Content Aggregator Website Examples and How to Build One

Content aggregator websites are certainly something that you’ve run into at least a few times per week. But when it comes time to think about examples of content aggregator websites…hmmm…it’s not that easy, right? Don’t worry! I’m here to help.
In this article, I am going to talk about great examples of content aggregators and provide some insights on how to build a content aggregator.


beginner – Content aggregator using bs4 and requests

Standard code review, tell me what’s good, what’s bad, and how to improve. Critical suggestions welcomed. This is a content aggregator using bs4 and requests. I did not use any tutorials or help.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs

topic = input('Enter the topic: ').lower()
def getdata(url, headers):
    r = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
    return r.text

def linesplit():
    print('-~'*16, 'COLIN IS MOOCH', '-~'*16, 'n')
headers = {
    "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/70.0.3538.102 Safari/537.36 Edge/18.19582"
google = getdata(f'{topic}&oq={topic}&aqs=chrome..69i59j69i57j69i59j69i60l3j69i65j69i60.2666j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8', headers)
soup = bs(google, 'html.parser')
links = str(soup.find_all('div', class_='TbwUpd NJjxre'))
links = links.replace('<div class="TbwUpd NJjxre"><cite class="iUh30 Zu0yb qLRx3b tjvcx">', '')
links = links.replace('<span class="dyjrff qzEoUe">', '')
links = links.replace('</span></cite>< /div>', '')
links = links.replace('<div class="TbwUpd NJjxre"><cite class="iUh30 Zu0yb tjvcx">', '')
links = links.replace('</cite></div>', '')
links = links.replace('</span>', '')
links = links.replace(' › ', '/')
links = links.split(', ')
links(-1) = links(-1).replace(')', '')
links(0) = links(0).replace('(', '')
info = ()
counter = 0

for x in range(len(links)):
        htmldata = getdata(links(x), headers)
        newsoup = bs(htmldata, 'html.parser')
        website = ''
        for i in newsoup.find_all('p'):
            website = website + ' ' + i.text
        counter += 1
    except Exception:
    for x in range(0, (counter * 2) + 2, 2):
        if info(x+1) != '':
            print('From ', info(x), ':')
except IndexError:

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Design Patterns – What is the Best Use of the Event Aggregator?

I wonder how many events are too many. I'm used to following code 1):

class BrakeVm {
   public BrakeVm(BrakePedal pedal){
       pedal.OnChanged += PedalChanged(pedal);

   public ShowLight { get; set; }

   public void PedalChanged(Padad pedal) {
       ShowLight = pedal.IsDepressed;

But maybe that's better 2)?

class BrakeVm {
   public BrakeVm(EventAggregator eventAggregator){

   public ShowLight { get; set; }

   public void PedalChanged(Padad pedal) {
       ShowLight = pedal.IsDepressed;

I think 2) has some advantages over 1):
– It doesn't depend on what sends events (multiple editors).
– decouples BrakeVm from BrakePedal
– EventAggregator can use weak references
But it also has disadvantages:
– The system becomes less coherent
– There are 2 additional classes

I wonder if such use of EventAggregator is acceptable or if code turns into spaghetti.

New perspective for an event aggregator website

Hi there! I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions about one of my projects.

What is the business
I run a website that publishes information about upcoming local events in the region I live in. Basically, you can check what's coming or what you've missed – sorted by category, with event information, booking information, etc.

What niche does the website offer?
The region consists of 4 cities that are connected to each other but work completely separately. As a person living in the region, you would have to follow / review dozens of separate websites / profiles / social media from institutions linked to each city. My website simply simplifies this in one place.

additional information

  • The event data is mainly collected and published for SEO and content copy resins.
  • There is currently no registration / login function on the website.
  • Last year we got 250,000 views without ads – content publishing only.
  • The cost is basically non-existent, but it is extremely time consuming to keep the website up to date with new events.
  • We are currently the largest and only event-based website in the region.
  • We have received very positive feedback from many sources.

What is the main problem?
Generate income. We don’t want to display the entire website – our preferred business model would be one Donation or subscription model. Something like, "This is useful for the local community – donate $ 5 a year to keep it going". Although the donations were open for a year – no luck.

If we could get 10% of users to donate $ 3 a year, we would be happy.

What options are we thinking about?

  • Implementation of social functions to build a stronger community around the brand and not just "drop by – get information – pout".
  • Promotional agreements with event-based companies such as taxi services, restaurants, etc.
  • Lock some features behind a paywall to incentivize a donation.

Is the aggregator pattern valid with multiple clients in the microservice architecture?

Suppose two micro services provide information for a product, one for general information (A) and one for product images (B). Similar to the architecture described in the gateway aggregation pattern, I would like to create an aggregation gateway between these services A and B.

If several applications now access this aggregation gateway as in the following picture, would this contradict the microservice architecture?

Multi-client aggregator gateway

Beginners – Game Aggregator .NET

I want a code review of my code that can be found on
Specifically on

 @page "{currentpage:int?}"
@model RawCritic2.Pages.Games.IndexModel

    ViewData("Title") = "Index";

@if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated)

Create New

@**@ @foreach (var item in Model.Data) { string ratingImage = ""; string ratingClass = ""; string ratingClassSmall = ""; string ratingColor = ""; if (item.AggregatedRating >= 80) { ratingClass = "high"; ratingClassSmall = "high-small"; ratingColor = "#03fc56"; ratingImage = ""; } else if (item.AggregatedRating < 80 && item.AggregatedRating >= 50) { ratingClass = "med"; ratingClassSmall = "med-small"; ratingColor = "#dbfc03"; ratingImage = ""; } else if (item.AggregatedRating < 50) { ratingClass = "low"; ratingClassSmall = "low-small"; ratingColor = "#d9042b"; ratingImage = ""; } var rating = item.AggregatedRating.ToString("N0"); var ratingSide = item.AggregatedRating.ToString("N0"); @**@ @if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) { } }
@Html.DisplayNameFor(model => model.Game(0).Title) @Html.DisplayNameFor(model => model.Game(0).ReleaseDate) Rating @*
@if (item.AggregatedRating != 0) { @rating } else { @:? } @Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.Title) @{ string platforms = Model.GetPlatforms(item.platforms);} @Html.Raw(System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(platforms)) Edit | Delete @{var date = item.ReleaseDate.ToString("D"); @Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => date); }
@{ if (Model.SearchString == null) {
} }

Overall, however, the project would be very grateful.