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Andre Chaperon – Lean Business for Creators


ATTENTION: This "beta version" of LBC is perfect for early adopters. People who are happy to buy unfinished products because they want to be FIRST (get an early competitive advantage). People who are ready to make a leap of confidence and buy early.

I define an early adopter as someone who meets these criteria:

You have a problem or need
They understand that they have a problem
They are actively looking for a solution and have a schedule to find it.
The problem is so painful that they cobbled together (or tried) a workaround
They have or can quickly earn dollars to buy the product to solve their problem.
Simply put, early adopters are the ones who need this product the most.

The product
The format of LBC (Volume 1) mainly consists of long text. If you don't like reading, please don't log in. Don't buy. This is not a video course.

In most of the cases I've experienced, I don't think video respects your time and attention. Most people will need an hour to describe something that could have been said in 10 minutes or less.

Video has a place in learning – like showing how to do something that is hard to explain in writing – that I welcome and support.

But video is also not a good reference. Most marketers create videos because it's easier for them. Not because it is a better learning medium for your students.

I have a "voice" for text, not video.

The well-written word is different. It is beautiful and concise. There is little waste. Either a word is needed to convey the thought, idea or insight, or it is not used.

This course is 93% written. Long form.

The course content is * not * dripped out.

You have access to everything. It is at your own pace. That means you can break through it at a pace that fits your schedule. However, the goal is not speed.

I am often asked, "How long does it take for ARM or SOI to complete?"

That is the wrong question. It is not important to get the gold star for completion. We are not back to school.

What matters is twofold (and this can be very different between students):

Understanding (internalization of ideas until they are clear to you),
and execution (get the job done).
This is not a race.

It's about getting the job done and then getting a result. It is about serving first and then making money.

Really a marketing course
At the meta level, you will learn how to become a better marketer. You will learn a (strategic) skill that is transferable to the marketing that you are already doing and the marketing that you will be doing in the coming years.

In LBC, you * don't * learn how to launch a product. It is a tool, a tactic.

Rather: You will learn how to create sensitive lead marketing that connects emotionally with the people you want to serve.

You will learn how to move people from prospect to customer because you have shown that you understand their problem and find a solution that is important to them and that they want.

If you do this well, "selling" becomes superfluous. It's nice to create an asset that behaves like this.


[GET] Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketing Professionals | Proxies-free

(GET) Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

Storyfluence Workshop: The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

The three of us were on our second bottle of red, so the conversation became more open and fluid.

We shared things that would normally have been hidden behind the curtain in a black box under normal circumstances.

Amazing steak, washed down with expensive wine, has an almost magical ability to strengthen the relationship and create a deeper connection.

The conversation had shifted to storytelling.

I mentioned that the better I got in it, the more money I made. Not just by e-mail, but wherever people read what I wrote.

He said, "Do you know what I'm doing? Â "

I waited while Daegan nibbled a large piece of Wagyu cow. â € œI pay a Hollywood story consultant to coach me.â €

Chew even more. Another sip of Bordeaux.

"Only one of the tales he helped craft me allowed me to spend over $ 315,000 in just one evening. He has changed how I think and how I communicate

You will learn how to tell your marketing story in the EXCELLENT way that causes the most EMOTION.

This is not just for "e-mail writing" (though it certainly can be applied to it) …

… but for every story you want to tell in your marketing funnel.

No matter if it is:

original story,
the story of another (one of my favorites),
presale story,
E-mail introductory story (another favorite),
Case study and instruction story,
… or even a story in a sales message:
Sales letter,
or stage presentation.


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[Download] Ultimate Reddit Marketing for Business – Andre Hospidales

[Download] Ultimate Reddit Marketing for Business – Andre Hospidales
What will I learn?
How to customize Reddit and get the most out of the platform.
All you need is a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection. Experience with social media marketing is not required.


Reddit is the world's largest online community. It's a unique mix of a huge social network, an online forum, a search engine, and a content curation engine. Reddit is also the most underrated social platform in terms of leads and sales for businesses of all sizes.

In May 2018, Reddit overtook Facebook as the third most popular website in America and the 7th most popular website in the world with 330 million active users. It is the 4th most popular website in the UK, Canada and Australia. The average user spends 15 minutes with Reddit and far higher ratings than Facebook and Twitter.

What is unique about Reddit is that regardless of the industry you are in, there is a highly targeted community for this industry on Reddit. This makes Reddit the largest, most influential and dedicated community in the world and the most important and powerful source of targeted leads for businesses of all types and sizes, especially in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

This powerful and in-depth course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to building a strong brand and generating highly qualified leads from Reddit and transforming those leads into loyal, returning customers. Learn how to reach millions of targeted users in niche communities, strategically market your business to Reddit, and create powerful advertising campaigns. This course saves you time and avoids costly mistakes.

Learn how to create a solid and results-oriented Reddit marketing strategy that can potentially transform your business in ways that no other social network can offer. You will also learn how to successfully promote Reddit and avoid mistakes that many advertisers make.
Who is the target audience?

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