Advanced SharePoint Analytics

The team I am working with would like advanced site usage analytics for our website. They want to know the role level and area where users are coming from who are clicking on their pages and on their documents. Are there any apps we can install which can provide this information onto our sites? Thanks!

Google Analytics: how do I get detailed click-through numbers by advert by advertiser

(This query is already posted on stackoverflow because I was unclear whether I needed to add more variables to the GTM Data Layer or whether it was just an Analytics data analysis issue. I don’t make a habit of duplicate posting!)

I need to provide detailed reports on the click-throughs on some website pages that have lots of adverts.
To facilitate subsequent analysis, each advert link has two classes: one unique to the advert and one unique to the advertiser.
GTM has a GA4 Configuration tag with a ‘Click – Just Links’ trigger, and with All Link Clicks set (using several triggers, selecting Some Link Clicks and then filtering on Click URL would be more efficient, but advertisers come and go regularly and I wanted to avoid having to update GTM with new triggers all the time).

The clicks come through to Analytics and are visible in EVENTS => Events => click (Existing events tab) => Classes, and in Analysis Hub under User Activity => Events table => select click
I have a Custom dimension for ‘classes’ and a custom metric for the clicks.

No problems so far.

But what please is the now best way forward to produce a simple report for each advertiser with (e.g.):

Advert name (i.e. its <a> class)
    clicks by week 

No graphs, no demographics, gender, country, phase of moon, ,… just click-throughs by advert!

Google Analytics – Share Assets via link not working for more than 1 person

I have created some custom reports in Google analytics and want to share these ASSESTS to other people having access to the GA account via “Share template link”.

However the 1st time I generated the link using the 1st option “Share template link”, 1st person was able to open it, when the second person clicked on the link it is in loading page only, they are not able to import the configurations of the shared asset.

I am doing something wrong while sharing assets ?
My understanding was that any person who has access to the account can link on the shared assest link and it will be configured. Google also says so.
Thanks in advance

Share Assests - Set Up

I will do website data analysis in google analytics for $60

I will do website data analysis in google analytics

About This Gig

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Give me the access to your Google Analytics and get full analysis of all the data you collect there.

It can be a landing page, online shop, blog or any other type of websites.

  1. effectiveness of each traffic channel,
  2. seasonality of your traffic and business,
  3. content effectiveness.
  1. socio-demographic profile of your audience,
  2. geo and devices your visitors use,
  3. content consumption,
  4. users’ path.
  • To-do list for the optimization
  1. Traffic analysis,
  2. visitors’ profile,
  3. users’ path,
  4. effectiveness,
  5. the list of ideas to increase your conversions.

If you have advertising in Google and/or Facebook I can calculate ROI and estimate the effectiveness of your investments.

Please make sure you totally understand what you will get and I don’t have any questions to you before the order.

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I will set up your google analytics and personalized objectives for $30

I will set up your google analytics and personalized objectives

About This Gig

Think of information as the 21st century’s oil. If you are not tracking your data, you are making uninformed decisions. Google Analytics allows you to track many vital metrics and enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality. This Gig is everything you need to set up your website or app with Google analytics.

Correct implementation of Google Analytics done by an expert is vital. If the data is not reliable, it is useless. I am a Performance Marketing Analyst with extensive experience with Google Analytics. I know exactly what to do to set your website up for success.

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  • I will create an Analytics account.
  • I will install the code on your website.
  • I will set up personalized goals (Google Analytics Universal), filters, and views that are adapted to your business needs
  • I will make sure it is working correctly by doing tests on different devices and browsers.

I will only take 48 hours to complete the service, and you will be ready to make data-driven decisions!

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phpAnalytics – Web Analytics Platform

phpAnalytics is a privacy focused, web analytics software solution. It provides detailed web traffic reports, such as Realtime, Overview, Acquisitions, Behavior, Geographic, Technology, Events, and more.

User Demo (The demo user has access to the Admin Panel)
Stats Demo (Example of a stats page…

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usability – What is the best data analytics product that you have ever used?

What is the product or tool that analysed or summarised your data in a way that provided you with a memorable user experience (eg very useful, pleasant, easy to use)? Why was that?

I am interested in products that analysed your data for you, such as Google Analytics for data of your website, Apple Health for data about your sleep, Apple Screen Time for data about your device usage, etc. I am not interested in products or tools that allowed you to analyse your data, like MS Excel.

web – Is there an analytics service out there that can provide analytics and stats for different users in an app?

I currently have a web app that allows users to create their own website through the platform, like shopify/wordpress/squarespace/wix. I also want to provide an analytics dashboard for these users to keep track of events and page views.

Are there any APIs for this? I took a look at various analytics services (google analytics, mixpanel, Adobe Analytics) but they all seem to be targeted at individual websites.

Or is the best way to keep create a custom solution storing page views and events in our own databases?

Any solution or ideas would be appreciated, thanks! 🙂