Advertise your URL and message to 20K+ Audience on Facebook for $5

Advertise your URL and message to 20K+ Audience on Facebook

Advertise your URL and message to 20K+ Audience on Facebook! REAL PEOPLE WILL SEE YOUR LINK AND MESSAGE!

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❓ASK – The List of Worst 5 Countries To Advertise your jobs | Proxies-free

This post is to tell about the worst 5 countries where you should avoid buying any signups or leads

The issue might be due to language barrier and so , but most users doing spam so i share

5 countries that almost where 50% of workers sent spam proofs on task

1. Morocco ( 65%+ spam , Don’t even bother buying its clicks even in sleep )

2. Egypt ( 50-60% spam ratio , hard to make people understand )

3. China ( They usually send task proofs with wrong details 0

4. Israel ( They don’t care for humanity and even say blatant words )

5. Nepal ( 75%+ Spam , they usually send the dumbest proofs that will irritate you

I have such a proof actually if i upload that image you will fall laughing from your bed , so for your safety i do not attach it

The main purpose of the thread creation fulfilled , so guys always read this information before advertising your posts to

save your money and have better roi on your ad-campaigns , have a great day

Good Luck :


networking – In the STP root bridge election process, how do switches advertise themselves as the root bridge if all of the ports start in the blocking state?

In the STP root bridge election process, all of the switches advertise themselves as the root bridge until they receive a superior BPDU.
Every source about STP says that after initialisation all of the ports start in the Blocking state. If the ports are in blocking state, which means they cant forward any frames, how can the switches forward their bridge id in order for the root bridge election process to happen?

❓ASK – Top 5 Smart Ways To Advertise Your Business | Proxies-free

What Does it Mean To Advertise?
In very simple way, to advertise simply means to put your business in front of peoples eyes. Advertising is all about promoting your business to potential customers who may be interested in it. These customers coming to your business are called traffic.


You see, the soul of business is traffic, and to get traffic you really have to advertise your business. Most of the big companies you see that are very popular today, advertise their business very often, and that is why they are very popular today. In this post, We’re going to look at the Top 5 Smart Ways To Advertise Your Business.

1. Google Ads
Google is the number one most used website in the whole world at almost all times and Google gets about 3.5 billion searches per day currently. What does Google Ads do? Google Ads simply helps you put your business in front of people when they are searching for businesses like yours on Google. You probably may have seen Google Ads many times while searching for something on Google but you hardly recognized it was an Ad. To me, that is why Google Ads is even more effective as it appears natural, like a search result and appears on top of other search results too. Here is an example of Google Ads in your search results.


Because google is number one most visited website in the whole world, this method is very effective to put your businesses in front of people, so they can see your business first while they are searching for other businesses like yours. If you write a great captivating title and great meta-description for your business website, you may end up driving a lot of people who are looking for businesses like yours, to eventually land on your business page.

Also, Google takes demographics into consideration when showing your business ads.

2. YouTube Advertising
YouTube is currently the number 2 most visited website in the whole world and is owned by Google. YouTube was actually created by three guys that worked together at PayPal, and they brought it to a great success rate. However, in 13th November 2006, Google acquired YouTube as they saw the great potential of the platform.

What is YouTube Advertising? If you have ever visited YouTube and/or watched a video on YouTube, then you definitely have seen YouTube Advertising. Remember that time you clicked on a video to watch, and then another video played before the main video, which you had an option to skip after 5 seconds? That video is YouTube Advertising.

Also, while watching the videos, at some point down the timeline, you will see some other banner ads pop up at the down part of the video, those are also part of YouTube Advertising. There is also the main banner video ad that shows on the YouTube Home Page, for anyone, whether you are watching a video or not. That is also part of YouTube Advertising.

Since YouTube is the second most visited website in the whole world, this option is very viable for advertising your business.

YouTube also takes demographics into consideration when showing your business ads.

3. Facebook Advertising
Facebook is currently the number 3 most visited website in the whole world. It is currently the most popular social network. What is Facebook Ads? While you are seeing your friends posts on your Facebook feeds, you will see posts that you may not even realize they are not coming from your friends. Most of them are not just ordinary posts from your friends talking about what they are doing today. Most of them sound like a business showing you their product and how it can help you.

The major difference between your friends update and a Below is an example of Facebook Ad is that you will see a sponsored tag written on the top left side of the post. Below is an example. As I said before, the fact that people barely notice the post is an ad gives the ad more chance to be viewed and engaged on by people.


Why Facebook Advertising Is So Smart
Here is why Facebook Advertising is so smart. Facebook takes into consideration, the gender of the people who you want to see your ad, the age group of the people you want to see your ad, the location and many other things. Besides that, Facebook Advertising is so dynamic that it chooses the type of ad to display to each user, based on his most recent interest, which they detect by the type of website these users visited recently.

Let me explain. If you visit an investment website earlier today, then log in on your Facebook account, you will see an investment business advert similar to the one you just visited earlier. If you visit a shopping website tomorrow, and log in on your Facebook account later after that, you will see an advert of another shopping website similar to the one you visited previously. It even goes into detail to advertise to you the exact type of products you purchased or searched for, on that website.

You see, Facebook pretty much knows about almost everything you do online, and being the third most visited website in the whole world, It is a very viable way to advertise your business.

4. Start A Blog Around Your Business And Rank Your Website
This is one of the most common ways that most business are using to promote their business online today. Content is a source of attraction for search engines, especially unique content. The secret here is to attract traffic by constant content and with time, your website gets ranked to where you always get lots of visitors everyday who are interested in reading your content. Of course you blog could be on the same domain as your business website, but just in a different directory.

As people read your content, they get to know about your brand and your business more, you get more exposure through this way.

5. Television/Radio/NewsPapers
I would have loved to go into more online advertising ways but I believe those 3 ways above are some of the best and should be viable for online advertising. How about we take another route here. TV/Radio/NewsPapers. These are all great media and sources of advertising that people use everyday.

Almost every one has access to at least one of these in their homes. You can schedule a daily or twice a day advertising time with these media for as long as you want, especially TV and Radio. You basically have to pay a specified fee for that and have your business constantly promoted on these media on autopilot without you doing anything else.

Take action in one of these ways above, and focus on it, and it’s only a matter of time before you get your business popular like some other popular business you admire today.

Feedback – Add a “Advertise” Nav ID | Forum Promotion

When I purchased Advertising through BuySellAds, I spent a long time digging through the forum for a link to purchase banner advertising on Forum Promotion. After finding it on an old archived topic, a lot of time was spent searching for it, which could potentially deter potential customers. Would it not be a good idea to put “Advertise” in the nav bar next to shop, where it will redirect to bsa?


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kubeadm – kube-adm tool fail to initialize cluster when –advertise ip address is DNS Entry instead of actual IP address

kubeadm – kube-adm tool fail to initialize cluster when –advertise ip address is DNS Entry instead of actual IP address – Server Fault

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