AFRINIC Cracks Down on IP Fraud


AFRINIC (the Regional Internet Authority for Africa which controls allocations of IP addresses on that continent) appears to be cracking down on people who obtain African IPs and use them elewhere. Community member @aveline shared this announcement:

TLDR: Cloud Innovation has been put on 90-day notice that their IPs are being taken away.

AFRINIC has recently reclaimed over 1 million IPv4s as part of a new initiative to reign in abuse. This comes after a major scandal was reported in 2019 about how an AFRINIC insider profited from enabling this abuse.

The driver for this fraud is global IPv4 exhaustion, where IPs needed in other regions are not available.  Hence the temptation is to request IPs in, say, Africa but use them in the US, Asia, or Europe.  In the past, AFRINIC did not police well and many were able to exploit this weakness, but it appears times are changing.


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