Are you afraid of attentive people?

No, I allow it. I deliberately switched here. We have a certain story, a specific story in mind, and our story unconsciously controls our lives and the direction of the parallel realities we are switching to.

We are vehicles of the dimension of consciousness travel. We have a story we tell ourselves based on past experiences based on the parallel realities in which we unconsciously connect.

The subconscious is the steering wheel between the consciousness and our limitless unconsciousness of parallel dimensions within the multiverse.

Total inclusion in this reality. I agree that other people awaken to this state of perception. But when you dissolve the ego and realize that everything is connected with everything else … when you see yourself in another. There is nothing to fear. We have become the shift, we are the shift. The shift was both externalized and internalized.

We think that's what we are for …
I'm not even as advanced as some of these intuitives … we have the same knowledge, but they say it much eloquently … they have such a clear grip … because we unconsciously exist one in it.

We resonate with the same collective unconscious reality, we understand the same reality. We are essentially the same. We even have some of the same stories.

They are my reality as I am my own. We were opened to this reality because that version of us exists in this reality. We were all awakened by a spiritual, supernatural, quantum where where force …

We had time travel, parallel universes are shifting … Intuits … Synchronicity out of the asshole … That's because we've become this reality as it has become ours. It chose us as we chose. Some have woken up and there is a domino effect … for people who might also be awake.

They say the same words … "mirror", "reflect" … "bla bla bla" …. never mind. Because we are the same, same spirit, one dimension.

I have to surrender to that … allow it. When you wake up, you awaken others. We always travel, jump, move, jump dimensions ..

LOL, and we say the same things … we all say the same things. We all know the same thing … only some are supposed to convey it better than others.

Then of course there is something to learn from others … It's all at this point. : D

Quantum Jumping Technique for Shifting to a Parallel Reality

4 reasons why companies are afraid to turn into a brand | Forum Promotion

From small businesses to established businesses, the functional process is never the same. But one thing they have in common is the fear of being a brand!

Brand renewal or branding, as we all call it, is an amazing opportunity that drives companies to innovate and grow. If so, why do companies find the entire process so intimidating?

Well, one of the main reasons for this common fear is the ambiguity associated with branding – what if it does not work? This can now certainly come to a standstill, unless you have the necessary expertise and experience in the field of branding. However, with useful resources and expertise, it's almost impossible that your efforts will not pay!

There are several reasons why a company as a brand feels nervous. If you know what they really are, you can overcome that fear.

Lack of awareness

Unless you do not see what …

Am I one of the few white Americans who are not afraid of the tanning of white America?

**** to you of you. I will not touch your freak spawn.

But I will make every white woman annoy you if you do nothing.

You and your "tan" is just your brain for drugs and alcohol that "boil away" just under the sun.

Put your aluminum foil hat back on, it will help.


Why does not Hillary Clinton want to be in the race for the Oval Office in 2020 because she's afraid of being humiliated with Trump?

Democratic voters rejected her in 2007 as a bad candidate. They picked a single senator from whom nobody had heard anything about them.

For some reason, however, they forgot how much they did not like them in 2015 and nominated them. And it seemed they could get away with it when the media sabotaged the GOP convention by reporting only to Trump … and then the media wondered how Trump triumphed after starving every GOP candidate. Reporters are not smart people.

So, if the most unpopular candidate in the history of the presidential election beats you, any reasonable person would conclude that your political career is dead. But not Hillary. Hillary used a book tour to spread propaganda that her loss was not her fault. She paid a consultant who made all the Russian conspiracy theory out of substance and assigned the FBI to investigate. All because her ego could not bear to lose again.

But she WANTED to run in 2020. You can tell by the fact that in recent years she has sharply moved to the left in her public comments. She came to the conclusion that she had to go to the left to start in elementary school. But this time was different. Her own donors and political allies told her not to run away. Even the mates she had built up over the years had turned her back on her.

This eventually forced her to realize she was done.


Why do Republicans want people to think that AOC is the face of the Democratic Party? Are you afraid of true democrats like Joe Biden?

We hope that people will realize when we give everyone enough time to be stupid, followed by examples such as their lack of knowledge of kitchen appliances and quotes like "I'm less concerned with being factually correct than morally right "You do not want to be represented by her or be associated with someone who does not consider her a complete idiot.

Hopefully we can kill two birds with one stone and people do not want to vote for someone who represents the same party they belong to. If I were Biden, I would be worried that being a member of the same party that owns AOC would ruin my chances of becoming president.