Did you know before Trump how many racist, ignorant lowlifes live among us?

When Obama was elected, this place broke out with the worst racism imaginable. Users like the Black Bolshevik and the President Lawn Jockey were constant in their vile racism, and they are still under different names here.

Trump is just the symptom of a disease that has always existed, a pre-existing condition, so to speak. Cursed racists like Dmitri and Homophobe like Librusher made this place a sewer long before Trump entered his first pre-school. He only encourages them to believe that they are normal.


China Hydraulic jack for coal mining among the ground suppliers

Hydraulic lifting device for mining
(hydraulic lifting rod for mining 2)
It is a novel equipment for the collapse and assembly of fully mechanized equipment under the mine.
It can disassemble and assemble the fully mechanized equipment under the mine quickly and safely with the hydraulic control rather than with the manual control of the electric hoist. This mechanises and semi-mechanises the work process, reducing labor intensity, increasing safety, and providing safety. The mines work quickly and have a highly efficient half-brake.
This device is for
Breakdown and installation of hydraulic assistance under me
Failure and installation of other fully mechanized devices, such. As coal cutter, conveyor, reverse loader.
As a loader for other equipment and spare parts.
basic parameters
Items Size
ZYQ-12 × 4/3 additional weightZYQ-12 × 4 / 3ZYQ-8 × 4 / 3ZYQ-8 × 4/3
Max. Lifting height (mm) 36003600 (3000) 30003000
Max. Lifting weight (t) 12t × 412t × 48t × 48t × 4
Working size (mm)
(Length x width x height) 5150 × 4300 × 43504000 × 4100 × 40004000 × 4100 × 34004500 × 3100 × 3600
Mounting clamp typeWeight less than 68t, min height less than 3 m 1. width 1.75 m, stull must be turned and rotatedWeight less than 38 t, min height less than 2.6 m, width 1.75 m, stull must be turned and spinningWeight less than 26 t, min height less than 2 m width 1.5 m Stull needs to rotate and rotateWeight less than 26 t min height less than 2 m width 1.5 m Stull does not need to be rotated and rotated
Part size (mm)
(Length x width x height) 4300 × 1500 × 2350
(Three parts) 4100 × 1400 × 2150
(Three parts) 4000 × 1400 × 2050
(Three parts) 4000 × 1400 × 2050
(three parts)
Total weight kg29000185001650010000China Hydraulic hoist for coal mining under the ground
website: http: //www.liaoningminingmachinery.com/install-and-draw-all-general- equipment-for-carbon/hydraulic-histor-link-for-carbon-mining-under-/

dnd 5e – Are there any red wizards among the mercenaries at the Well of Dragons?

In the adventure module Rise of Tiamatone of the conflicts includes:

The red wizards of Thay

These characters are synonymous with one of the evil plans, so I try to explain them all because my players might choose to murder them. In a section is described in detail:

"All red wizards are currently in the temple of Tiamat." (20,21 on page 83). This seems to refer to the 9 generic Red Wizards and Rath Modal.

… but then in another section (apparently contradicting the predecessor):

Red wizards who do not perform the ritual are embedded with mercenaries and troops of armed cultists to provide extra firepower. (Red wizards on page 86)

How many of these signs fulfill the latter case, if any? Is there any other meaning behind these two passages that I miss?

How do we rate our website and how long does it take to be among the top four in SERP?


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postgresql – Logical replication among other schema names

We have a PostgreSQL 11 database with a database structure (Scheme 1) (public).

dbname: production_one
Scheme: public

dbname: production_two
Scheme: public

I want to set up logical replication so that it has the structure of a database with multiple schemas like this:

Database name: Prod_Slave
Scheme: prod_one, prod_two

Is it possible to do the logical replication as above?

I have a successful replication with streaming replication, but the situation requires the use of logical replication as above.

Infringement – Check if my passwords are among the stolen ones

This question has been explained by Troy Hunt several times in his blog, on Twitter and in the FAQ by haveibeenpwned.com

Look here:

If you are looking for an e-mail address

When searching for an e-mail address, only the address is retrieved from memory and returned in the response. The requested address is not stored explicitly at any point. See the section "Logging" below for situations in which it can be stored implicitly.

Sensitive data breaches are not returned for public searches. They can only be viewed by using the notification service and checking ownership of the e-mail address first. Confidential violations can also be found by domain owners who can prove that they are controlling the domain using the domain lookup feature. Read why non-sensitive violations are publicly searchable.

See also the section "Logging"

And from the FAQ:

How do I know that the website is not just getting the email addresses you're looking for?

They do not do it, but it's not like that. The Site is intended solely as a free service for individuals to assess the risk associated with the account management of their account. As with any website, you should not use it if you have concerns about intent or security.

Of course, we have to trust Troy Hunt for his allegations because we can not prove that he is doing nothing else in the dealings Your Specific request.
But I think it's more than fair to say that Havepensing is a valuable service and Troy Hunt is a respected member of the Infosec community.

But suppose we do not trust Troy. What are you up to? You can tell him your e-mail address. What is the risk for you if you can simply enter any email address?

Whom will you support most among the future presidential candidates I have listed, and which ones would you approve of?

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