I Can Do Your Social Media Marketing, manager And Advertising for $20

I Can Do Your Social Media Marketing, manager And Advertising

Hi, I am a active member in large number of social media groups. which have more than two millions of people all around the world.You Need a Virtual Assistant For Social Media Marketing? If so, Then You Are in The Right Place. I will do Any Kind of Social Marketing or Social Marketing Related job For You With Complete Satisfaction.Services I provide:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Content
  • Profile Setup & Integration
  • Consultation & Audience Research
  • Ads Setup & Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Analytics & Tracking

Why Choose Me
100% Satisfaction
100% Accurate Work
Fast delivery
Unlimited Revisions


Selling – Sell advertising space (Adult) Banner, VAST Video, Mobile Banner | Proxies-free

Available spaces:

– Right BannerAppears on the right side of your videos template (300×250)
– Bottom ADSAppears over the footer (728×90)
– Post Content – Bottom ADSThis ads place is hidden if you do not put any code if you add any ads code it will be visible under your post content, video/photo/blog
– Footer 300×250

– Post ADS (300×250)This ADS Will be displayed with the same look of a video preview after the sixth post *


– Mobile Header ADSThis ADS Will be displayed on the top in mobile devices (300×100)
– Mobile Bottom ADSThis ADS Will be displayed at the bottom in mobile devices

– Player OverlayThis advertisement appears over the video content.

– Pre-roll in-stream ad

– Mid-roll in-stream ad

SITE: https://pornobr.ninja/

Send a private message for more details and values

(email protected)


Blogger – How are websites without a blog (WordPress) / original content approved by advertising services such as Google Ad Sense?

I was interested in creating a website with image links to various important articles / videos / other websites related to a topic (e.g. cooking).

Do websites that provide information about other websites / videos / songs / etc. in a compact manner and link to different articles receive Google Ad Sense / Propeller ads or other ad approval? How can you monetize such websites?

Are non-blog sites that only summarize information and correctly cite references approved by advertising agencies because the content is not original but many people might be interested?
Regardless of what articles I saw on the Internet, WordPress was used on websites and people wrote blogs to get ad approvals
How are non-blog sites approved by advertising services like Google Ad Sense?

HD Live Action Video advertising for all products and services for $ 124

HD Live Action Video advertising for all products and services

Dear potential customers,If you're looking for a powerful social media or website video that catches your prospect’s attention and builds a personal connection, a live action promotional or explanatory video is for you.
You can have your professionally created live action videos created by VIDEO CREATOR MAN Studio at an affordable price. Your video is created with such high quality that it builds trust, attracts your target audience, and helps you make great and remarkable sales.

Take the time, cost and effort to turn your idea into reality.

Let your video project get the care and attention it deserves.

We are a small team of dedicated video producers and editors. We use marketing know-how and artistic visions to create eye-catching advertising, advertising, presentation and explanatory videos that are offered at the best price and in the highest quality.
30 second Full HD 1080p video (paid shutter stock) ✔Your logo
✔Your images / footage
✔Your custom colors✔Animations and visual effects
✔ Dynamic text overlays✔Premium background music✔Free revision (1)100% commercial rights everywhere

Don't waste any more time, contact us TODAY and make a live action video NOW!
★ NOTE: ★
I only use live footage available in my gallery. To use other footage outside of my gallery, you must provide it.

★ WHAT DO I NEED TO START? ★✔ Your script (if not premium package)✔ Your logo✔Your images / footage (if necessary)✔ Custom background music. (If preferred)

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10 days of banner advertising on AyelAds for $ 1

10 days of banner advertising on AyelAds

10 days of banner advertising on AyelAds (468×60 / 728×90 / 300×250) www.ayelads.com
We will advertise your banner advertising (468×60 / 728×90 / 300×250) for 10 days
The banner is displayed in the header and footer.
The website has a good Alexa rank and has around 1000+ unique visitors a day. Mostly traffic from us, Canada. where you can generate good traffic on your

You can get free ad, contact at: www.ayelads.com

Good for referral programs, partner products … etc.

1- Not porn, illegal, racist sites!
2- banner size (468 x 60/728 x 90/300 x 250)
3- Banner positions (header and footer).
We will provide you with all evidence upon completion.
Website: ayelads.com
Thanks a lot

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Viacom18 works with Amagi Media Labs to offer geographic advertising solutions for COLORS Kanna

Bangalore, May 2, 2017: Amagi Media Labs, India's largest TV advertising network and global media technology company, has added COLORS Kannada and COLORS Marathi to its growing range of channels that offer geographic advertising solutions. This partnership offers advertisers the opportunity to market region-specific products, communicate regional offers and promotions, and increase the proportion of votes by targeting markets such as Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka and Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra. With this addition, Amagi's channel strength has increased to 18 channels in the entertainment, news, film and music sectors.

Speaking of the club Bikash Kundu, Senior Vice President – Sales, Regional Channels, Viacom18 "Viacom18 is convinced that it will always take the first step forward when it comes to increasing the value for our advertisers and consumers. The partnership with Amagi enables our national, regional and new advertisers to reach a region-specific audience in a cost-effective manner with targeted messaging. "

Baskar Subramanian, co-founder of Amagi Media Labs, said “We expect incredible scope for the growth of geographic TV advertising in the country. The addition of Viacom18 to our portfolio was another important milestone in expanding the geo-targeting market on national television channels. Pioneering technology from Amagi offers advertisers a reliable, measurable and cost-effective advertising solution. "

For more information, visit: