❓ASK – Which are the TOP altcoins to rally as Bitcoin price spike? | Proxies-free

Any prediction which are the altcoins to rally as Bitcoin price spike?

In other words, which are the TOP 5 cryptocurrencies in demand due to the increase in bitcoin price as of today – November 21, 2020 ?

If you are looking at the top 100 coins on CMC then first the large caps will mostly do well. ETH 2.0 is beginning now and ETH staking, so i think ETH will do particularly well, especially because of DEFI as well. XRP is doing well as the Flare airdrop comes to fruition on the 12th DECEMBER. I also am looking at layer two protocls, newer blockchains like ELROND AND ZIL doing well, as well as CARDANO of course as GOGUEN takes effect early next year. ORACLES will do well LINK, BAND etc as well as some good DEFI protocols like YEARN, AAVE, SYNTHETICS, REN.

❕NEWS – 8 altcoins that veteran analyst thinks will rise | Proxies-free

Famous cryptocurrency analyst Josh Rager shared a list of 10 altcoins he said “will print money”. here they are:

Annual funding (YFI)
SushiSwap (SUSHI)
Uniswap (UNI)
Composite (COMP)
Curve DAO (CRV)
Alpha Finance (ALPHA)
Chain link (LINK).

If you have information about these altcoins, can you share them?

What altcoins are you holding now?

Keep an eye on birdchain BIRD token.
Grab lots of it now on pancakeswap

This one will pump like crazy
how do i know?
They have announced the launch of a defi and nft platform in the upcoming quarter.

Even better, they’ve got an app to get the bird tokens for free.
here it is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.birdchainapp.app

Go play around with it and see what you get but in my experience it rewards well.

recently i have been swapping busd to bird on pancakeswap to get more of the coin to hold and also LP tokens as bonus. i tell you, this will pump like doge
Want to swap Birdchain BIRDs from the app, go directly here


Which Altcoins should Elon Musk consider?

The Tesla CEO said that bitcoin mining is not environmental friendly considering the source of energy used, he therefore suspend purchase of Tesla products with Bitcoin. He said he is considering Altcoins that won’t have such negative impact. Which coin do you think he should consider?

altcoin – Have a bunch of wallet.dat files. What alt-coins do they have (and may be how much)?

A few years ago I mined a couple of alt-coins. Now I have approximately 5 wallets which are named in non-suggestive way: wallet_01.dat, wallet_02.dat, …, wallet_05.dat. Each of them has reasonable amount of coins, also I have no idea how much exactly and what coin correspond to each wallet. Now I would like to restore some order by checking what do I have and how much.

Is there a way for me to figure this out? I do not remember exactly what these alt-coins are but have approximate ideas (probably can try to remember and select 30 potential candidates).

With this, I clearly can try each of the alt-coin client, wait for sync (may be do not even need this) and try to open each of the wallet. This will be very slow and because I am not 100% sure I will be lucky with my 30 crypto-coin guesses might take even longer.

So, is there a way to find a corresponding alt-coin for a wallet. Even maybe finding how much coins are in the wallet without downloading the client?

❓ASK – Bitcoin price has caused major price highs in altcoins | Proxies-free

The price of Bitcoin is often largely tied in with the price of the altcoins, and vice versa, and therefore with notice that when the price of Bitcoin rises, so does the price of the altcoins, and when there is a decline most of the crypto market reacts in the same way as well. Recently, Ethereum has pushed forward, with Bitcoin price rising above 51k USD, however the price of Bitcoin has since come down a bit. This could be a pull back that tests the next resistance level and could see a major price hike. In my opinion, a price hike in Bitcoin should divert the attention away from altcoins to Bitcoin, and this should cause their price to decline whilst Bitcoin increases in price. Why do you think there is this relationship between the two?

wallet – after realizing my mistake in paring my altcoins with USD, how do I go about pairing them with BTC?

I’m assuming the answer is that I have to sell everything and buy bitcoin, then buy the assets again with the Bitcoin pairing. But I’m so new to all this stuff that I figure I better ask first.
Also, am I right in assuming that, when I first bought my altcoins 3 weeks ago, had converted my usd to btc before buying them, that my total account value would be about 30% more, seeing as how bitcoin has gone up 30% in the last 3 weeks?
Feel pretty dumb in not understanding this earlier, so I want to make sure I understand it now before I go and sell everything in order to own altcoins paired with BTC.
Thank you for any clarity you can provide.