Transit – I am leaving Montparnasse Gare from CDG airport, France

CDG Airport (Paris) has RER ticket machines. The following options are available on the screen:

(1) ticket for downtown Paris,

(2) ticket for the region of paris, etc

I will go from Montparnasse Gare to CDG airport.

Which option should I choose?

Can I use my International Master Card (Debit)?

Where can I change money at the airport?

Trains – How to get from CDG airport to Montparnasse station in 2 hours and the cheapest way?

I'm from india My flight lands at Terminal 2 of Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. From there I go to the Montparnasse train station, where I have a TGV train to Rennes. My flight lands at 9:30 am and my TGV train is booked at 3:00 pm from Montparnasse. I hope there will be enough time

How do I get from the CDG airport to Montparnasse train station within 2 hours and with no stopover or stopover (such as RER train, bus, etc.) and of course the cheapest way?

List all possibilities so that I can find my simplest.

help me

Indians – Will a UK transit visa be required if the airport is changed but has a valid US visa?

I am an Indian citizen with a valid US visa and a Schenghan visa traveling to Spain from the US. I have a connection in London and need to change London airports as my flight arrives at Heathrow and the connecting flight to Spain is from Gatwick. All flights are booked with the same PNR.

I read that Indian citizens are entitled to "possibly have a visa-free transit" if the following conditions apply:

  1. Arrival and departure by plane (true for me and on the same PNR)
  2. Do you have a valid US visa (true to me)
  3. The second flight starts on the same day my first flight arrives (true for me)
  4. Have the right documents for the destination country

All of this was described above when I chose the option of having to pass through border controls as I would change airports.

Do I need a UK Transit Visa?

Visa on arrival to leave the airport

With a Schengen visa, you have no right to enter Russia.

I know that this concerns US citizens, but it should apply equally to all visa nationals traveling to Russia. Link to the US Embassy in Russia:

It is not possible to apply for an entry visa upon arrival, so travelers must apply for their visa early.

And see:

Travelers entering Russia without an entry visa may not enter the country and must return to the embarkation point at their own expense.

Public Transportation – Singapore Airport to hotel late at night

I will arrive at the airport of Singapore late in the evening / early morning, probably around 1:00 in the morning, before I can get out. I have to drive to my hotel, Parkroyal on Beach Road, which according to Google Maps is about an hour away.

In general, I do not mind taking public transport, but it does not look like it's going to be that late. Are taxis usually available as late at the airport? If I make a reservation, is there an easy way to do it online? Are there Uber / Lyft options in Singapore? Are there any other alternatives I miss?

Customs and Immigration – Why are Schengen and non-Schengen flights mixed at Corfu Airport?

I am at the airport of Corfu, waiting for a flight to Athens, where I will take a flight to a destination outside the Schengen area. Because of the somewhat unsatisfactory signage, I waited some time at the security checkpoint for the international gates. Before I arrived at the front, I noticed passport control panels behind the security gates, which led to the discovery that the controls for domestic gates were down towards the end of the arrivals area.

To my surprise, these are real domestic Goals, not Intra-Schengen goals. Flights to the UK are mixed with flights to Germany, the Netherlands and Austria:

Departure at the airport of Corfu

Why is this done? How does it work? It seems pretty easy to use this to get a Schengen exit stamp before flying to another Schengen country (for example, in cooperation with a Confederate resembling the Traveler).

Does the EU compensation apply to flights where the departure airport closes the check-in desks during protests?

(Luckily I'm not among the passengers involved)

There are currently protests at Hong Kong International Airport. In response, the airport authority closed all check-in counters before the evening. Unlike Monday, when all departure flights were canceled at night, only a handful of flights were canceled today. The majority of them only leave punctually with transit passengers and goods. It is said that passengers who are not checked in before the check-in counter closes prematurely will be treated as a no-show.

To generalize this question, consider a flight from a non-EU airport to an EU airport operated by an EU airline. This flight is subject to EU rules for delayed and canceled flights.

One passenger of this flight arrived shortly before the check-in date at the airport. However, the check-in desk for this airline was shut down earlier (or never opened at the beginning). This may be caused by protest, ground crew on strike or other reasons beyond the control of the airline. The airline decided to blow up the plane punctually without this passenger being on board. Does this passenger qualify for compensation under EU law?