amateur – Astrophotography in the age of Starlink; can “not a single image be taken that is not stricken” by a Starlink satellite?

In the Space SE question Are Starlink satellites flaring? there’s a comment to the effect:

I’ve given up astrophotography because not a single image can be taken that is not strikken out.

My question there is specifically about the satellite flare phenomenon, but the discussion in comments is about the greater problem of starlink satellites, both in their frequent orbital boost stage when they can be pretty close and have one orientation, and when they are in their final orbital altitudes.

Satellites in LEO (low Earth orbit) are only really visible when they are sunlit, so ones like Starlink that are only a few hundred kilometers above Earth are only simultaneously illuminated by the Sun and viewable from Earth’s surface for periods after sunset and before sunrise, and more towards the west and the east, respectively.

So is it true that for amateur astrophotography, say wide field exposures, things are currently so much worse due to the Starlink satellites up there now that it’s almost hopeless to obtain a nice result without a Starlink or three in it?

Or, for the longer exposures, do people generally do image stacking (without, or with an equatorial mount) for reasons of saturation and noise as well as motion, and actually Starlinks up there now have not made things substantially worse (yet) or almost hopeless?

How do network nodes “connect” – amateur level

I have little background in computing, have been studying bitcoin for intellectual stimulation. I have learned a lot and I understand quite a bit regarding the function of nodes, the validations they perform, and their importance to bitcoin functionality – but I want to understand more about how nodes in the network “connect”. I read this question and it didn’t help.

I have no idea what a “network” really is. I googled and read about LAN/WAN. Are these the types of network we’re talking about?

For example – if I owned bitcoin before the bitcoin cash fork, it is my understanding that I could choose to send my coin as bitcoin, or send it as bitcoin cash, it just depends which network I send the transaction to (kind of, over simplyfing here). So if I send it from a bitcoin wallet it will get broadcasted to the bitcoin network and stay on the bitcoin blockchain, or if I send it from a bcash wallet it will get formatted however bcash formats tx messages and get broadcast to the bcash network. How do these “networks” work, how are they distinct? Where could I look to read more about this.

Certainly if I download bitcoin core and start running a full node it will start connecting me to other nodes in the bitcoin network. How does that process actually go down? How do distinct networks stay separate? I have read about things “dishonest nodes” can do, so without downloading something like bitcoin core (which I assume automatically implements standard protocol for node behavior) how would nodes connect to the network without running bitcoin core?

Hopefully someone can make sense of my question, I understand it may not be very clear but that is because I don’t even know enough to form a good question. I don’t have any terminology here.

Edit: maybe this will help understand. Supposed I wanted to write some code to develop my own bitcoin client. What was that code look like?

photography basics – How much is appropriate to charge if I’m an amateur?

So, I’m trying to start my own photography business but I am very much an amateur. I love taking photos of nature so that will definitely be something I’ll keep doing. I will be starting to practice portrait & possibly pet & newborn photography as well. I am in the process of getting more gear as well. I’m not planning on charging for a long time, as I am no where near good enough for that. I was just wondering though, I’m hoping to make at least roughly $1000 a month when I do start to charge. Is this okay? I have no idea how to properly price (I have been researching for days but I’m overwhelmed). I know I probably sound dumb, I’m nowhere near being an expert & I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, I just want to contribute financially for my family.
Thank you.

linear algebra – Amateur equating powers question

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How can I market myself as an amateur unity game developer?

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SQL Error [1242] [21000]: Subquery returns more than 1 row (AMATEUR)

Basically, everything works in the brackets by itself. The statement in the brackets bring back 4 different values all on different rows.

How can I get around the fact that I need to apply the sql statement outside the brackets to the 4 values returned from the statements in the brackets when subqueries can only return 1 row?

    to2.Name, to2.PhoneNum
    tbl_operatordesc to2
    to2.operatorID = (SELECT 
            tbl_operatorrouterelation to3
            to3.routeID = (SELECT 
                    tbl_route tr
                    tr.`Start` = (SELECT 
                            tbl_busstop tb
                            tb.Description = 'Durham Estate')
                        OR tr.Destination = (SELECT 
                            tbl_busstop tb
                            tb.Description = 'Durham Estate')))


wildlife – I miss my Pentax Spot-o-Matic but must choose a camera for amateur nature photography; get a new iPhone or an actual camera?

I need help deciding between a phone and an actual camera for amateur nature photography. I need something that can be ON by the time I’ve raised it and quick to focus when I’m in a hurry, and will be able to manage residual motion when I don’t have time to steady myself because the thing’s gonna fly away any second.

The main constraint is that I am relatively poor (by choice) and so this needs to be an either-or situation.

My background and context in photography come from these three cameras:

  1. Asahi/Pentax Spot-o-Matic with I think f/1.8 50 mm I didn’t care about grain, I shot kilograms of high ASA film, developed the B&W myself and dropped the ASA 400 Ektachrome off at the corner drug store. I was so happy with my photos!
  2. Sony DSC DSC-W55 (2007, 7.2 megapixels, NO Manual Mode, 3× optical zoom) ugh.
  3. iPhone 6 vanilla (i.e. no photo app, lots of fumbling with screen controls)

Case in point. I think this orange dragonfly species is either a younger version of the red or a cousin, but they are much, much more sensitive to motion and get spooked at much farther distances than the red one:

All photos from iPhone 6.

I have lots of blurry pictures of very colorful lizards running away because they’ve noticed that I’ve gotten too close, and some beautiful birds recognize my gaze and flee when they are only 100 pixels tall.

I need to decide soon if I should upgrade to an iPhone 11 or 12 with their better cameras than the 6 and actual optical zoom, or buy a used or new point-and-shoot or better actual camera.

Question: What are the key points I need to consider when choosing a point-and-shoot that I can use quickly with a fast lens (low f/no) and is also fast to focus and control, (used or new) and how can I compare that to getting an iPhone 11 or 12 with its better camera and optical zoom? Are there specific types of features that will allow people like me to shoot jumpy, skittish wildlife at a farther distance than I can do with my current phone?

gui design – How do I make the UI of this app look less “amateur” while maintaining the brand’s style?

I’m redesigning an app and I used the company’s brand/website colours and fonts. However, a user tester said my design looked “amateur.” How do I make this look more professional while keeping company colours and fonts?

Technically, I am an amateur since I’m a student, but I want to better than that. :p

amateur app design

Amateur Editing This would help me get my permission and improve my editing skills for $ 10

Amateur editing (this would help me get my permission and improve editing skills)

Hello, I just found this website on Tiktok and decided to give video editing a try.

I am an incoming 2nd year student and am looking for additional income as I have no income in this quarantine season.

I make simple videos and I hope I can make one for you.

(tagsToTranslate) edit (t) animate

Amateur – How exactly should you deal with niche photography?

Based on recent events, I thought this was an ideal time to start using my camera for basic home and garden photography.

To put it bluntly, I don't want to brand myself as a photographer, but I would like to have a small place where I can share my photographic journey over the next few weeks (Twitter or a Facebook page) and would like to brand my work as Garden Nature Photography, for example.

That seems good specific Kind of photography that I can fully focus on and hopefully an audience of people interested in the same thing.

But if everything goes well, I would like to expand beyond the garden – maybe even split things up ground level nature, and specifically birds.

In any case, my question is: Even though it is a good idea to focus on a specific topic (garden nature), is it recommended if you can (possibly) see yourself in other areas of the niche?

On the one hand, I like the idea of ​​being extremely specific, because it gives me more focus and the opportunity to explore different areas that I might not think about if I just focused on the broader "nature" niche. At the same time, I feel that I am too specific to reach a larger audience.

Still, I know that the ratings / numbers are not the crucial point.

Any ideas on how to narrow down a niche but not so specific that it can be difficult to get to other areas?