301 Forwarding – Going to Google Analytics referrers is lost when i 301 switches from HTTP to HTTPS?

If we have a bunch of backlinks from HTTPS sites, we refer to the http: //example.com version of our website or example.com.

Even if our website is HTTPS and once the traffic to the URLs is routed to it, the HTTPS version of the website will be used. Will the news information still be displayed in Google Analytics?

google – How do I associate AdWords conversion tracking and analytics goals?

Differences between ads and analytics

Google Analytics and Google Ads are two different tools and the registered data may differ. The main difference is that ads track users with clicks and analytics with sessions. Please review this post to clarify the concept.

Because of this, you can not do the same conversions on both platforms:

In Analytics, the conversion rate is the percentage of users who convert
at least one of the goals you have defined for this view. This is
Deviating from the AdWords conversion rate you see on your Google ads
Account. In Google Ads, the conversion rate is based on the percentage of
Clicks that end in an AdWords defined Google Ads conversion
Conversion tracking code.

You can import ad conversions into Analytics reports (what you did) or import Analytics goals and transactions into ads.

Conversion code for ads

It depends on which version of Analytics you are using. In the case of gtag.js (connecting Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Marketing Platform) all you have to do is use the same code in all the URLs of your website.


and just run the conversion snippet on the Thank You page:

To send Google Ads a conversion. Analytics goals must be defined through the admin dashboard.

The export analytics data from Twitter provide an empty CSV

I'm trying to export my Twitter data to show my engagement rate at certain times of the day.

This will be exported as CSV. I opened this file with Google Sheets and only column headings without data were shown. At first, I thought that was a problem with Google Sheets until I opened the CSV with Notepad and found that there were no other data except the column headings.

Screenshot of CSV from the editor

I've tried different date ranges, updated the page, and logged out and logged in again.

Many Thanks.

Will Google Analytics sessions be interrupted if the UserID and ClientID are tracked in subdomains where this data may not be sent?

I have a domain name with three subdomains.
One in which one user is authenticated and two in which this is not the case.

I plan to implement Google Analytics UserID tracking instead of standard ClientID tracking to improve cross-device tracking.

One thing I did not understand while reading the Google Analytics documentation is that when switching between subdomains, sessions are interrupted if all three use the same Google Analytics account and the same property, but the UserID is shared by one and the others Not.

URL – Google Analytics displays the previous page path as the current page

My data shows that for one of my pages Previous Page Path and Page are the same. After Googling, I see that this may be due to page updates or uploads.

I've tried this by uploading / updating about 20 times on the page. My pageviews for this page / previous page path were only increased by 1 in custom reporting, not the 20 I would have expected.

Any ideas why?