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[ Politics ] Open question: Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman, gave expert advice on facelifting at Trumps Tweet Brzezinski bled badly. Is this capability required in the press office?

I wanted to say "as trump", not "on trump card". Excuse me. ,

After the move to sell home – advice needed – Everything Else

We launched our house last month and got a lot of shows and a good offer in 3 weeks. However, the buyer has changed his mind when the house inspection found a deficiency that is relatively easy to fix and will be resolved soon. Maybe the buyer had another reason to retire, and that was his apology. The agents were very confused.

However. We now face the task of taking off next week and leaving the house empty. We could temporarily take the house off the market … put it back in March … or I was thinking about another possible idea.

Let me first say that our house is quite unique. It's a large ranch with a separate one bedroom apartment connected to the house by a breeze. The apartment is very nice, new kitchen and bathroom, and has nice big windows and lots of light. It was built for the mother of the original owner, a perfect suite for in-laws or nannies. The main house is very spacious (2700 m²) with many windows and many nice extras, including one hectare of forest land, so a house that is easy to sell … to the right buyer. This is a more upscale area and the offer price is $ 600,000.

We are only about 40 km away and could return to screenings (or check the house after an agent has demonstrated it). So, instead of taking the house completely off the market, I think we could leave the listing and show only one or maybe two days a week. We could make an excursion to clean up before and check the house so often, but not more often and not at short notice. Would a serious buyer, looking for what we have to offer, be willing to stick to our schedule? It makes me very uncomfortable that real estate agents come and go with customers without supervision.

I will be glad to receive opinions or advice on this topic. Many Thanks.

Advice for a young couple trying to get an apartment?

They are at a disadvantage as unmarried low-income couples (combined $ 40,000 are very, very low), average creditworthiness and little history. I'm sure you're nice people, but you need to understand that a landlord must protect himself from risks as much as possible.

My personal advice (and trust me, I speak from experience here) – do not tie or bind yourself financially to a person until you are actually married. I understand that you are engaged, but legally this is the same as dating. You are either married or not and not in your case either. I would stop your search for housing until you are actually married. Being engaged means you are planning a wedding. I would imagine that you will be married sooner than later. Good luck.


Do you need advice about the first apartment?

You do not have the credit score to get a loan.
Even if you do, you probably need collateral that you probably do not have.

Only idiots claim to not rent with roommates, it could be bad, but it's better to have a roommate and split the costs than to be expelled for nonpayment.

Do you know that landlords usually want your income to be three times the rent? So if the rent is 1000, you have to earn at least 3000 … and two of them may need more.

You need to save so much time until you pay all the startup costs AND save at least a few months on expenses, or at least a reliable way to cover the costs if one or both of you lose your job.

If you do not have significant savings, you need temporary disability insurance … but you should get them anyway to make sure. A social security disability does not pay the bills if you are permanently disabled.


Complexity Theory – Showing that a language is NP Complete (Advice)

I'm preparing for my final exam in computer modeling. I know that there are no rules or rules of thumb that show that a language is NP-complete and every problem has its own tricks, but I really struggle with questions where they give me a language and show that the language is NP is complete by showing that an NPC problem is polynomially reducible to the specified language.

So I wanted to ask for advice. How can I tackle such problems? Are there any steps I can take to help somehow? Or is it just literally figuring out which NPC problem is "closest" to the given language and trying to construct a polynomial reduction?

I would be happy about any advice. Many Thanks.

Need advice for a new blog


My passion is marketing, followed by freelance work, all technical stuff, problem solving, blogging, SEO, etc. I used to write blog posts for some clients as well.

I like horses but do not know much about them. What about horses? Well, you guessed it right! I'm a bit confused about choosing the right niche for my new blog.

I'm very passionate about blogging online and the niches I've shared … but it's kind of overrated to start blogging about blogging and guide bloggers to make money. Somehow this has become my niche and I have worked as an SEO, freelancer, marketer and also pretty good knowledge of it.

To prove the word, I started a blog in the past. I drove the traffic there, but was not interested in writing or spending great time with it.

What should I do?

I make it obvious to earn my bread and butter. But primarily to create value, so that I can earn through freelance work. But helping others and earning money at the same time feels better. Plus, to create a personal good …

And I happened to think of a few brand names

Does that sound good

Need suggestions / advice for friends who make a website? Forum Promotion

A friend of mine paid me to make a logo for her business and asked me to create a website for her. I have so little contact with current topics. What would you recommend her as someone who knows very little HTML? Which templates are simple and have many options? What about people who want to sign up for something? Their business is a kind of farm where they sell products, but also organize weddings and school classes.