ubuntu – Erro ao acessar a página de Admin do Glassfish Remotamente

Estou usando uma instância EC2 AWS onde instalei o Glassfish 5.0

Quando eu entro na página de admin pelo url:4848/ ele abre a página de admin e diz que eu preciso habilitar o secure-admin para acessar remotamente

Mas depois de habilitar o secure-admin eu não consigo mais nem acessar a página de admin

O navegador me retorna conexão recusada ou fechada

scan – Does it make sense to perform vulnerability assessment tests with admin user rights?

There are really several things going on here.

The first question is about determining what, if any, authentication is necessary for security testing. This really depends on your threat model. For example, the systems that I’m currently working with are scanned using various end-user credentials, but not with credentials associated with the level of permission that company employees have. We’ve decided that if there’s a malicious internal user, the types of concerns would go well beyond what a vulnerability scanner can pick up. The focus is on making sure that end-users, with malicious intent or not, have limited opportunities to harm or bypass the normal operation of the system. This approach may or may not be suitable for all organizations, so it’s up to each organization to determine the risks and benefits of different configurations for scanning and penetration testing.

The statement that the security consultant, whether using automated tools or by a manual process of interacting with the system, is changing the configuration such that the system doesn’t function is concerning. First, the security consultant will probably need documentation about the system associated with whatever user role they are authenticating as. This has been a common request in all penetration tests that I’ve been a part of. This should help them understand what different things do in order to not break the system. Second, they should be testing against an environment that mimics production but is not production. In my experience, security testers do things that may break the system, including attempting to send malicious payloads. Security testing should never interfere with the normal operation of the system.

My suggestion would be that you spend some time performing threat modeling and working with your security consultant to understand the system so they can perform the appropriate testing based on the risks that you face so that any findings would be relevant.

magento2 – Magento 2 nginx restricting admin are by IP address not working

I am trying to restrict access to the admin area by IP address, but it’s not working. When I type in the admin url, it redirects me to the home page. If I change the IP address being whitelisted, it comes up with a 403 forbidden message. Here is my current whitelist configuration for Nginx:

   location ~* ^/(index.php/admin|admin) {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
location ~* .php$ { try_files /dummy @proxy; }
deny all;


Everything I have seen online says to use this configuration for whitelisting the admin page for Magento 2. If I don’t have the whitelist active, I can access the admin page. My site uses Nginx and Varnish for caching.

Override Admin module’s Grid to frontend (Magento 1)

I have a custom module in magento 1 admin and i am looking for a way to make it available for customers, this means that there will be a link in customer’s dashboard then he will be available to see the exact Grid from admin.
In the admin there is also a “approve/decline” option for every record in this Grid so the same functionality should be available to the customer to update the database record.

From what i understand i will have to use the override method and somehow the collection will be filtered by the customer’s email , then he will only have access to his own records in the Grid.

not quite sure how to start so any thoughts please!

usability – Admin gesture for full screen TV app

I am making an app for use on a TV and it will show some content in full screen. That means there will be no “admin” button or “gear” icon to use to get to an admin area where the app can be configured.

However, I need the owners of the app/tv to be able to configure it.

I imagine using some kind of gesture which can allow access to configure the app. However, seeing that it is a TV, there may not be any access to control it using fingers, so the gesture has to be somehow possible to do with something as clunky as maybe a TV remote.

What do you think? Is a gesture the right choice? And if so, which gesture would be intuitive and indeed possible?

magento2 – I create two dynamic field in admin but one of them not working in magento 2?

magento2 – I create two dynamic field in admin but one of them not working in magento 2? – Magento Stack Exchange

magento2 – How can i set input field on Magento 2 admin data grid in Magento 2.4?

magento2 – How can i set input field on Magento 2 admin data grid in Magento 2.4? – Magento Stack Exchange

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