virus – Return adresses’ processor’s system stack, exceptions’ processor’s system stack and in-method(procedure or function) jumps diapason system stack

virus – Return adresses’ processor’s system stack, exceptions’ processor’s system stack and in-method(procedure or function) jumps diapason system stack – Information Security Stack Exchange

domain name system – Why does my Windows 10 PC show my default gateway’s address instead of the DNS Server IP adresses I’ve set?

When I go to cmd and type ipconfig /all I can see that the DNS Servers’ IP addresses are simply the address of my default gateway (router). Why? When I go to my router settings it does not matter if I set to get dynamically from ISP or set, for example, my PC still tells me that my DNS Servers’ IP addresses are the IP address of my router.
Can anybody explain to me why is this happening and how to fix that?
Thank you.

bitcoin core – Why are adresses not showing up in gettxout?

I have a bitcoin node but whenever i try to gettxout i get this response:

user@bitcoin:~# bitcoin-cli gettxout "0e3e2357e806b6cdb1f70b54c3a3a17b6714ee1f0e68bebb44a74b1efd512098" 0 
{ "bestblock": "0000000000000000007c11ddb3e10be41ef0f6a2a5dbc2915937df8a608c4af6",   "confirmations": 385308,   "value": 50.00000000,   "scriptPubKey": {
    "asm": "0496b538e853519c726a2c91e61ec11600ae1390813a627c66fb8be7947be63c52da7589379515d4e0a604f8141781e62294721166bf621e73a82cbf2342c858ee OP_CHECKSIG",
    "hex": "410496b538e853519c726a2c91e61ec11600ae1390813a627c66fb8be7947be63c52da7589379515d4e0a604f8141781e62294721166bf621e73a82cbf2342c858eeac",
    "type": "pubkey"   },   "coinbase": true } 
user@bitcoin:~# bitcoin-cli gettxout "0e3e2357e806b6cdb1f70b54c3a3a17b6714ee1f0e68bebb44a74b1efd512098" 1

I have txindex=1 in my config file and it’s reindexed. Anything else i can try?

networking – How to assign two IP Adresses on one ethernet Port?

I am using Ubuntu Bionic and here is what I am trying to do. One device has two IP Addresses say for example and (These IP addresses are from two different Network Interfaces present inside the device) Now I want to connect this device to my computer. For that I use a single Ethernet Cable and connect the Ethernet ports of two devices. On the Interface where I connect my Ethernet cable, I assign two IP addresses and

Now when I try to ping from (these are IP Addresses from the other device, which I want to connect to) from my Computer, it works just fine. However, when I try to ping from my other device. It does not work. I can only ping

I have limited knowledge about networking, and I have no idea what is wrong. If I assign only one IP-Address to my Computer, I still cannot ping it. So I have no idea, what could be the cause for it.

The device runs on embedded windows and my Computer runs on Ubuntu.
How do I go on about troubleshooting it? I would be thankful for any pointer.

computer networks – understanding formats of iPv6 adresses

I am trying to understand the difference between these two formats of iPv6 addresses:



From what I understand, the 2001:638:709:a (in the second line) is a prefix and /64 is the length of bits it occupies. It would be a full ipV6 address if it includes 00000s instead of ::/. But then what’s the first line representing? What’s the 1 showing before 64?

networking – Why does wireshark show only local destination ip adresses while connecting to remote website on company network

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network – Netbios adresses sometimes require .local sometimes .home – keeps changing, how to pick one?

I have an annoying issue with several devices (mostly a mycloud NAS and a Raspberry Pi). I address them by their netbios name (like mycloud.local) and for days(?) it works fine – but every so often I encounter errors. For example Time Machine regularly complains it can’t find the drive (although the notebook sits right next to the NAS and the WD app connects happily). Then for some time I need to correct into the other format (e.g. mycloud.home) and it will work for some time.

As you can imagine it gets tedious to adjust all the links.

Do you happen to know what might cause this switches and if there is a resolution? In case it matters I don’t really care which extension the netbios addresses finally use, as long as things stay consistent. I’m on a Macbook Pro with the latest Catalina (10.15.6).

address – Is it safe to say that all bitcoin that is mined is staying in the bitcoin adresses that is generated between 2^0 and 2^256?

First of all, since a single key can be represented by tons of different address types, let’s assume what you meant to ask is about private keys.

But you are basically correct, the security of ECDSA is based on really big, really random numbers that are so big and so random no one will ever generate the same number as you.

A few details though, from my understanding:


ref 1
ref 2

So there is a slightly lower number of possible private keys than just 2^256

Also, not all Bitcoin outputs require a single key for spending. There are multisig scripts and more complicated spending policies. Assuming you had “all” the private keys and could look them up in a practical way, I suppose you could assemble multisigs where necessary. But that’s not all – plenty of transactions are HTLCs which require the pre-image to a hash in addition to a valid signature to spend.

Another thing is that some Bitcoin addresses really are black holes (burn addresses). If an address represents a point that is not on the secp256k1 curve, then there is literally no private key.

Some Bitcoin may also have been sent to unrecoverable scripts like OP_RETURN or scripts that require finding a hash collision.

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