winforms – Alternative to adding multiple class members to multiple combo boxes? C #

I have a fish class and try to display the different species in a combo box. The way I am currently doing it is too much work. There has to be a better way.

In & # 39; Species1 & # 39; you can see how I try to insert the same specie in all 4 combo boxes.

I have 4 combo boxes and want to display these 9 species of fish in all 4 combo boxes so that the user can choose which 4 species he has caught.

            Species1 = new Fish("Angler",5);
            Catch1ComboBox.SelectedIndex = 0;

            Species2 = new Fish("Cod", 3);

            Species3 = new Fish("Haddock", 4);

            Species4 = new Fish("Hake", 1);

            Species5 = new Fish("Horse Mackerel", 0.5m);

            Species6 = new Fish("Witches", 3);

            Species7 = new Fish("Plaice", 8);

            Species8 = new Fish("Skate and Rays", 1.8m);

            Species9 = new Fish("Whiting", 7);

Best fiverr alternative, freelancer website in 2019

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Alternative to Google Adsense for my website | Forum Promotion

Hello, I have a website in a language that is not accepted by Google AdSense. I'd like to know if there are any alternatives to "Google AdSense" that I can use. Please let me know. Thanks.

Here is some information about my website:

Unique visitor per month: approx. 500,000
Total hits per month: over 1.7 million
Traffic by country: USA (35%), Germany (26%), Canada (8%), United Kingdom (7%), ….

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What is the best approach to creating a control panel like cPanel?

I can only think of a few things if someone really wants to do this.

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Alternative to WordPress | Web Hosting Talk

WordPress has no own view. It looks as good or as bad as your template.

If you're serious about blogging, use a paid theme. Make sure it is updated regularly. You do not want to decide for something new, without knowing whether it will wait in 6 months or not.

I started Drupal years ago. Even the most basic things were so complicated that it was my pleasure to blog about myself. How to update Drupal:

It's like an Ikea recipe to build a kitchen! This complexity was the norm in 1998, but the world has evolved because people do not have time. Either you blog or you encode. You can not do both. But if you are against excessive industrialization and prefer to do things manually that were automated some time ago, this can be a good solution.

With WordPress, an update is just a click and forget. It does the whole job in the background and reports when it's done. My blog is even configured to update automatically, and then sends me an email.

And do not let me start with smaller platforms that will not exist in the next year and leave you with an unsupported platform (for migrations, get 2 monitors and use CTRL-C and then CTRL-V).

WordPress is not perfect, but it is now de facto an engine for any website designed for a long life. It's what the Internet means to Windows for your computer. If you do not like Windows, there are other solutions that will make you love Windows again in no time.

An alternative to Platinum Server Management?

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People have nothing really bad to say

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This is ensured by their terms of use. If you post negatively about them, you will renounce all privacy expectations in their terms, and they can post anything you want about them. Look under "Public feedback" for:

That does not stop people posting bad things about us, and that's not what that clause really means. It simply means that when someone publishes obvious lies about us, we have the opportunity to respond. We would never publish / have never published private / sensitive / confidential / personally identifiable information, and we have never published anything that was not directly related to the post.

For example, if someone says that they have been canceled for non-payment and that they require payment, we have the right to provide proof. Of course, we would never publish personal information, such as credit card information, but we can provide the data they pay to prove that they have not been paid.

Or if someone says that our service is slow and we see in his account that he has submitted 50 tickets a month for just one server, we have the right to point this out. Again, of course, we would not publish the client's server information, but could indicate the number of tickets submitted, the dates they were submitted, and the time each ticket needed to complete the resolution.

As you know, all terms of use cover a wide range of topics. I bet if anyone went through your terms and conditions, there would be many clauses that anyone can take apart and misinterpret. If you have ever read the terms of service of Microsoft or Apple, you are essentially signing your life.

Anyone who has seen some of the revolting threads over here should understand the purpose of this clause. If someone does not want to discuss his topic publicly, he should not post in a public forum. Some people think they can hide behind a masked username and publish the lies they want just because they think the company can not answer. Companies have the right to answer. From a business perspective, the company is required to respond, and from a consumer perspective, consumers have the right to hear both sides of the story.

Paypal alternative | Web Hosting Talk

Uh, OP said, "consumers" and "pay for" and these solutions are on the provider side, not to mention card-based and not medium-sized providers like Paypal. Have not seen many other payment options as Card, Paypal or Bitcoin.

With Paypal you can pay by bank balance or with a bank / card. Solutions like Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, etc. are middle-man solutions that store your data so that the merchant does not have it. So, do you want to pay on balance or have a middleman?