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Epik, exp. 06/2021
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SEO Guest Post On Moz DA 82 With Good Alexa Rank

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Search – How do I set Stitcher as the default podcast client for Alexa?

When using the Alexa web interface, only one option is shown to set the default music player.

How do I put the standard podcast player on Stitcher?

The standard podcast client is TuneIn, which appears absolutely incomplete at least for podcasts.

I activated every pod as a skill and as a stitcher. I would prefer to use Stitcher as the standard, but at this point any standard other than TuneIn would be used.

maybe not on the subject … but not really. It's IoT, smart speaker configuration. I only use the web interface. See also:


(can't seem to add the picture ..)

Sale – Alexa 1900, DA / PA 80/85




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Networking – How do I connect Alexa to WiFi?

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