Does Kapalua Airport (JHM) have a TSA checkpoint?

You flew with Mokulele Airlines, which operates 9-seater Cessna caravans and does not require a TSA check. You landed at "Terminal 3" at HNL (in quotes since it is a trailer that is 1 1/2 miles from the main terminal and has no direct access to another airline). To continue on a connecting flight, you would have had to take a shuttle to the main terminal, where you would pass the TSA security checkpoint.

If you had flown Ohana Airlines, operated by Hawai & # 39; ian Air and using 49 seats ATR 42-500 from JHM to HNL, you would have gone through TSA security at JHM and arrived at HNL's main terminal without one additional TSA verification would be required Take a connecting flight, provided you either had hand baggage only or checked in to your final destination when you checked in at JHM.

You didn't notice the TSA checkpoint because it is only occupied when Ohana flights depart. These are 4 flights a day at 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Air Travel – How can I be notified when a flight between a specific airport and a specific country is available within the next n days?

Assuming you want to fly home (and you should only try to fly home), your country's consular staff is your best bet. For example, various Canadian government agencies tweet about flights to Canada from certain airports. Here is a snapshot of the feed from

Twitter feed

In addition to your country (and subsets of it, such as the "Canada in Lebanon" and "Canada in Singapore" accounts shown in the screenshot), you should have registered with your government so that they can reach you and you by email, phone call or SMS probably should have called your embassy or consulate for advice on how to get home.

If you're not trying to get home, but want to reach a relative or someone who really needs you, the same sources will probably help you. If you feel that your travel needs are not urgent enough to include a message, stop traveling. People are desperately trying to get home, reunite families, get out as long as they can. If you've always wanted to see a specific place, now is not the time.

Conclusion: Make sure that at least one qualified person connected to your target country knows that you are trying to get there, and then monitor the airlines, airports, and these embassies and consulates on all social media that you choose can introduce and engage in group chats, multi-emails and Facebook groups so you will be notified when there is an opportunity to leave. And be ready to go when the chance comes.

What are the EU laws on unused airline tickets and airport tax refunds?

I bought a TAP Air plane ticket going to Frankfurt -> Lisbon -> Toronto (one way) and the taxes on this ticket are quite high. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I cannot operate this flight, so I thought I would apply for a refund of the airport tax.

I'm not sure how to go about it. Numerous articles on the Internet say that I can ask for money back, but I have never found an EU law that stipulates this.

Do airlines actually have to refund this money? If so, what do I do if I ask for it? The flight is tomorrow … Do I have time at all?

Can i buy Australian dollars in currency exchange at Bucharest Airport?

Yes, it is likely that Australian dollars will be available at a particular switch. They have no small denominations, so your change will be in local currency. Hit the exchange switch before entering the duty free shop (which accepts your change as a partial payment).

Currency exchange at the airport always kills you, regardless of whether you are in the "poorer country". Exchanges in the city give you slightly better prices. In the future, it is best to use debit and credit cards when traveling. Assuming you don't have a dung bank, the fees are much lower than at a reasonable currency exchange in the city center.

Transit – New Istanbul Airport and 1 hour to switch from domestic to international flight

So I will have exactly one hour between flights on IS Airport.
Different reservations, no guarantee for missed flights.

Turkish Airlines domestic flight 16:30 <->
LOT Polish Airlines International from 5:30 p.m.

The question is will I be able to do it

Does anyone know whether it is easy and relatively quick to change after arrival or whether the entire facility has to be left and re-entered?
What about passport controls?
From what I've checked, there are no separate terminals between domestic and international flights, so I think I will arrive in the common area. In theory, it should be easy to change the gate (+ passport control).

All tips and experiences shared here are very much appreciated!

Security – COVID-19 US Airport Tests: What Do They Do When Confirmed?

Fellow travelers, simple question:

Is there a known guideline for what US airport / government employees do when they test someone for COVID-19 and they find it positive?

Does this policy (s) also depend on the airport, state, country, etc.? That is, is there no strict 1 federal legislation?

Please explain / link to sources if anyone has any information.

Thank you and stay safe friends.

Philippines – Is the curfew of the COVID-19 Manila Metro from March 15th, 2020 to April 14th, 2018 preventing travelers from going to the airport during curfew?

Does the curfew of the COVID-19 Metro Manila from 03/15/2020 to 04/14/2018 (8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.) prevent travelers from going to the airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport, MNL) during curfew?

Here are the unhelpful websites I've found so far:

Going out to buy groceries is seen as an essential purpose, Garcia said.

Garcia said they are also considering recommending bars, facilities, and other related entertainment stores to be closed during the 30-day quarantine from March 15 through April 14.

In a press conference on Saturday, MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia announced that all of Metro Manila's mayors agreed to a decision to impose a curfew from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m., from March 15 to April 14.

However, Garcia made it clear that the activities affected by the curfew were not essential activities such as "Yung mga gumigimik lang", "kung saan-saan nagpupunta", "nakikibarkada" or "nakiki-party". Lahat & # 39; yan bawal na muna. "

The airport phone number from MNL +63 02 877 1109 is useless (sounds like an automated display? I don't understand it).

I asked the following question:

Indian citizens – 19 hours in Frankfurt. Do you have a valid visa for the US and Canada. Can leave the airport without a transit visa

Do I need a transit visa during my 19-hour stay in Frankfurt? Family travel to Toronto. We also have a valid U.S. visa. We are an Indian family. Can we leave the airport during a long stay and if so do I need a transit visa or not? Or simply booking a hotel helps us to get a land pass like the one in Japan.

Second, if you are not going out what are airport options for a 19 hour stay