virtualtype – Depends on an attribute field from the field of another attribute in the admin form of Magento2

This block describes the dependency of being able to change field 1 to the value of field 2. After running this code, the dependency is not created, exactly the problem here

'disabled' => '!${$.provider}:' . self::DATA_SCOPE_PRODUCT. ".field2:value"```
if you remove "!", then the field will become inaccessible in any case
$meta = $this->arrayManager->merge(
                $weightPath . static::META_CONFIG_PATH,
                    'dataScope' => 'field1',
                    'additionalClasses' => 'admin__field-small',
                    'imports' => $disabled ? () : (
                        'disabled' => '!${$.provider}:' . self::DATA_SCOPE_PRODUCT
                            . ".field2:value"

magento2 – I can not log in to Magento 2 Admin …. I keep asking for CAPTCHA

I am having trouble logging into the backend of my M2 store. My login is correct, but when I try to log in, I get an incorrect CAPTCHA message (although no CAPTCHA was displayed on the initial login screen) and try again. This time I'm told that I'm locked.

I've seen a similar post here (logging into Magento Admin not possible, error "Invalid Captcha" is displayed), but this seems to disable CAPTCHA completely, and for me it's more of a patch than a real solution. I do not want to disable the CAPTCHA. I just want to solve this problem and sign in successfully instead.

SCP | Forum Promotion – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

Has anyone read or heard anything about SCP here?

Here's the explanation for those who do not know about it. SCP (Or SCP Foundation) is a web site on the Internet that hosts these Stories for Entities, which are known asSCPs& # 39 ;. These entities occur in all forms. Some that look normal but do extremely dangerous or strange things (Like SCP-049). Or one who does not look normal at all and like any other SCP can be quite dangerous (Like SCP-096).

The site contains a wealth of stories covering more than 4900 SCPs spanning 5 series.

I've heard of SCP in the past, but I was not that interested. I remembered today and read three of them (SCP-173, SCP-049 and SCP-096). I really enjoyed them all and could actually read more of them.

So what about you? Did any of you read one of the SCP stories?

If you want to read one, visit:

Pi-hole | Forum Promotion – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

Has anyone used the pi-hole? I first heard about it by seeing LTT and found it really interesting. It's a network-wide ad blocker that intercepts DNS queries and compares them to a known list of ad domains and, if matched, nulls them so you will not see any ads. It's supposed to be installed on a Raspberry Pi, but I do not have one, and instead I've powered up and installed an Ubuntu LTS VM. From there, I set up my DNS on my Unifi security gateway to point to the pi-hole instead of the uplink DNS server.

So far, 10,505 DNS queries have been blocked by 553 and only less than a day has been executed.


It blocks all types of requests, including Microsoft updates (which I need for the whitelist) and Google Analytics. And yes, BSA is also locked on FP.


Do you currently use the pi-hole and if so, what do you think about it? If not, would you? It's super easy to set up.

Pi-hole more info

magento2 – Installed module not visible in admin – Magento 2.3.2

I have a module installed while doing the CLI says that the module is installed, the schema has been created in the database and the module has a record in setup_module It is not displayed in the admin. If you look at the module in the module manager, it will be displayed as disabled. If you enable it through the module manager, it will not be changed.

I then installed another module as a test (webshopapps matrixrates), exactly the same thing happens, shows how to install, creates schema, shows off in the module manager, even if you enable it.

So far I have done a complete uninstall of the modules (disables the module, ran php bin/magento setup:upgrade, removed the database entries, deleted the module files, and then cleared the cache / ran again php bin/magento setup:upgrade and confirmed the module is no longer in the cli or mod manager shows up) and then reinstalled and still no joy.

It feels like something has stuck, but I can not figure out what's going on …


Javascript – How to update a plugin admin div with Ajax progressively?

Thanks to this seven-year tutorial by Pippin Williamson, I've just learned how to use Ajax to load content into an admin-side plugin page.

My plugin sets up an administration page (tools) that is set up in my administrator and contains an empty div #cxt-results and a form with a submit button cxt-submit,

Thanks to the following PHP function and jQuery, clicking the button will retrieve the last five posts of a specific post type and return the response with their titles to them cxt-results div, all in one list.

Enter image description here

/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *
 * Ajax Function
 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------ */

function cxt_process_ajax() {

    echo '

This is my response

'; // If neither of these verifies if (!isset($_POST('cxt_nonce')) || !wp_verify_nonce($_POST('cxt_nonce'), 'cxt-nonce') ) { die('Permissions check failed'); } $myposts = get_posts( array( 'post_type' => 'viewpoint', 'posts_per_page' => 5 ) ); if ($myposts) { echo '
    '; foreach ($myposts as $mypost) { echo '
  • ' . get_the_title($mypost->ID) . '
  • '; } echo '
'; } else { echo '

' . __('No results found', 'cxt') . '

'; } die(); } add_action('wp_ajax_cxt_get_results', 'cxt_process_ajax');


jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

  // When the form is submitted
  $('#cxt-form').submit(function() {

    $('#cxt-loading').show();                   // Loading animation
    $('#cxt-submit').attr('disabled', true);    // Submit button
    $('#cxt-results').empty();                  // Content box

    data = {
      action: 'cxt_get_results',
      cxt_nonce: cxt_vars.cxt_nonce

    // Finish up
    $.post(ajaxurl, data, function(response) {   // Post cxt_get_results to wp-admin ajax, get response
      $('#cxt-loading').hide();                  // Loading animation
      $('#cxt-submit').attr('disabled', false);  // Submit button
      $('#cxt-results').html(response);          // Content box

    return false;

However, I would like to switch to a more "progressive" update for them cxt-results div – That is, you add a new post title in turn until it's exhausted, and not all in one answer at the end of the process.

This does not mean much for a process as fast as retrieving a list of posts, as in the above example. However, advanced feedback is useful for a future use case where processing of each step spent may take longer.

How can I do that? I would imagine that this is a new approach on the jQuery / Javascript side, not just PHP, because it's more of a step-by-step update than a single answer (?).

Or is there a way to do more with just PHP and to challenge a standard for everyone?

postgresql – Create an admin superuser in PostGres, but when I log in, I need an admin database

I'm using PostGres 9.6 on Mac High Sierra. I have run these commands to create an admin superuser …

  psql -d postgres -c "CREATE USER admin WITH PASSWORD 'password';"
  psql -d postgres -c "ALTER USER admin WITH SUPERUSER;"

but when I then try to log in with this user, I get an error message that there is no database "admin" …

localhost:mymodule davea$ psql -U admin
psql: FATAL:  database "admin" does not exist

What do I miss?

uploads – Missing temporary folder. Error uploading image to admin Set temporary directory – WordPress 5.2.2

I find this error when I try to upload an image in the backend

Missing temporary folder.

Attempts to set temporary folders in wp-config.php with the required permissions. Attempts to set the temporary directory path in global and local php.ini files. No solution yet.

When uploading the image, the following errors were found

2019/08/31 05:16:52 [warn] 12906 # 12906: * 853 is a client request body
buffered into a temporary file / var / cache / nginx / client_temp / 0000000278,
client :, server :, request: "POST /wp-admin/media-new.php
HTTP / 1.1 ", host:" .com ", referrer:
"wp-admin / media-new.php"

2019/08/31 05:16:53 [error] 12906 # 12906: * 853 FastCGI sent in stderr:
Msgstr "PHP – Message: PHP – Warning: Error while uploading the file – creation not possible
a temporary file in Unknown at line 0 "while the response is being read
Header from upstream, client :, request: "POST
/wp-admin/media-new.php HTTP / 1.1 ", upstream:
"fastcgi: // unix: /var/run/php-fpm/php-fpm.sock:", host:
"", Referrer:
"/wp-admin/media-new.php" "

Using Nginx Server in a VPS. I fell in the last 3 days here, although I have not found a solution.

Please advise me about ths