam, not something I would be rated with.

In this question we get a virtual address for translation: 0xFEC, We also recommend using the segmentation according to the table and a 14-bit address. If we consider our address binary, we have 0000 1111 1110 1100, We will ignore the two most significant bits as instructed 00 1111 1110 1100,

If we use the two leading bits as part of our segment, we'll have to use the base for the section of code specified with 12. Then we go to the decimal and add.

dec (00 1111 1110 1100) + dec (12K) = …

7018 + 12,288 = 19306

The thing that tells me this is wrong is that the number 7018, which is about 7K, is much larger than 3.6K (the specified size of the code section). : /

I'm really lost here, and I have not found any examples where people move addresses with segmentation or decimal end numbers.

I think I'm wrong when I interpret the addition, but I do not know how.

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