How can i test payfast gateway outside south Africa

I am developing an application for one from south africa, he wants to integrate payfast in the application, how can i test if it’s working? and if you have any tutorials for payfast it will be helpful

Why did America invent slavery and then go and kidnap African-Americans from Africa to be there slaves?

They didn’t INVENT slavery; it has existed for a long long time.  What was new in this last round of slavery in North and South America and England (yes, they had slaves in England) was CHATTEL slavery, which meant “if YOU were a slave, your children would automatically be slaves, and so on, down the line” – previous to this, slavery ended with you, and as a slave, you could even marry a free person.

If blacks don’t like it in America, why wont they go back to Africa?

There’s no legitimacy in nation States of Africa , unless maybe perhaps Northern Africa but the black African is not Northern African so in theory blacks are doomed because they have no successful black country to go to unless maybe they flee to the Caribbean and land in Jamaica they may be better off experiencing the capitalism economic platform that Jamaica has . But then there is always a factor that the American blacks would perhaps import their crime rate to other nations ,so in theory black people have no structured society they can lean on but to say maybe they should leave then guide’s us to the notions that blacks will have wanted some form of revenue money to leave to their destination of choice and to have a abundance of money to have been financially safe in their new country of choice . 

Paxum in South Africa


After a few months of fighting with paxums crazy verification and finally verifying my proof of address I wanted to withdraw some fund to my bank account (FNB in South Africa) and it says the country isn’t supported for wire transfer and when I try use the direct card payment it says API not supported.

Has anyone from SA used paxum and successfully gotten money out with an SA bank account?