air travel – Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)? states:

No-Show Charge: The charge made by reason of the failure of a passenger to use reserved accommodation, either through failure to arrive at the airport at the time fixed by the carrier, or through arriving improperly documented or otherwise not ready to travel on flight.

From my understanding, this means that Qatar Airways may charge a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (even if the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else, i.e. didn’t book any hotel).

However I read some comments that contradict my understanding:

  • To me, it is quite clear that the hotel will want to be paid for accomodation you reserved, but did not pay for, because it could have been used by someone else. The flight has been paid for in advance, but the room was only reserved. So it is no-show as applicable to the accomodation, not the flight. – Weather Vane 10 mins ago 

Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the a passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)?

air travel – Qatar Airways flight ticket doesn’t agree with Qatar Airways website regarding the booking change fee. Which is one right?

I read on a Qatar Airways flight ticket with departure and return dates in spring 2021:


which from understanding means there is a booking change fee.

However, (mirror) states (the statement was already present at the time of the initial booking):

For all travel completed by 31 May 2022, rebooking fees will be waived if reservations are amended more than 1 hour prior to departure.

This seems contradictory to me on whether there is a booking change fee. Is it contradictory? If so, which source prevails, and if not, is there a booking change fee?

I tried to contact Qatar Airways but (‪888-777-2827‬) to nobody is picking up the phone after waiting 1.5 hours. The Qatar Airways webpage to change the booking doesn’t indicate whether there is a booking change fee.

bookings – British airways refund

I booked a flight from MAA to LHR direct flight for for a travel in January. BA kept cancelling the flight and finally I changed the booking to a connection flight (MAA -> BOM -> LHR) for the 28th of April via another airlines.

since the change was initiated by me, BA asked for a hefty sum. So when talking with the BA call center support over phone on 10April I asked for the full cancellation and refund.

The representative confirmed he will cancel and refund in a few days. However after a few days, the refund did not come through and now the booking reference says “Sorry, we are unable to display your booking as all the flights have been flown.”

Is there a way to get my refund now?

Qatar Airways cancelled the flight, but I cannot get a refund. What can I do?

My girlfriend booked a flight from MUC to CGK:

  • MUC -> CGK: 22.05.2021
  • CGK -> MUC: 13.05.2021

Yesterday Qatar Airways wrote her that the flight MUC -> CGK is no longer available. They offer her to fly one day later (23.05.2021, “Acknowledge changes”) or “Request a refund”:

enter image description here

She wants to fly one day earlier instead (21.05.2021) and keep the flight back. This is available and even cheaper. So we clicked on “Request a refund”. Then we get redirected to the general help page:

enter image description here

There I can see a German call center. I called this multiple times during the day, but they always directly hang up. I don’t even hear them taking the call.

I’ve reached out to them in private on Twitter and pinged them in public on Twitter. No reaction.

What can I do?

Trying to edit / change the flight

I tried to change the flight, but there is no button to do so:

enter image description here

air travel – Can one cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee? (mirror) states:

(Applicable for tickets issued up to 30 April 2021.) You also have the option to refund the unutilised value of your ticket to the original form of payment with no penalties or refund fees.

Assume a passenger purchase a round-trip ticket with Qatar Airways before 30 April 2021. Can the passenger cancel the return flight with Qatar Airways and if so, what is the fee if any?

I’m interested to know when the return flight is canceled before the passenger took the departure flight, as well as when the return flight is canceled after.

air travel – Can I reschedule a Non refundable international Flight ticket (AirFrance+Jet Airways; Barcelona-Pairs-India) with minimal additional charges?

Your ticket is non-refundable, but possibly changeable with a fee. So you probably can change your return date by paying the change fee plus the fare difference. You just need to call the airline office where you bought the ticket from, presumably in India (since you said you will return to India).

Now, before you call them, there’s a bit of homework you can do. If your date is flexible, try to see which date is the cheapest. As I stated before, you will need to pay the change fee plus the “fare difference”. If you’re lucky to find the same fare on the new return date, you will only need to pay the change fee. On the other hand, if you pick a date with only expensive fares left, then you may pay a lot more than you would like.

Nonetheless, you will have to call the airline office or the agency in India to find out the exact amount.

british airways – How can I tell if a BA flight ticket is fake?

Valid tickets have either a booking reference (PNR) or a ticket number or both. That is a unique identifier. If there is one on there, you can almost always check the booking on the airline’s website or give them a call.

If there is no PNR or ticket number, than it’s not really a ticket. Could be a receipt, or an itinerary, or a fake. However, you couldn’t use it to check in.

air travel – British Airways (one-leg) flight cancelled due to Covid

This is tricky and Covid makes it even more so.

  1. Typically a refund is owed by whoever took your payment. Take a look on your credit card: If the payee is Opodo, you should primarily talk to them. If it’s BA, they are your primary target. This really depends on the contract between BA and Opodo and type of booking, so you should check.
  2. Partial refunds are difficult since the legs often don’t have individual prices. They are bought as a “package” and often a round trip is cheaper than a one way and it’s almost always much cheaper than two one-ways.
  3. In order to determine a refund, one would have to price the un-flown leg based on a round trip purchase & fare rules of the original ticket. I’m pretty sure BA could do that if they wanted, Opodo probably can’t.
  4. Even if you get a refund, you are still stuck in Delhi. The refund is unlikely to cover the price of a new one-way ticket
  5. The “normal” procedure here would be that the airline offers you an alternative return flight at no extra cost to you. The sold you transportation to Delhi and back and that’s what they are required to provide. That can backfire as well: they may offer you alternative flights, but if you are not allowed to enter the UK you can’t take them and that’s your problem and no theirs.

Your best of course action depends a bit on your specific situation. Do you want/need to go back to London? How soon, how urgent? Can you get into the UK, i.e. what’s your citizenship/visa and how does it relate to Covid related restrictions?