Study – UK Animal 4 Student Visa – Need a guide

My daughter recently received an unconditional 3-year undergraduate degree from a UK university. We are all US citizens living in California. Her start date is October 7th. I have some questions about the visa process and clarity about the length of time between steps in the process:

  1. The website states that we have to apply no more than 3 months before the start of the course. We are planning a 4-week family trip from July 25th to another country for which we need to bring your passport. That means we have to apply after July 7 to get her student visa passport by July 25. Due to this time constraint, I am considering using the San Francisco Premium Application Center for processing. If I buy the Bronze package, is it enough to get the Tier 4 visa?
  2. What is the difference in the processing times between the Bronze, Silver package and the regular self-managed process? Can I speed up the visa process without using any of the premium packages?
  3. The requirement to apply "3 months before the course starts" applies from the time you submit the online application OR from the time you make an actual appointment in the SF Premium Center. That is, can I do the online papers in advance so I can get the appointment as soon as possible on the 7th of July?
  4. How many days do you usually have to wait to get the appointment at either the regular support center or the Premium Support Center?
  5. Is there a way to apply for a visa without having to present the original passport so that the visa process can continue during our trip?
  6. Alternatively, we apply for your visa after returning from our trip abroad at the end of August. Again, the question arises whether this is sufficient from start to finish.
  7. Somewhere on the UK government side, I see an option to email them questions, but there is a fee to ask questions by e-mail. Has anyone used this service?

Thanks in advance for your help.

dnd 5e – When a druid becomes savage to an animal that has a double ability with a skill, should the druid's skill bonus be doubled with this skill?

When a Druid uses its Wild Shape feature:

Your game stats are replaced by the stats of the animal
You keep your alignment, your personality and your intelligence, wisdom and
Charisma scores. You also keep all your skills and your saving throw
Skills, in addition to those of the creature. If the
The creature has the same abilities as you and the bonus in its status
Block is higher than yours, use the creature bonus instead of the thing.

Consider the example of a druidic circle of the moon that does not know stealth and takes the form of a saber-toothed tiger. The saber-toothed tiger's statblock indicates that he has a +6 stealth modifier. Since the animal's skill modifier is +2 and a CR2 pet has a +2 ability bonus (DMG ch.9), the Stealth saber-tooth tiger must have dual abilities.

So, should the druid double his skill bonus and add it to the Saber Tooth Tiger's Dexterity Modifier, causing the wild-formed Druid to have stealth at level 6 +8, stealth level 9 +10, and so on?

Ranger – Ask an animal companion to help

To play a YARV ranger with whom I can do one of the following: Two attacks or a beast attack. I made two attacks and ordered my Giant Owl Companion (verbal) to take the action "Help", which is referred to as something the Animal Companion can do. And it's not an attack … but it feels like something. Do I have to cheat?

dnd 5e – Can a beastmaster of the beast switch animal beasts?

Rules for Rangers

The Beast Master Ranger demands that the animal dies before it gets a new one according to the rules.

If the animal dies, you can get another one by …

Rules for revised foresters

However, the Beast Conclave for the Unearthed Arcana Revised Ranger (Game Test Materials) class, available in the DM's Guild, seems to allow you to switch beasts by repeating the 8-hour ritual when you would like.

With 8 hours of work and the effort of
Rare herbs and good food worth 50 gp, you name it
an animal from the wild, as to serve
Your faithful companion.

This seems like it could be repeated anytime as they even make sure that you do not have multiple pets.

… You can only have one pet at a time.

DM Rating

Considering that the UA Revised Ranger can repeat the ritual for others, this means that at least the designers do not think it would be too strong to change player. However, the Companions options in the revised Ranger are a smaller list (though they contain a few more powerful ones), so balancing may be easier there.

Talk to your DM.

pathfinder – Can one treat the animal trait to calm a hostile animal?

Since their goblin masters have left, it is likely that the wolves are alien to strangers at best indifferent, unless they received a command like guard before the goblins left, they would be at best unfriendly to anyone but the goblins. The craft pet shop does not improve its disposition towards the party; There is the extraordinary ability for wild empathy, but also the provision of food, comfort and protection for the animal. In other words, in the GM's campaign, Pet Stuff could not change the attitude of these wolves towards the party, but through role-playing games that were friendly with these wolves, this would be possible.

To be clear, according to the rules for animal handling, literally someone can perform a handle animal skill test either as a movement action to deal with a domesticated animal to do a known trick (DC 10) or as an all-around action to push a domesticated animal to do a trick it does not know (DC 25). In addition, creatures trained in animal handling skills, ie, those who have at least one rank in skill, may perform the same skill test for pet dealing with non-domesticated animals. Finally, the Pet Stance skill can be applied to any creature with an Intellect value of 1 or 2 by raising its DC of that skill by +5 (to DC 15 or 30).

However, the introduction of such rules in a campaign results in the PCs succeeding in the control tests of Handle Animal to avoid encounters and perhaps slipping around with their noses – Hydra's and other really horrible true monsters happen to be impractically stupid, and that is This GM always seemed a bit stupid.

So GM does not allow creatures to make handle animal skill checks against poor, stupid animals when the GM realizes that the animal's original attitude to the creature is indifferent or worse. An animal probably will not attack you if it is just indifferent – and luckily it's usually – but that does not mean that the animal will do what you say, no matter how well you can handle animal skill. Make the animal (or monster) friendly first then Try to talk it over.

So you know that this GM has a pet of a creature – like an animal that a creature has taught a trick to, or an animal that has a friendly or better disposition to the creature – but are immune to other people's skill tests Animal has line of sight to the creature and the creature is conscious and agile. This is not hard, fast and forever – sending the animal to get your slippers does not mean it will leave you if it takes your eyes off your eyes – but rather a rule of thumb. Beast management is subject to many imponderables. Normally, however, this prevents veteran guides from fighting the druid's T-rex, which is a good thing for the druid.

Penalties for animal abuse must be tougher! | Forum Promotion

We all know that animal abuse occurs, and we've read and heard all the stories, maybe some of us have seen this first-hand. What we also see is the law of treating animals as lesser beings, and the penalty for abusing or killing your pet is usually a fine. I recently read an article about a man who has moved out of the house he rented and left his dog in his cage. There was no food or water in the cage and the dog died.

The article says that the man "may have charges". CAN Allegations This shows that he was essentially able to get away with it. This guy needs to be imprisoned immediately! He let this poor dog die! That frustrates me. These pets, whether they are a dog, a cat, a bird, etc., live, breathe creatures, not to mention the family. How can you easily charge a fine for misusing an animal? If you abuse a person, you get prison time for it.

Why are animals considered less? Because they can not talk? Because they do not work? Poll? I do not understand it I really believe that the laws / penalties relating to animal abuse and animal cruelty need to be revised and strengthened.

USA / UK Top Animal Site | Proxies-free

If you have a website that pays for Top Tier 1 (US / UK), do not write here, but send me your referral in a private message. If I like what I see, I'll log in. Send me only links that you pay.

If Tier 1 pays $ 3 for $ 1000, I'm NOT interested.

I'm just looking for a new website and I do not mind signing in with someone to repay the favor.