How to instal Aegir without root access

The Aegir documentation states that root access is required for installation, but I have seen comments suggesting it is possible to instal without root.
If this is correct can anyone point me in the right direction?

I host a few non profit sites with an Aegir service provider who has provided great service. But the sites have grown and the cost has become a challenge for them. I don’t have the skills for a self-managed server, so I am hoping to be able to find someone to instal on a fully managed server where someone else can maintain it and keep it secure etc.

Aegir hosting_https commercial SSL certificate

As stated above on this documentation page, everything there is out of date and is no longer supported.

The feature requirement for using commercial certificates with Aegir HTTPS (the officially supported way to run HTTPS now) is "Add Manual Certificate Implementation".

So your options are either:

  • Write a patch yourself (and upload it to the output), or
  • Pay us, the caregiver (or someone else) to do it for you.

How can I install Aegir on a server managed by Froxlor?

I tried to install the Aegir 3 Debian package as described here on a server modified with Froxlor. The installation worked fine without any complaints, but when you try to access the Aegir installation, the Drupal installation screen appears.

Since Froxlor changed their Apache configuration files, I set up a Froxlor domain to access the Aegir installation, pointing to the directory where Aegir is installed (/var/aegir/hostmaster-7.x-3.161). But I'm not familiar with the Apache configuration, but I guess the Aegir probably needs its own Apache configuration files to work as Aegir database variables are given by Apache configuration files when Froxlor manages Apache.

Can someone give me a hint how I can solve this problem?