Installation of the adjustable pavement support

Adjustable self-leveling base to support the pavement with multifunctional self-leveling head MB-T0-E (90-180 mm / 180-280 mm)
The adjustable self-leveling floor support MB-T0-E is height adjustable from 90 mm to 180 mm. Level control of the basic inclination Adjust the inclination of the ground 0% -5%.
NameMoonbay adjustable self-leveling paving foot MB-T0-E, 90-180mm / 180-280mm height adjustable
Material98% PP and 2% additives like anti-UV etc
Loading capacity2,000 kg / pedesta
Sizehead diameter 150 mm, extension diameter 125 mm, base diameter 200 mm
ColorBlack or customized color
Height range 90-180mm or 180-280mm height adjustable
Tilt CorrectionCompensation the slope 0% -5%
Manufacturer Moonbay
Application Paving stones and wooden or wood composite coverings on roof terraces, balconies, garden terraces, podiums around swimming pools, temporary floors in marquees and raised floors in chemical, mechanical offshore oil rig, metallurgy and many other applications.
1. Height range 90mm-180mm / 185-280mm
2. Paver spacer with a thickness of 2 / 3.5 / 5/8 / 10mm
3. Rubber disc 1 mm / 2 mm thick
4. High load 2000 kg / socket
5. UV stable and chemical resistant
6. Do not damage waterproof membranes
7. Allow positive drainage and ventilation
8. Absorb sound to increase the temperature
9. Balance floor slope
10. Easy and quick installationAdjustable installation aid
Website: http: //

Does a context-free language contain a certain adjustable language that is decidable?

I was asked to solve this problem, but now I'm stuck.

Is the sentence $ {G in text {CFG} mid L (G) supseteq L (A) } $ where A is DFA before decidable?

I know that I need to find a reduction, and as an indication, I've been told that this is a problem with the problem of accessibility or the postal correspondence problem, or possibly the problem of a non-empty intersection ( $ { langle G1, G2 rangle in text {CFG} times text {CFG} mid L (G1) cap L (G2) not = emptyset } $) that are undecidable.

I spent hours reading about these issues and reading about reductions from those issues to others trying to find an idea, but I'm stuck.

I would be very happy about any help, be it a few hints or the answer.