sigma – How do you add lens profiles to Adobe Lightroom?

There is a readme.txt at both



C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Lightroom ClassicResourcesLensProfiles1.0ThirdParty

that reads

Install third-party (non-Adobe) lens profiles here.

By default, .lcp files are saved to C:UsersbensoAppDataRoamingAdobeCameraRawLensProfiles1.0

I left my original file in AppData and then copied that file to both these locations. I didn’t investigate which location Lightroom is dependant upon, but Adobe keeps identical lens profile directories on my computer; adding to their file clutter worked for me.

install – What directories Photoshop and other Adobe stuff, save their stuff or macOS in their behalf?

I am tryin to clean all references that may exist on my disk, to an app I have that is not behaving correctly, so I can reinstall the app.

Photoshop is behaving weird to me. I have tried to reinstall it, but the installation fails. Some files may be stored somewhere else on the mac, with the wrong permissions or corrupted, preventing the installation to run.

So, I have researched all possible directories Photoshop generally changes during install or usage and erased all content I could find related to Adobe inside these directories:

/Library/Application Support
~/Library/Application Support/... the respective app folder inside this
~/Library/Containers/ ... stuff inside this
/var/folders/ ... they put stuff here

What other directories do you know?

I am comfortable with terminal.

adobe illustrator – Why is my icon not centered in the svg preview?

I try to make custom icons for an app. I use Illustrator to create compound paths. Therefore I use FontAwesome-Pro.5.13.0 icons. When I export my custom icons in SVG format they seem to have a different padding (see the picture below). Left is the exported icon which has the same compound path as the right one. The only difference is that I exported the FontAwesome to svg.

enter image description here

Anyone got an idea what’s happening?

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Shortcut :

Why doesn't the correction of "map colors" in Adobe Acrobat change the text colors of a PDF file?

Please see the screenshot below. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC version 2019.010.20064. The relevant PDF can be downloaded here.

I'm trying to use mrserge's method to change the book's default setting (C, M, Y, K) = (99%, 98%, 18%, 6%) (ie dark purple) into (90, 0, 90, 0) to convert) (green). After I click OK and Fix, Adobe Acrobat does the fix, but the color doesn't change.

Enter the image description here