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Merebel is an innovative masternode cryptocurrency and uniquely international financial ecosystem based in Austria! Merebel developed the first EU-regulated Crypto Bank with a wide range of investment services for Masternode cryptocurrencies! With this fair and innovative financial system. Merebel is a global player for the entire emerging banking industry Block chain technology! The Merebel ecosystem is designed for investment and revenue passive income for all possible. Merebel CryptocurrencyRebelNode VIP investment platform RebelNode Multi-investment platform for collecting Bitcoin.

Masternode with all-inclusive service

Merebel Blockchain Bank 3.0

MasterMERIcard debit card

Support for the most important master nodes

Affiliate multilevel marketing platform

Robust security system for an intelligent, future-proof financial system

The Merebel coin will be the cornerstone of a modern bank With Masternode premiums as an interest rate, we want to use masternode premiums as residual income and means of payment in daily life. Now there are two incredible investment platforms: the RebelNode Masternode platform for collecting Merebel coins and the new multi-mastertern platform for collecting Bitcoin. With their comprehensive masternode service, investors have the opportunity to invest without much effort.

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<p style= Merebelis one of Masternode's strongest open-source blockchain currencies in 2019, offering ultra-fast transactions and low fees anonymously by combining a state-of-the-art decentralized solution and treasury governance management.

Headquartered in Europe, it is backed by leading blockchain and finance professionals.

The project has a market capitalization of approximately $ 2,500,000 at this time.

This was a small overview of the company Merebel.

Now I declare Merebel's new and second best blockchain investment platform.

To make matters even more exciting, the new platform launched by the Merebel program started on 08.08.2009 with a market capitalization of $ 161,000 in the first month as of September 4, 2009, demonstrating the team's success and enthusiasm.

Merebel is in beta, offering a lucrative array of traditional masternode investments with an automated exchange of Bitcoin rewards with its decentralized blockchain real-time ecosystem. Earning Bitcoin by setting up Masternode technology is just a few clicks away.

Setting up the platform is pretty easy. Start with the registration, invest in Bitcoin and choose a masternode package.

Then you have invested in an all-inclusive service and Merebel will do the rest for you!

> Automated Master Mode Setup with High-Tech Server Hosting in Minutes> Lifelong Mastermode Rewards> Automatic Merebel-to-Bitcoin Exchange> Earn bitcoins in your wallet.

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Unlike other master node platforms, Merebel offers rewards in Bitcoin in real time. The conversions will be completed within 8 hours to exchange your rewards.

Merebel will also offer its investors higher-quality master nodes in the near future, but that's not all!

They also offer an investment package, such as a master node pool, where the user receives the average return of all underlying coins on the Bitcoin converted platform.

The next step for 2020 is a Merebel real estate crypto bank where the masternode rewards can be converted into fiat earnings.

And not only is the platform limited to master node premiums, it also offers a series of multi-cash flow streams that allow a user to earn money.

  • Various Masternode Rewards in Bitcoin. Choose your Masternode package and earn bitcoins
  • The Masternode Pool will be rewarded with an automated Bitcoin exchange – an investment package that allows you to invest in all available Master Modes and automatically split the average profit between the investors.
  • Bitcoin Wallet – The Merebel platform offers a true Bitcoin wallet that can save even long-term investors their revenue.
  • MasterMERIcard – Earn premiums in Fiat with your own debit card.
  • Affiliate business plan for multi-level marketing
  • Initial investment requirement

Now that the benefits have been discussed, here follows the first investment part, which can be further investigated here. Merebel currently offers three different investment programs, which are listed below.

  • Starter Node: Initial Investment Need ~ BTC / USD 500
  • Silver Node: Initial Investment Need ~ BTC / USD 1,500
  • Gold Node: Initial Investment Need ~ BTC / USD 3,000

The investment can be made in Bitcoin (depending on the price of your chosen Master Mode coin at the time of investment) *

Now I will introduce to you the compensation plan of Merebel Partner

Merebel MLM Business Plan

While the underlying coin offers returns in addition to Merebel's capital appreciation; The platform also offers an affiliate plan for multi-level marketing where a user can have an infinite number of sub-distributors. Merebel's Business Allocation Plan is a fair distribution system that allows users to increase their bitcoins by referring people to their investments and more.

  1. Multi-Level Commissions, 2) Sponsorship Bonus, 3) Masternode Reward Bonus, 4) Rank Up Bonus 5) Leadership Bonus Pool

Merebel MLM has unlimited direct partners in the first level and goes up to 10 levels deep.

(The percentage is calculated by the total investment in the master node package.)

The income distribution up to the 10th level is listed below;

MLM commission distribution

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Under the sponsorship bonus program, Merebel investors can earn 5% commission from their direct partners.

Merebel's third cash flow comes in the form of a master node premium bonus. This happens when your referral partner intends to set up a master node. According to the management guidelines, as a user registering for Masternode, the referee will immediately receive the bonus of up to 7% of his total Masternode reward in the form of Bitcoin, depending on your rank.

As each investor's profile increases, Merebel would automatically increase his rank, and on that basis, the percentage of the Masternode commission bonus would also increase.

The rank and scoring table values ​​are listed below.

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As the rank of users would be among the top profiles, Merebel would additionally compensate these investors with leadership pool bonuses and share in the quarterly revenue. The percentage of the sales reward is given below.


Sign up now:

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The company allows anyone to make money without actually placing bets. Each user can benefit in cash from the invitation of other users.
Official Website:

Registration of the participants of the affiliate program.
To participate in the Affiliate Program, complete the form in the Gaming.Partners Affiliate Program. We will contact you within 24 hours after registration.

Please consider the payment model. Your reward amount depends on how much money the players who brought you have lost. Cyber.Bet pays 50% of the lost amount to the partners.

Good indicators on your side can improve the bet in your favor.

Repayment is weekly. The minimum repayment amount is 50 EUR. The storage and commission calculation takes 7 days.

In the case of active and fruitful cooperation, you are entitled to personal rewards (an increase in revshare rates, no retention of funds).

To receive your first refund, please send your payment information
Telegram: @rodion_gp
Skype: live: .cid.8727d73eafa4e2c2
E-mail: (Email protected)

Participate in the Kinesis Affiliate Marketing Program ("KAMP")

Kinesis will introduce a new money-guaranteed currency system in Indonesia

Kinesis Partner BEI has entered into an exclusive agreement with Indonesia's state-owned postal company PT POS to provide multiple mobile applications for gold and collateral.

PT POS has a reliable and comprehensive distribution system throughout Indonesia with over 58,700 points of sale. the third largest postal service in the world, offers a wide range of financial services and is Indonesia's largest We serve an active customer base of 10 million and provide over $ 10 billion in cross-border credit transfers annually,

PT POS will integrate the Kinesis Currency System with BEI to allow Kinesis Digital Gold (KAU) as an accepted method for sending and receiving cross-border value to its customers, including migrant workers.

Gilarsi Setijono, President Director at PT POS Indonesia, comments:

"Gold is a very important investment and savings asset class in Indonesia in all social segments. The first and only purpose-built safe deposit system gives the market access and confidence. This vault project, along with Kinesis and OZL and other state-owned gold savings initiatives, will be of long-term benefit to Indonesia and its citizens. "

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