admin – Order All Pages table in administration

In administration, in the “All Pages” section, each time I add a new page the table is refreshed order by page Title.
I reorder the table clicking on “Date” column to keep working on the last updated pages, but every refresh the order change again to Title.

I cannot find any plugin or way for WordPress to remember the last order selected. Is there any way to achive this?

TL;DR I want WordPress to remember the order of “All Pages” in the administration.

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How do I change the search input field in the administration toolbar to type = search?

I want to change the "Type" attribute to "Search". The search icon appears over the text, making it difficult to see what you're typing. The topics are a combination of Adminimal for Admin and Bulma for the frontend. The Bulma frontend is the problem.

The source HTML is as follows.

I want the type attribute to be searched so that the symbol disappears when entering text.

I tried to overwrite the Bulma template input – bulma.html.twig. Not ideal from an area perspective, and setting these attributes here doesn't work.

{{attribute.setAttribute (& # 39; type & # 39 ;, & # 39; search & # 39;)}}

Ideally, I would find a topic preprocessing function. I can't see one that works. How do I proceed?

Sortable administration columns, which are sorted from user-defined fields, do not combine Com Search and dropdown filter

I am developing a plugin that essentially consists of a CPT that lists certificates (several) for their respective customers (user role). I've done everything that should be done:
– The CPT "Certificates"
– The user role "customer"
– The taxonomy "company"
– Carbon fields for custom fields (via Composer dependency)
– I have created the field that connects the customer with their respective company, since we have the field for the assignment when creating posts / certificates.
– I have created the rules (filter – pre_get_posts) in order to only list contributions from the company to which the user customer is connected.
– AND THE MOST DRAMATIC OF EVERYTHING – I chose the WP Admin interface myself to show this, and now I'm having problems with filtering, such as:
– – It is impossible to combine filters and search fields with columns. Sortable order from custom fields. Only sortable title columns work with search and filter combinations.

I think this decision to use the ADMIN user interface made me very complicated. I'm considering creating a separate page and getting it through WP's REST API with JS.
Or is it possible to combine the filters in the ADMIN user interface? Both options work for me. I would like someone's help because I don't know much about SQL and how I could combine these filters.

In the pictures I show an example for the ADMIN view, in which all certificates are shown:
List of certificates in the administrator view


The combination of dropdown filters with search and column order of the title works perfectly:
Search, dropdown and title column sortable


But when I try to sort by the other columns, everything disappears. see:
Combination doesn't work


If I order without using the search combination, it works normally.

The main code is here:

magento2 – Magento 2.3 How do I add a modal slide for related products to the custom page in the administration area of ​​ui_form?

I have created a button in ui_form for custom page and I want that Modal film that appears when I click the button to add related products but I don't know how to do it

I try to repeat the logic of it

Enter the image description here
Enter the image description here

Now I've added a button, but I can't design it to show a modal slide with products when clicked

Enter the image description here

Please tell me how I can do that. I really need help, thanks

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Right or wrong: Democrats spread the corona virus across America to overthrow Trump administration?

Not correct.

They obviously don't know where it came from and how it spread. US citizens are victims, like citizens from other countries. I think that's all China's fault.

I think the US government and other governments around the world are only partially responsible for worsening the pandemic, but it is not their fault that it was caused. Because in China the corona virus started to spread.

Post thumbnails – Use of Gutenberg block components in control elements of the administration interface

I asked a previous question and got a helpful answer that got me pretty far. The current problem has nothing to do with it, but IMO reflects the lack of documentation that is appropriate for those of us who are unfamiliar with some nuances of Javascript, are completely new to Gutenberg development, and yet here and there that need to optimize new WordPress. I will find out right away that I am new to Javascript and I suspect that my problem is related to this fact.

As stated in my previous question, I'm working on changing the featured image control in the administrator edit screen of a custom post type. I want to add a check box and text entry field to capture a user-provided resource URL. I have a javascript file that is loaded on the page in question, along with all the dependencies necessary to work with Gutenberg, JSX and all reaction-based components (React-Devel, React-Dom, Babel, WP-Blocks, WP) – i18n, wp element, wp editor, wp hooks). I also set up a filter to set the script type of my .js file to & # 39; text / babel & # 39; so that JSX interprets correctly. I don't think I missed anything.

Here is a version of my .js file that shows a heading and a rich text field. It's not what I'm looking for, but it works and there are no complaints in the Javascript console. At this point I'm still trying to figure out what building blocks I need and how I can use them.

window.addEventListener("load", function(event){
  console.log("featured_image.js loaded and functional...");

const el = wp.element.createElement;
// const withState = wp.compose.withState;
const setState =;
const withSelect =;
const withDispatch =;
const { CheckboxControl } = wp.editor;
const { RichText } = wp.editor;
const { useState } = wp.element;
const { TextControl } = wp.components
const { withState } = wp.compose;


//this works
const MyRichTextField =

function wrapPostFeaturedImage( OriginalComponent ) {
    return function( props ) {
        return (
                // 'Prepend above',
                this is a test,
                // MyCheckboxControl

This is what the output looks like …

Image sidebar area

However, when I try to add a checkboxControl using the same method that I used for the RichText field, I experience problems. This code …

const MyCheckboxControl =
    const ( isChecked, setChecked ) = useState( true );

Doesn't work And the javascript console says …

SyntaxError: ... Unexpected token (28:4)
  27 | const MyCheckboxControl = () => (
> 28 |     const ( isChecked, setChecked ) = useState( true );
     |     ^
  29 |     

This is exactly what the Gutenberg documentation says, however, that we should implement a CheckboxControl. At least when creating blocks. Are things different in the sidebar? I tried a TextControl as follows ...

const MyTextControl = withState( {
    className: '',
} )( ( { className, setState } ) => (
     setState( { className } ) }
) );

No syntax error for the above definition, but when I try to use it in the wrapPostFeaturedImage () function like this:

function wrapPostFeaturedImage( OriginalComponent ) {
    return function( props ) {
        return (
                // 'Prepend above',
                this is a test,
                // MyCheckboxControl

I get the following warning at the bottom of the console and nothing appears after the "This is a test" heading.

Warning: Functions are not valid as a React child. 
This may happen if you return a Component instead of  from render. 
Or maybe you meant to call this function rather than return it.

I feel like I have a fundamental separation from what's going on here. What am i missing