Airport Security – How to prevent illegal drugs being carried in hand luggage in transit?

It's often on the news, and there are strict warnings at airports: transporting illicit drugs through an airport is a bad idea.

As I occasionally fly through Singapore, I am always concerned that my carry-on luggage was left unattended for hours on my previous flight. Someone could have manipulated it.

What is the best way to avoid the risk of carrying illegal drugs in your hand luggage during transport?

Mobile Phones – Will any business at Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) sell SIM cards at a similar price as outside the airport?

I read on (mirror) that one of the SIM card shops at Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) The Claro kiosk in the baggage claim area only sells overpriced SIM cards (~ 60 USD vs. ~ 6 USD outside the airport):

The sign on the kiosk indicated that a seven-day game cost $ 59.

Does any business at Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) sell SIM cards at a similar price as outside the airport?

I'm not trying to optimize the price, just try to avoid tourist traps by not paying ten times what you should.

usa – How far in advance you can get a NEXUS appointment with Pierre Trudeau Intl. Airport?

NEXUS appointments may well be in short supply at many airports, even at a distance of several months. When I was looking for an appointment in early September, the next appointment in Halifax (YHZ) was at the end of November. You may not be able to make an appointment during your trip if this happens only for a short time. However, with some lead time, you can schedule another location at a different time and look for openings in Montreal when you want. Then change your appointment at this time when an opportunity arises.

nrt – Is a visa required at Narita airport to change terminals from T2 to T1?

You can change with a shuttle bus on the air side between T2 and T1. (This is different from the land-based shuttle bus between terminals that most people seem to know about.)

You can get the bus at two points in T2: at gate 80 in the satellite building or at gate 70 in the main building. These drop off at gate 28 and gate 59 in T1, respectively. In any case, you will go through the security check before getting on the transit bus. Follow the signs "International Connecting Flights" to the security checkpoint for transit.

If you do not have a boarding pass for your next flight segment, first go to the transfer desk to pick it up. It's next to safety.

Stopovers – Closure of the International Airport Terminal 2 in Hong Kong

Is the entire terminal closed during renovations (November 2019 – 2024) or only partially?

As a follow-up question, what is there to do during a 6-hour stay other than the normal shopping, eating and sleeping?

As far as I know, the IMAX Theater and the Aviation Discovery Center are in Terminal 2.

Taxis – How much do you need to walk at Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) to reach an area / street where you can get a Uber taxi?

Uber can not be transferred from Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) to another location because Uber drivers are excluded from the airport. From (mirror):

After many reports of inappropriate behavior of drivers Uber is not a licensed taxi company in Lima. As a result, Uber drivers are held by local authorities from Lima airport, Uber still allows you to order a taxi, but you will find that you cancel when you try to enter the airport (as the police check the permits, etc.). You may be lucky and your Uber comes through, but for security and legal reasons it is strongly recommended NOT to use Uber at Lima Airport. Official authorities at Lima Airport recommend the official bus service (Airport Express Lima) or one of the official taxi companies within Lima Airport (Taxi365 or Taxi Directo).

How much do you need to walk at Lima Airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport, LIM) to reach an area / street where you can get a Uber taxi? I do not know the boundaries of the area where the Uber driver ban applies.

Brazil – As a Syrian, do I need a visa for the airport transit to Portugal? And if not, is there any possibility of arbitrariness or suspicion of preventing boarding?

I have a necessary question that I need an answer for: I am a Syrian citizen and I have a humanitarian visa for Brazil. I have asked a booking office to book for me and they have booked a flight from Istanbul to Brazil via TAP Portuguese Airlines company with a stop in Lisbon. My question is: do I need an airport transit visa to go to Portugal, because I do not know it until my search, but I have to be sure that I do not lose the booking and the money, and if yes, and by law not is there a possibility that a problem is prevented from entering on grounds of arbitrariness or suspicion of the onboard crew or the security of the airport being Syrian? I hope to be answered as soon as possible and thank you in advance.

Bangkok – Transit Visa in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand

I travel from Kunming via the airport Bangkok – Swarnabhumi to Bangalore. My itinerary is as follows
January 14, 20
Kunming Bangkok MU2583 40 * 40 * MU MTQP5F
2h 45m | Kunming, KMG – Suvarnabhumi International, BKK
LAYOVER 3h 40m
Bangkok Bangalore 6E76 1 * INDIGO NMEM4K
4h 0m | Suvarnabhumi International, BKK – Kempegowda International Airport, BLR
Do I need a transit visa as my stay at Bangkok Airport takes only 3 hours? 40 minutes.
I am an Indian who studies in China. Please help and guide me. Many thanks