Am I one of the few white Americans who are not afraid of the tanning of white America?

**** to you of you. I will not touch your freak spawn.

But I will make every white woman annoy you if you do nothing.

You and your "tan" is just your brain for drugs and alcohol that "boil away" just under the sun.

Put your aluminum foil hat back on, it will help.


How do you get Americans to pay massive TAX on goods from China and Mexico, which makes America great again?

HOW TO … DO NOT GO TO BUY THINGS YOU NEVER REALLY NEED. THAT would throw a big part of the money off the market and show the involved countries that WE DO NOT HAVE TO spend ALL THE MONEY TO MAKE THEM STRONGER …

Whatever happened, THE PROUD HUMAN USES TO HAVE A WAR IN THE UNITED STATES AND THE PRODUCTS OF THE UNITED STATES, before the invaders invade our country and destroy it from within.

NOW let the same COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS, INVADERS attack from within, where most people nowadays only think of themselves and do not care about anyone or anything else. THE COMMUNISTS said many years ago … the easiest way to do it Defeat your enemy by doing it from within. THAT is what they are working on.


I do not really buy this idea that China wants a massive spy campaign for average Americans over Hauwei phones. Is not that a reality?

it's 6 out of a half-dozen of the other, there's no reason to want an opposing government to build the machines that control your communications network. Our objection, however, has led other countries to drop Hauwei as well, and this gives America a chance to catch up with China and win the 5G war, yes, it's an economic dominance, but that does not mean the concern is unfounded


[ Politics ] Open Question: What do most Americans and Australians think about the Brexit party led by Nigel Farage and their great success in the EU elections?

Would the US ever leave NAFTA, the Organization of American States and Australia to leave the Trans-Tasman Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other regional Southeast Asian trading blocs? ,

How is Medicare For All going to change anything for the majority of Americans who are now insured by work?

Obama wanted to make a 'public option' part of Obamacare. Under this option, we would find the average cost per patient of Medicare and allow someone to voluntarily 'buy in'.

For me that was the best idea. If Medicare could do a better job, people would go there and private insurance would lose them. If Medicare sucked, people would voluntarily leave and return to private, commercial, for-profit insurance. No public expenses. Freedom of choice. Free market competition! Exactly what the Republicans said they wanted! Why did you kill it then? (As Medicare did not provide massive political sponsorship, the public option was cheaper!)

I am not sure that the proposal "Medicare for All" is really just a reinstatement of the option "Pubic" or a mandatory transfer of all to Medicare. It could be either one.

Do you know Medicare has a much higher customer satisfaction rating than commercial insurance?


Americans: How many of you are mentally hardcore like me?


Do Americans recognize that not everyone using Yahoo answers lives in the United States?

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