Do Americans scorn electric cars? Why?

The most popular electric car in the world is the Tesla, which is made by Americans in America. I hope that clarifies your confusion.

And even if at some point another manufacturer outperforms Tesla, no one can change the historical record that an American company employing American workers has proven to the world that electric cars are the future of passenger transportation.

GERMANS WHO LIVE TODAY are not responsible for the world wars. But the Americans are for slavery and what happened to the natives. Why this?

Both nations and their industries continue to benefit from the damage and slavery they have done to this day.
Germany was left off the hook, not to let them radicalize again.

I would have divided it into several nations, if possible, because they are shitty. Just like in the US, both nations are constantly creating hostile situations and trying to take control of nations, which implies their superiority.
The only way out is to divide them into smaller, preferably hostile nations. that should keep her picky and out of the hair of the civilized nation

Is it really a surprise to Americans that Donald Trump is anti-Semitic?

I do not think the Americans are surprised. The problem is that it does not interest them enough that they are anti-Semitic, hateful, racist, homophobic, intolerant, narcissistic and dishonest.

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Why do conservatives reject higher taxes for Americans?

It's called supply side economics. It is said that lower taxes actually lead to more revenue. This is because allowing more money in the economy boosts investment and job growth.

Most people connect the supply side with the 80s. They believe Reagan's tax cuts have led to deficits. The truth is that revenue doubled. Why did we have shortcomings then? While revenues doubled, spending tripled.

Revenue also rose as JFK, who was not a true liberal, cut taxes on the rich from 90% to 70%. When Herbert Hoover, who was not a true conservative, raised taxes on the rich from 25% to 63%, a recession became a major depression. The same is true now. Revenue from Trump's tax plan has increased, but spending has increased more.

Why do so many Americans on both sides say how much they miss President Barack Obama?

Note that even those who fell in love are at best lukewarm to support "the big changer" …

Not really surprising. I remember that worship by 2012 had become pretty much "not as bad as Bush". The fact that you do not see much more than "better than Trump" today could make a difference to why the Democrats are in such bad shape …

Too bad that in the last 10-12 years it has been so hard for them to look in the mirror.

Are white Americans ever asked to return to their land?

very rarely, if at all,

the only exception to the rule might be European foreigners, who make it clear that they are foreign, such as accent, sense of clothing, etc.

Many Eastern Europeans, such as Russians, sometimes have a bad reputation, as many of them are new immigrants and show a behavior that is very foreign to an average American