Need advice on Web Dev: WordPress or from scratch


I have an established ecommerce business selling digital codes and releases codes after successful payment.

I developed the site myself with mediocre skills I have from past experience with various projects and self-taught. I am planning to hire developers in-house to develop and maintain a new redesigned site.

I have developed the site using WordPress and Woocommerce and so far it’s getting the job done but due to a lot of lacking of my programing skills and wordpress features I am not able to have the sites UI/UX the way I want it to be ex. Customers Dashboard page, buying process and few other things.

I also use a plugin to release codes for a individual product once payment is complete. It’s also working well but UX is not so great but getting the job done.

Now I would like to know if I want to hire in-house developers and redesign the site — should I stay with WordPress and develop plugins and themes to get it the way I want or should I use a different technology to develop the site ?

Our business is taking off and needs to be handling in a professional manner. Since we sell digital codes – security is very important and fraud prevention needs to be focused on also.

Hope these information is sufficient. Thanks in advance


some important Forex Advice – General Forex Questions & Help

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complexity theory – Relations between deciding languages and computing functions in advice machines

I’m trying to understand implications of translating between functions and languages for P/Poly complexity. I’m not sure whether the following all makes sense. Giving it my best shot given my current understanding of the concepts. (I have a project in which I want to discuss Hava Siegelmann’s analog recurrent neural nets, which recognize languages in P/Poly, but I’d like to understand and be able to explain to others implications this has for computing functions.)

Suppose I want to use an advice Turing $T_1$ machine to calculate a function from binary strings to binary strings $f: {0,1}* rightarrow {0,1}*$. $T_1$ will be a machine that can compute $f$ in polynomial time given advice that is polynomial-size on the length of arguments $s$ to $f$, i.e. $f$ is in P/Poly. (Can I say this? I have seen P/Poly defined only for languages, but not for functions with arbitrary (natural number) values.)

Next suppose I want to treat $f$ as defining a language $L(f)$, by encoding its arguments and corresponding values into strings, where $L(f) = {langle s,f(s)rangle}$ and $langlecdot,cdotrangle$ encodes $s$ and $f(s)$ into a single string.

For an advice machine $T_2$ that decides this language, the inputs are of length $n = |langle s,f(s)rangle|$, so the relevant advice for such an input will be the advice for $n$.

Question 1: If $T_1$ can return the result $f(s)$ in polynomial time, must there be a machine $T_2$ that decides ${langle s,f(s)rangle}$ in polynomial time? I think the answer is yes. $T_2$ can extract $s$ from ${langle s,f(s)rangle}$, and then use $T_1$ to calculate $f(s)$, and then encode $s$ with $f(s)$ and compare it with the original encoded string. Is that correct?

Question 2 (my real question): If we are given a machine $T_2$ that can decide ${langle s,f(s)rangle}$ in polynomial time, must there be a way to embed $T_2$ in a machine $T_3$ so that $T_3$ can return $f(s)$ in polynomial time?

I suppose that if $T_2$ must include $T_1$, then the answer is of course yes. $T_3$ just uses the capabilities of $T_1$ embedded in $T_2$ to calculate $f(s)$. But what if $T_2$ decides $L(f)$ some other way? Is that possible?

If we are given $s$, we know its length, but not the length of $f(s)$. So in order to use $T_2$ to find $f(s)$, it seems there must be a sequential search through all strings $s_f = {langle s,rrangle}$ for arbitrary $r$. (I’m assuming that $f(s)$ is unbounded, but that $f$ has a value for every $s$. So the search can take an arbitrary length of time, but $f(s)$ will ultimately be found.)

One thought I have is that the search for a string $s_f$ that encodes $s$ with $f(s)$ has time complexity that depends on the length of the result $f(s)$ (plus $|s|$, but that would be swamped when $f(s)$ is long).

So now the time complexity does not have to do with the length of the input, but only the length of $f(s)$. Maybe $L(f)$ is in P/Poly if $f$ is in P? (Still confused here.)

Thinking about these questions in terms of Boolean circuits has not helped.

dnd 5e – Is there any way for the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer’s Elemental Affinity to improve Eldritch Blast, or is the Sage Advice Compendium just wrong?

This sounds like a mix of example of multi-hit spells and some potential future proofing because subclasses like the Loremaster Wizard from UA may eventually exist officially which allow you to change the elemental type of damage cantrips.

For example,

Taken from Spell Secrets
When you cast a spell with a spell slot and the spell deals acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder damage, you can substitute that damage type with one other type from that list (you can change only one damage type per casting of a spell). You replace one energy type for another by altering the spell’s formula as you cast it.

This ability does not work on Eldritch Blast as is, but in the future an ability like it might.

At the very least, using Eldritch Blast as an example demonstrates the kind of spell that, were it elemental, would qualify for only adding the damage to one roll.

python – Seeking Revision or Advice to Develop Higher Level Programming Skills

I am new to coding/programming. About four months ago I decided to develop my skills using Python. After several books and a lot of assistance from this awesome community I developed the first part of my “Pizza Order System” program.

Explanation of my program:
When the program in ran, the user is prompted to pick a pizza size. The user can choose more until they press ‘t’ which will return the total of all the pizzas chosen. The program then continues to the topping menu where the user can choose toppings ($1 each). When they are finished choosing their toppings the user will press ‘f’ and the program will return the final order total.

I know this is a quite simple program, however, being new to this world I am really stoked. I am also a high school teacher and I know one of the biggest parts of growing and learning a new topic is feedback.

If you could examine the code and provide me any areas of improvement or different approaches to getting the same result in a more effective manner would be greatly be appreciated.

Here is the code:

size_mappings = {
    1: "Small",
    2: "Large",
    3: "Extra Large",
    4: "Party Size"

cost_mappings = {
    "Small": 6,
    "Large": 10,
    "Extra Large": 12,
    "Party Size": 24

class Pizza():
    def __init__(self, size):
        self.size = size

    def set_size(self, size):
        self.size = size

    def get_size(self):
        return self.size()

    def get_cost(self):
        return cost_mappings(self.size)

class Order():
    def __init__(self):
        self.pizzas = ()

    def addPizza(self, pizza):

    def getTotal(self):
        total = 0
        for pizza in self.pizzas:
            total += pizza.get_cost()
        return total

# start processing the order
order = Order()

def run():
    print("nWhat size pizza would you like?nn
    | 1: Small  |  2: Large  |  3: Extra Large  |  4: Party Size |n
    |    $6     |     $10    |        $12       |       $24      |n
    n- Press 't' to choose your toppingsn")

    while True:
            response = input('-')

            if response == 't':

            size_wanted = int(response)

            size_wanted = size_mappings(size_wanted)

            print(f"Pizza: {size_wanted}")
            print("An error occurred, please try again")

print("your current order total: ", "$" + str(order.getTotal()))

topping_mappings = {
                    1: 'Anchovies', 
                    2: 'Bacon', 
                    3: 'Bell Peppers', 
                    4: 'Black Olives', 
                    5: 'Chicken', 
                    6: 'Ground Beef', 
                    7: 'Jalapenos', 
                    8: 'Mushrooms', 
                    9: 'Pepperoni',
                    10: 'Pineapple', 
                    11: 'Spinach',
                    12: 'Onion'

topping_cost_mappings = {
                        'Anchovies': 1, 
                        'Bacon': 1, 
                        'Bell Peppers': 1, 
                        'Black Olives': 1, 
                        'Chicken': 1, 
                        'Ground Beef': 1, 
                        'Jalapenos': 1, 
                        'Mushrooms': 1, 
                        'Pepperoni': 1,
                        'Pineapple': 1, 
                        'Spinach': 1, 
                        'Onion': 1

class CustomerToppings():
    """ Have customer pick toppings for pizza"""
    def __init__(self, numToppings):
        self.numToppings = numToppings

    def set_toppings(self, numToppings):
        self.numToppings = numToppings

    def get_toppings(self):
        return topping_cost_mappings(self.numToppings)

class ToppingOrder():

    def __init__(self):
        self.topping = ()

    def addTopping(self, toppings): 

    def toppingTotal(self):
        get_topping_total = 0
        for toppings in self.topping:
            get_topping_total += toppings.get_toppings()
        return get_topping_total

# Strat processing the order
topping_order = ToppingOrder()

def runTopping():
    print("nWhat toppings would you like on your pizza?nn
    | 1: Anchovies |    2: Bacon    | 3: Bell Peppers |  4: Black Olives |n
    |  5: Chicken  | 6: Ground Beef |   7: Jalapenos  |   8: Mushrooms   |n
    | 9: Pepperoni |  10: Pineapple |   11: Spinach   |    12: Onions    |n
    Press 'f' for your final total: n")

    while True:
            response = input('-')
            if response == 'f':
            toppings_wanted = int(response)

            toppings_wanted = topping_mappings(toppings_wanted)

            print(f"Topping: {toppings_wanted}")
            print("An error occurred, please try again")


sub_size = int(order.getTotal())
sub_toppings =  int(topping_order.toppingTotal())
final_total = sub_size + sub_toppings

print(f" nYour final total will be ${final_total}n")

woocommerce – WordPress Multistep Checkout Advice

I am after a bit of advice here from WordPress masters…

I am creating an ecommerce site where the products are subscription based. The subscriptions are sold on a yearly basis. However the products are not sent at regular intervals the products will be sent out on significant dates for that year.

For example pay for a subscription and they get sent a gift on their birthday, Christmas and fathers days.

How can I go about creating a system that allows me to sell the subscription as follows…

User Selects Plan -> directed to a new page where they enter details of recipient (name, address, birthday etc) -> directed to checkout page.

P.s I need all the recipients details to be saved to a CSV file to email over to my suppliers.

Need advice for blog layout

This is my first post, so I hope I’m not breaking any rules.

I need help improving the look of my basic website blog. It is at

Currently it uses a softaculous platform called flatpress. It is fine, but I don’t think it allows me to change colours or add my own header jpg.

Should I go for basic html, or get a wordpress theme? If a wp theme, how do I find one simple enough that looks like my site but allows a custom header?


beginner's advice?

Hi folks, I maybe incorrectly posted this in the web design forum, maybe better here. I am looking to build a simple website with e-commerce capabilities. I have reviewed a ton of options but can't see to find one which satisfies the following criteria:

i) a site which allows me to sell in Canada OR (Canada&US)
ii) able to set flexible shipping criteria based on number of items
iii) bulk upload/update of items (eventually ten of thousands) via csv/excel/etc
iv) bulk upload automatically…

beginner's advice?