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American Managed VPS Provider for Joomla Site

I'm in the market for a US-based managed VPS vendor that specializes in its VPS infrastructure or has deep knowledge of supporting Joomla. Ideally, I search in the southeast, mid-Atlantic, or NY / NJ. Will consider others, only a preference, but not an absolute need.

Specification of the current server below.

3 wires
2 TB of incoming / outgoing traffic
3 IP addresses
Cpanel / WHM

About 40-45,000 unique (70% + returning visitors) and 110-125,000 page views per month, rising.

I would like to try keeping this for my budget at or under 70 USD / month.

I've turned to InMotion at the moment, and some others are out of my budget or would like the upfront payment to be within my budget for a year or two or I'm still working on clarifying issues.

Would like to know what other people out there could do to answer this question.


Why do American citizens hate their own president?

No, that's what we really think about Trump supporters, the rich, the poor, the vicious and the innocent who think and do not think.
When you saw a man who had owned a fraudulent university that aimed to cheat poor people, you thought, "Good."
When you saw a man who made a habit of stiffening his creditors, they said, "Okay."
When you heard him proudly boasting about his own history of sexual abuse, you said, "No problem."
When he invented stories of how Muslim Americans cheered by the thousands destroying the World Trade Center, they said, "No problem."
When you saw him boast that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you do not care, you twittered, "He sure knows me."
When you heard him illustrate his own character, telling the sweet story of the elderly guest bleeding on the floor in his country club, the story of how he turned away from him and how it was all imposed on him, Did you say, "That's cool!"
When you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you've ever seen.
When you heard him bragging that he does not read books, you said, "Well, who has time?"
When the Central Park Five were compensated as innocent men convicted of a crime they did not commit, and he angrily said they should still be in jail, they said, "That makes sense."
When you heard him ordering his supporters to beat up demonstrators and he hired lawyers, you thought, "Yes!"
When you heard him ordering a rally to confiscate a man's coat before being thrown into the freezing air, they said, "What a great guy!"
That you saw the parade of neo-Nazis and the white Supremacists with whom he was content while refusing to condemn the direct Nazis, and they said, "Thumbs up!"
That you hear him unable to speak with foreign dignitaries without insulting their countries and demanding that they praise his election victory, they said, "So I want my president to be."
That you have seen him remove expertise from all levels of government in favor of people earning money to remove protective measures in the industries they are supposed to regulate, and you said, "What a genius!"
You've heard that he continues to benefit from his business, partly by taking advantage of his position as president until he overtaxes the Secret Service for the space he owns, and you said, "That's smart "
That you heard him say that it was difficult to help Puerto Rico because it was in the middle of the water and you said, "That makes sense."
You have seen him start fighting with every country from Canada to New Zealand, while praising and quoting Russia, "fell in love with the dictator of North Korea," and you said, "This is statecraft!"
That you've seen all those thousand other manifestations of corruption and low moral character and downright animal rudeness and contempt for you, the working American voters, and still grinning, wearing your MAGA hats and threatening to beat up anyone who says so Otherwise.
What you, Trump supporters, will not get in 2018 is that it can be wrong and unhelpful to indulge in your frustration and think you stupid, but it's also … listen to me … charity.
Because if you are NOT stupid, we need to turn to other explanations, and most of them are * less * flattering.

Would it be fair to say that the radical Commie Democrats are holding an illegitimate Kangaroo court against the American taxpayer?

That's the most accurate statement I've ever seen at YA.

In fact, the leftists here like -j. I have admitted that it is a kangaroo court and that this is NOT an impeachment trial. You have admitted that nothing that is done here can in any way determine whether Trump is guilty of anything because they admit that they did not initiate a due process in this "impeachment investigation".

Their absurd view is that they do not have to follow the same process that was followed at every other impeachment.

After -y. he said …. and I quote

"We are Democrats, the rules do not apply to us."

Air travel – Why can not I book this multi-city fare on American Airlines?

You will be met by one of the great pleasures of the aviation industry, known as the "married segment".

Most airlines charge for flights based on the place of departure and the destination of the trip, not based on the individual flights. In that case, you will be charged as if you were flying from YVR to SAN, regardless of whether you actually fly over DFW.

The "base price" (before taxes / etc.) that you receive for this flight is called "through-flight" and covers both flight segments – YVR to DFW and DFW to SAN:

(Output from

Fare 1: Carrier AA VVACZSN1 YVR to SAN (rules)      $154.92
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code V
Covers YVR-DFW (Economy), DFW-SAN (Economy)    

Note the & # 39; booking code V & # 39; in the above text – this is the so-called & # 39; tariff basket & # 39 ;. In this way, airlines limit the number of "cheap" seats available for each flight. There are a number of seats available for sale in each fare area, and as these are sold out, prices rise as you move to the next fare area. In the past, tariff cups were created on a single flight basis so YVR-DFW would have available seats and DFW-SAN would have available seats. In order to get a favorable tariff, availability would have to be available on both flights.

Mixing the above two concepts (fares from the point of departure to the destination and tariff cups) can cause problems for the airline. You may want to sell cheap flights from YVR-SAN (perhaps because a competitor has a sale on this route), but you do not want to offer cheap YVR-DFW or DFW-SAN seats because there is no competition on these routes that they can charge a much higher price.

The result was the concept of "married segments", where cups can be made available on two flights. Therefore, the airline could zero the number of cheap seats available on YVR-DFW and / or DFW-SAN, but at the same time have a non-zero number of cheap seats on the combined YVR-DFW-SAN flight combination.

Against this background you will find exactly the opposite of what I have described above! Individually, both VVR DFW and DFW SAN in fare class "V" are available for these flights. The flight booking engine sees this and gives you a price based on this availability.

However, the "married segment" of YVR-DFW-SAN does NOT have availability in class V – the lowest class in which it is available is the higher class "K". When the system reaches the point where the fare is valid, it determines that there is not enough availability on this married route and increases your ticket to a higher fare K with a much more expensive base rate:

Fare 1: Carrier AA K0ACZNN1 YVR to SAN (rules)      $312.89
Passenger type ADT, one-way fare, booking code K
Covers YVR-DFW (Economy), DFW-SAN (Economy)

Technically, this is "work as expected", with the possible exception that Google Flights and the AA website could not even offer you the cheaper price for this combination of flights. You could try to call the airline and ask them to give you the cheaper price, but I would not be surprised if they refuse if this fare is not available for this combination of flights.

Lara Trump defends Trump against Syria, claiming that the average American does not even know who the Kurds are. Is that a good strategy?

For sure. I noticed the same thing. For one thing, Democrats are usually told by their media sources what to think. I doubt they were told who the Kurds are and what they believe in. Typical Democrats do not shit on such things.

I think most conservatives have a better idea, but the Kurds are far away and have almost nothing to do with life in America, so it's understandable. I try to answer as much as possible, although I'm not an expert.

Some scholars do not believe that there is evidence that the Kurds are descendants of the Medes. But I disagree. The Kurds claim the same territory as their ancestral homeland. So that's a proof.

edit: If Erdogan is not careful, he could only land in that Lidian area, and he'll have to call that Turkey. lol (Do you understand? Because he behaved like an idiot … so call him a turkey … it should be funny in America … for some people).

See "Media"

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Booking tickets at American Airlines has become a cup of tea as passengers can easily access details about their itinerary through the web portal. Tickets online and so on. If you have already registered with Official website of American Airlines Then just use your username and ID to book tickets.

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Brazil – Is there a limit to the multiple entry into the South American countries within a year?

As an EU citizen I can travel without a visa with my passport to Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

I am currently in Brazil and would like to go to Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and back to Brazil.

I can stay in Brazil for 90 days / year, but I wonder if I can enter the country more than once.

Is that possible?

Why are white American cities all cultivated?

Allow me, as a Mexican, to be the first to tell you that you're full of shit – and for some reason you're talking about your Azz.


EDIT: @ the idiot stupid f * cking sack sh * t eggy – yeah, stupid * t – i AM mexicans.

And just because you do not like that does not mean that your racism will win. It just means you're an idiot who thinks only whites use yahoo answers.

"Taliban kill at least 48 on a bloody day before Afghan elections" These were the radical Islamic terrorists Trump invited to American soil?

The only lasting achievement of the Carter Administration was to get Sadat and start Camp David and negotiate a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that continues to this day. Was that wrong

Negotiating with our enemies as an alternative to the mass murder and / or permanent occupation of Afghanistan (ask the Russians and the British how it worked for them) is a reasonable alternative. To be honest, I was surprised that Donald Trump thought it was a good idea. Prove positive that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

We also know that the leadership of the Taliban can not control its own extremists, just as Republicans and Democrats can not control it. Should other nations refuse to meet us because we have idiots who shoot synagogues and schools?

It is time for us to bring these troops home and spend the trillions of tax dollars on their reintegration into our own society and let the Afghans determine their own destiny. However, we should offer the Afghans who worked for us an opportunity to come with us as their loyalty will lead to their probable murder.

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