Air Travel – I've been told that Americans can reset their 90-day Schengen border in Poland by e.g. Ukraine for at least 24 hours. Is that true?

I heard this from two different people in two different situations during my stay here in Poland. I actually didn't ask any of them about it. They told me alone on several occasions. These people don't know each other either and both said they know Americans who do this all the time. I have no reason to believe that they would mislead me, but I am curious where exactly I can find more information.

Does anyone know exactly what he is referring to?

And what could be the consequence if you then travel to other Schengen countries?

Fellow Americans: Who would you rather help: the liberal homeless veteran OR the four-member legal immigrant family?

Let's say you have the resources to help one of these two people find a job, a home, and even psychiatric help if they accept it.

Here are the two people you can help:

ON). The liberal veteran.

James has a wife and two children, but she kicked him out of the house after he refused to give up his drug habit.

He used to work in technology and was an intelligent man overall, but PTSD caused him to fall in love with drugs.

B) The family of four immigrants.

The father (Miguel), mother and their four children came here legally.

They have three daughters, a 15 year old, an 8 year old and a 4 year old.

The mother cannot work because she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Miguel finds it difficult to find work, even though he has a high degree of architecture.

Who are you helping?

Updated 54 minutes ago:

I called "liberal veterans" because I know that Trump supporters will never help a liberal, no matter what. Waiting for their answers lol.

Are the Americans ready for this from their president?

Nice Photoshop .——–

but no, I agree with you …….. Central America and the Bible belt will not be enough.

The evangelicals, ……. the same evangelicals who are now supporting p * ssy grabbing, pornstar F * Cking, liars and cheaters ……. will make the vapors vote for a gay guy. ..and pretend they're all outraged and cry over their Bibles.

But Trump's pagan behavior, they can't get enough of ……… go figure.

Americans – what would be worse to get AIDS from a crack whore or Trump for four years?!?

Hmmm. Under Trump, my investment portfolio has increased more than 45%, my taxes have dropped, far fewer illegal immigrants are entering the country, the military is stronger, and hundreds of government regulations that have violated my freedom have been lifted. Compare that to a potential disease. You must either be terrifyingly ignorant or completely confused, and in either case you should be in limited care.

Why do millions of Americans hate Donald Trump?

The other half of the equation is: "Millions love him."


Far from love or hate.

I think his lack of political experience, coupled with an aggressive personality and inability to keep his mouth shut (and thumbs up) makes him a certain obligation to the Republicans.

Sometimes, however, he manages to make a good call.

I think we're in much better shape at this point than a Clinton presidency would have expected. And we already know from experience that if a Clinton takes over the presidency, they won't be ousted.

In other words, the liberals and the press would make sure that they stayed seated no matter what. Most likely re-elected.

What was Barack Obama doing besides Obamacare during his presidency, what was so wrong and angered so many Americans?

Ayanna Pressley … when she defeated a longtime DNC soldier on the way to Congress … said: "This party called certain people & # 39; the backbone of the party & # 39; to get their votes, but nothing done for her after she was elected too long … "

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned against a long-serving DNC soldier in the primaries, said: "Too many politicians represent first, the DC party elites second and the dead last …"

… considering that these statements were made against democratic opponents in the primaries … and considering that both women reached the age of majority in the "Yes, we can" days, but then, only a few years later to express such disappointment … right? Do you think they refer to someone?

Do the conservatives understand that most Americans don't care whether the next president is black, white, brown, or purple?

We know that and we don't care about the President's race either.

What we're actually looking for is someone we can agree to on politics.

You will notice that I said unqualified because there are only two criteria in the constitution that qualify a person to run and serve as president.

You are, of course, born in the United States.

And they have to be at least 35 years old.

[ Politics ] Open question: The number of Shiite Americans killed is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of Americans killed by our Saudi Sunni oil friend?

… mates. Isn't Iran's main sin Israel's biggest regional enemy, but far worse if you don't play with Exxon / Mobile and compete for US oil companies (and Russians)? Anyone who disagreed with your stupid Iraq war was also a "terrorist lover" that I still remember. It's been great for 20 years, and there is no end in sight, as we said much worse.