Mixed vector product among three vectors

The main topic is the modification of variables in triple integrals

$$ int int int_D f (x, y, z) ; dx ; dy ; dz = int int int_ {D & # 39;} f[x(u,v),y(u,v),z(u,v)] cdot || J || cdot ; you ; dv ; dw $$

If $ D & # 39; $ is a normal domain like

$$ a leq u leq b quad, quad alpha (u) leq v leq beta (u) quad, quad c leq w leq d $$

with change of variables

$$ u = U quad, quad v = alpha (U) + V[beta(U) – alpha(U)] quad, quad v = omega $$

we have

$$ int int int_D f (x, y, z) ; dx ; dy ; dz = int_a ^ b dU int_c ^ dd omega int_0 ^ 1 f (U, V, omega) cdot || J || cdot dV $$

Now my teacher slide says:

Enter the image description here

I can not understand this step. Ok, is a mixed vector product of three vectors: but how is it done?

thank you in advance

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Choice among 2 reseller hosting companies

Hello everyone,

There are two reseller hosting providers: –

1 retailer panel
2- Namecheap

What I get with ResellersPanel: –
Unlimited space / bandwidth
110 cPanel account limit
100% of the 2 GHz CPU core per cPanel account
1 GB RAM per cPanel account.
No global CPU / Ram limit.
Entry process limit per cPanel is 25. No global entry process limit.
No inodes border.

What can I get with NameCheap?
150 GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth
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Global storage limit of 12 GB. No per account storage limit
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It looks like the reseller panel is more in CPU / memory limits on a per-account basis, whereas namepeap sets those limits globally.

So keep track of these features according to the package of my choice with these providers. Which company would be beneficial for my company and my clients' websites?

Both companies are serious and provide excellent customer service as I have used them in the past.

The reason I ask this question is that there are many successful owners of web hosting companies here, so you are able to give an experience based idea.

By the way: I did not mention the price, because the price is ok for both companies. I only want maximum benefit.