Responding to an incident – Under what circumstances can dllhost.exe create a child process? | MITER ATT & CK T1191

I have searched for conditions / circumstances under which Dllhost.exe can generate a child process. I looked at a large number of event logs from different Windows systems and did not encounter an event where Dllhost.exe spawned a child process.

The only noticeable event (eventid: 4688) was dllhost.exe -> cmd.exe, which was the result of a simulated "cmstp UAC Bypass" attack.


  • Threat search for MITER ATT & CK T1191.
  • Initial IOC is dllhost.exe, which generates the child process (attacker)
    Payload / raised shell).

I do not plan to look for specific dllhost.exe -> cmd.exe events because they are limiting the rule scope.

The insight I'm looking for is that if we create a detection rule for T1191 that triggers when dllhost.exe generates a child process, the success rate is determined and how many false positives can result from that particular rule.

PS: If you're looking for events where cmstp.exe is generated and looking at certain execution flags on the command line, it may seem like a better approach, but it does not say anything about the final extended program that was started.

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Online casinos … real or wrong? | Black Hat SEO & Affiliate Marketing Forum

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solaris – mysql ERROR 1045 (28000): access for user & # 39; root & # 39; @ & # 39; localhost & # 39; denied (with password: YES)

I have mysql-5.7 installed on Solaris 11 The installation was successful, but I can not find the file with the temporary password.

I get this error message when I try to log in as mysql -u root -p.

Workarounds and troubleshooting tips are helpful