html – Best element for easy anchoring to avoid possible SEO penalties because the content and purpose of the element is missing

First, an introduction, why the element is necessary

I have to balance a fixed top navigation bar in my anchors. For example, if I let my users navigate to a section like #Remarks To display comments below a news article, the first 60 pixels of it are covered by the fixed header of the page.

In the search for compensation I have found recommendations to use a special element for this purpose, for example a and then style it with CSS to compensate for the top offset in this way:

on[name] {
Upholstery pad: 60px;
Top edge: -60px;

This works fine, it moves the item up, but the content down, leaving the browser anchored 60px As soon as the content starts, there is only enough room for navigation. This solves the technical problem.


My concern here is, search engines will penalize the site's ranking for being empty Elements that lead nowhere? semantic is a link, but it does not link anywhere and would probably cause as many problems as the Infame ,

I would solve the problem completely by including one rel = "noindex" to or even rel = "noindex, nofollow"?

Alternatively, I should use instead of another element for anchoring? By specification extravagant and divs should not really have one Surname Attribute. Add one I would Use attribute on it instead of Surname would work around this problem, but again semantically extravagant and divs There should not be any content.

What is the best setup from the SEO point of view?