air travel – Does any train or bus company charge a no-show fee, or is that fee specific to some airlines?

Airlines sometimes have a no-show fee in case someone pays for a flight ticket but doesn’t show up to the flight.

I don’t recall seeing such a fee for trains or buses. Does any train or bus company charge a no-show fee, or is that fee specific to airlines?

I’m asking as this would help me identify which potential fees I should be aware of when purchasing train or bus tickets.

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The whole idea (of charging a no show fee) is absurd. Suppose I buy a bottle of beer but don’t drink it. Will the company surcharge me for not using their product? – Weather Vane 7 mins ago

Some airlines companies do have a no-show fee, e.g. “No-Show Charge: The charge made by reason of the failure of a passenger to use reserved accommodation, either through failure to arrive at the airport at the time fixed by the carrier, or through arriving improperly documented or otherwise not ready to travel on flight.”

the airline has been paid for the seat already, and can now re-sell it; that’s much easier (and more significant) money. – DavidSupportsMonica 3 hours ago

No-show fee != cancellation fee.

How would a railway prove you weren’t on the train? And I suspect its probably against EU rules. Afaik they permit a passenger to give up their travel plans at their own discretion. – Krist van Besien 5 mins ago

Some railways check when you enter e.g. high-speed train in China.

transit – Is 2 hours 50 mins sufficient in Heathrow to connecting flight with different tickets and airlines

If everything runs well you might make it, if only one thing takes more time than planned you will miss your second plane.

It usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes from the plane seat to outside the luggage collection area. Most airlines ask you to drop your luggage at least an hour before the flight but longer time spans are possible. And if you drop your luggage at the last moment you will have to be very quick through the airport as you will have no spare time.

You see you do not have a lot of time if things are a bit slow, no time at all if your route through the airport to your luggage (or luggage delivery) takes a lot of time.
And that is assuming it is in the same terminal. If you also have to move between terminals, forget it. No way possible at all.

Usually people advice 4 hours or more between flights if on separate tickets. But with a long flight as the first of the set, I would want more time.
It might be needed to buy a second ticket to Helsinki, or at least move your flight by 4 or more hours, 24 is more likely.

airlines – No-show vs cancel the flight when one-way ticket was twice as expensive

I bought a round-trip flight with KLM from Amsterdam to Toronto and already used the first part of the ticket to arrive to the destination. The ticket is not refundable. Now my plans have changed and I don’t want to fly back.

I remember when I was buying the ticket, a one-way flight was twice as expensive. So I’m fine with not getting any refund back for the second half.

What would be the best thing to do?

If I cancel the ticket (there is a cancellation fee), will they charge me extra for the price difference of one-way ticket plus cancellation fee?

If I don’t show up, are they going to charge extra for the price difference? In this case, is it better not to check-in?

Do airlines transmit flight data with immigration?

I’d like to ask the following question

Obviously, upon travelling, we have to go to the check-in in order to get the boarding card/pass and then we have to clear immigration by going to the entry or exit immigration spots (I’m not considering customs).
Do airlines generally share flight data with the immigration or does the latter only check the eligibility of the individual to enter the country, or does it depend on the country?

air travel – Why would a country apply different quarantine policies for airline crews to different airlines?

air travel – Why would a country apply different quarantine policies for airline crews to different airlines? – Travel Stack Exchange

delta air lines – What airlines offer complimentary alcohol from Ireland to the U.S.?

I’m planning on travelling to California in August/autumn of this year after I receive my COVID vaccine. I know the flight will be long so I’m looking for an airline that offers free alcohol.

I’ve heard that all the U.S. airlines along with British airways.

Do they also offer unlimited free drinks or just one/two?

airports – Turkish Airlines rules to get free accommodation on long layovers

I’ve flown a couple of times with Turkish Airlines and, the last time I had a long layover at Istanbul airport I applied to a free tour with Touristanbul. When I was waiting for the tour start at the Hotel Desk, I saw a lot of groups of people that were taken to hotels and along the tour somebody told me that they had a long layover and Turkish paid for a hotel for them. I had no time to ask at the Hotel Desk. I’d like to know how to get this free hotel, if it really exists.

ireland – What is the drinking age on American operated airlines to Canada?

I live in Ireland and was hoping to go with my friend to Los Angeles in December of this year and it seems that the American carriers (United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta) are cheaper than British Airways or Aer Lingus

He just turned 20 last month and I’m 22. It will be a long flight from Dublin to Vancouver so we want to drink. The thing is, I’m not sure what the rules regarding the purchase of alcohol are on flights.

When I went to New York 2 years ago during Christmas using Delta, I asked for alcohol and the flight attendant denied me as I was ‘under-age’. By this I take it that the minimum age on American air carriers is the same as the one in the U.S, 21yrs old.

I was told it’s determined either by the airline carrier that one is travelling with or the minimum age in the destination/origin country.

Even though I could drink in Ireland as the age is 18, I was seen as underage. What would the age limit be if travelling to Canada from Ireland?

hand luggage – Does anyone know if I would be allowed to bring my power bank of 30,000mAH in my carry-on bag for all 3 three of these airlines?

I’m traveling to Instanbul, Turkey from the United States using 2-3 different airlines (United, Air Canada, and Turkish Airlines) to get there.

Does anyone know if I would be allowed to bring my power bank of 30,000 mAH 5V in my carry-on bag for all three of these airlines?

The power bank in question linked here:

air travel – How to book a United Airlines ticket if my passport doesn’t have a last name?

For US Visa puporses, it looks like you need to use your single name as “last name” and FNU as first name. FNU means “first name unknow”. See FAQ section. It’s likely that United will adopt the same process since they need to communicate booking data and Visa data to US immigration authorities. However, you should call and ask them to confirm.

However, it’s likely that you will run into a lot of issues and if possible you should try to get your Indian passport fixed before you travel.

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