Afrixi – – GPT (get paid)

Do you need some money?
Why do not you start to mine them?
All you have to do is click on the Start Mining Cash button. The new window will open, giving you $ 0.00015 every minute.

Do you need more money? Use the device CPU to get more.
Click Start Mining below, determine how much CPU you want to use, and let our website generate money for you. We pay you $ 0.000000005 for each hash.
Example: If your device makes 20 hashes per second, you will receive $ 0.00864 per day.

Sign up bonus: $ 0.50.

Cash Per Minute: $ 0.00015;
Mediation Commission: 10%;
Minimum payout: $ 5;
Payment Wait Time: Up to 7 days.
<<>> $ 2.99 a month
Cash per minute: $ 0.0003;
Mediation Commission: 20%;
Minimum payment: $ 2.50;
Payment waiting time: up to 3 days;
Hide ads on the site: Yes.

Payment options:
Down payments (soon).

Do not use a VPN service to register with Afrixi or risk a ban!
Thank you in advance. Happy income