magento2 – Domain level admin Permission In Magento 2 Backend

I have experience with magento for a long time, When creating multiple domain sites, i always thought Magento 2 has, by default, the option to have a specific admin for each domain (that’s what I sold). I’m working on 2.3.5 and i dont see it anywhere, I’m missing something? is hidden somewhere? maybe 2.4.1 have it? it it doesn’t, please advise if there is a extension for this already developed


plugins – Getting “Sorry, your request cannot be accepted.” when uploading file through admin page

I have a simple form

    <form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
        <input type="file" id="import-file" name="import_file" />
        <input type="hidden" name="action" value="upload_csv" />
        <input type="submit" value="Upload File" />

added to my admin submenu page. When I hit the submit button I get the “Sorry, your request cannot be accepted” message.

I have already gone into my wp-config and added define('ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS',true); to see if that fixed things.

If I remove the enctype parameter from the form it works, but no $_FILES of course.

Any ideas?

I was the only admin of a Facebook Messenger group chat, and I left the chat. Now I can’t get back in

Like the question says, I was the sole admin of the Messenger chat. We had the setting enabled where new people had to be approved to join by an admin. Since I left, nobody can approve me to join.

Is there any way an existing member can become an admin? Or is there any way around this so that I can get back in?

Woocommerce error on admin ajax search product: Unknown column ” in ‘where clause’

When I want to add products to a manual order in Woocommerce, the product search returns “no matches found”. I looked at the logs and I found this error seems to be culprit. I searched the error but every case I found, the unknown column name is defined in the log. Here it’s blank: Unknown column '' How can I investigate what’s causing it? I’m trying with TwentyTwenty and only WC activated…

Full error:
(proxy_fcgi:error) (pid 3178592) (client *:60140) AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: WordPress database error Unknown column '' in 'where clause' for query SELECT DISTINCT posts.ID as product_id, posts.post_parent as parent_id FROM wp_posts postsnttt LEFT JOIN wp_wc_product_meta_lookup wc_product_meta_lookup ON posts.ID = wc_product_meta_lookup.product_idnttt LEFT JOIN wp_wc_product_meta_lookup parent_wc_product_meta_lookupnttt ON posts.post_type = 'product_variation' AND parent_wc_product_meta_lookup.product_id = posts.post_parent ntttWHERE posts.post_type IN ('product','product_variation')nttt AND ( ( ( posts.post_title LIKE '%chorizo%') OR ( posts.post_excerpt LIKE '%chorizo%') OR ( posts.post_content LIKE '%chorizo%' ) OR ( wc_product_meta_lookup.sku LIKE '%chorizo%' ) OR ( wc_product_meta_lookup.sku = "" AND parent_wc_product_meta_lookup.sku LIKE '%chorizo%' ) )) nttt AND posts.post_status IN ('private','publish') ntttntttORDER BY posts.post_parent ASC, posts.post_title ASCnttt LIMIT 30 nttt made by do_action('wp_ajax_woocommerce_json_search_products_and_varia...',

jquery – I want to reorder & filter the custom fields on the admin screen

I am using custom fields for an unpublished page to hold all kinds of data for my site. It works fine except that in the admin page, they’re ordered by their meta_id when I want them in order by meta_key like:

name value
field_a 1
field_b 2 
field_c 3 

instead of

field_c 3
field_a 1
field_b 2

I also wanted to add a filter so that only some fields will be shown at a time & I’d like a confirmation before deleting them.

My first impulse was to try to just do it in jquery so I put a script in admin that was like this:

function sortTable(table) {
  var tbody = table.find('tbody');
  tbody.find('tr').sort(function(a, b) {
      return jQuery('td:first input', a).val().localeCompare(jQuery('td:first input', b).val());
sortTable(jQuery('#editor div#postcustom div#postcustomstuff table#list-table'));

That sorts by the first column, then I did this for the filter:

jQuery( "#postcustom .inside" ).prepend( ' <input type="text" id="custom_fields_filter" placeholder="filter by name">' );

jQuery("#custom_fields_filter").keyup(function() {
      if( !this.value ) {
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text").closest('tr').show();
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text(value*='"+this.value+"')").closest('tr').show();
        jQuery("table#list-table td.left input:text").not("(value*='"+this.value+"')").closest('tr').hide();

There are problems: If I’ve filtered the list of terms and then delete a term, it can delete the wrong one. Is there way to filter and reorder these terms when they’re called from the db instead of doing it in on the front end?

Is there a plugin that will do all of this for me?

magento2.3 – Transaction Fails From Admin Order first time then works second time

I currently have Magento 2.3 installed and I ran across this issue ( that is similar to mine but I can’t seem to take conceptually what was done and get it to work for my case. I currently have

    function(Authorizenet, $) {
        $(document).on('test', 'body', function() {
            var config = <?= /* @noEscape */ $block->getPaymentConfig() ?>,
                form = "#payment_form_<?= $block->escapeJs($block->escapeHtml($block->getMethodCode())) ?>";
            new Authorizenet(config, form);
    function($) {

but no matter what I do this ends up making it worse causing the transaction to fail over and over again instead of just on the first try. What am I doing wrong?

how to know when the user is in specific part of the website and when he leaves that part and display the data in the admin dashboard

I want to display for the admin when a user visits a page and when he leaves that page

the page is for example test.test/my-dashboard. and it’s only available for the logged in users.
the admin knows to know the time when the user is in that page and the time the user leaves that page.

thanks in advance and excuse my language.

admin – undefined variable get from switch select option

I try to make inside theme custom admin panel a switch select option. but i cannot get the value of switch case. following is my code:

 <?php  $bannerchange = $_POST('bannerchange');
    if( get_option('bannerchange') != get_option($bannerchange)) {
                $bannerchange = update_option( 'bannerchange', get_option($bannerchange));

I can debug this problom with stright way?

if(isset($_POST('wphw_submit')) && $chk):?>
  <div id="message" class="updated below-h2">
    <p>Content updated successfully</p>

  <?php endif;?>
      <form method="post" action="">

<select name="wphw_submit" onchange="this.form.submit()">
     <option value="page1"<?php if ($bannerchange == "page1") { echo " selected"; } ?>>Custom Departure</option>
     <option value="page2"<?php if ($bannerchange  == "page2") { echo " selected"; } ?>>Fixed Departure</option>
<noscript><input type="submit" value="Submit"></noscript>
<input type="submit" name="wphw_submit" value="Save changes" class="button-primary" />

switch ($bannerchange) {
    case 'page2': ?>

    case 'page1':

$bannerchange get always undefined. any help greatly appreciated.