dnd 5e – Can a Necromancer animate a creature with sentience who agreed to be animated before death?

If a Necromancer were to make a deal with 4 people before a fight, with which the Necromancer could animate them if they die during the fight, and then the same 4 people die, these 4 people would be more revitalized than most Skeletons / Zombies or would you just have regular aggression?

Animated Unity materials will not be previewed

I am looking for help because I have just dealt with this topic Unit 2019.2.8f1 and I do not know how to fix it (if possible).

I should mention that I have updated this project from Unity 2019.1.0f2 and in this version the animated material preview worked flawlessly. Instead, the material in Playmode works as expected, but is not animated at all outside. The animation will only start when the editor window is refreshed, d. H. When I make changes in some editor windows.

If you're wondering, you've enabled "Animated Materials" in the Sceneline, so that's not the problem.

I hope someone knows a solution to this problem. If it does not exist, thank you anyway for your time 🙂

dnd 5e – How does animated water work?

The DM must decide what "(not) enough force to cause damage", "simple forms", exactly mean. However, the water is still normal and behaving like this.

Anna the Sorceress throws Shape Water and animates the water in a 5 & # 39; hole dug up over Mold Earth. She shapes the water into the rough shape of a miniature horse and tries to put a miniature saddle on it. What happens? Your weasel trusts trying to climb the water horse. What happens? She throws Find Familiar and transforms her familiar weasel into a fish that tries to swim in the "horse". What happens? The horse gallops away. How fast can it go? Does the fish fit?

Do you DM consider a "horse" as a simple form? If so, then you can do it.

Is the saddle floating on the water? If so, then it floats.

Is the saddle swimming with the weasel on the water? If so, it floats.

Can a fish swim in the water? I answer this for you, yes, it can, so yes, it can swim in the water.

Does DM consider galloping easy enough to admit it? If so, the horse gallops away with the fish inside.

How fast can it go? Not fast enough to cause damage!

Anna throws Shape Water a second time on a second hole and this time animates the water in a 20-foot hollow sphere with a thickness of one quarter of an inch (the volume works). What happens? Anna climbs on a 20-high ladder with A-frame and mentally steers the ball over so that she is in the middle. What happens? Her buddy Bartholemew wants to throw an over-ripe tomato from outside the ball on her (Do not worry, Anna prepared the spring case today). Does she have cover? When Yes, how much? Does the bob keep throwing the tomato when it comes to cover?

Is a hollow ball a simple form? If so, then Anna creates it.

What happens if she steers the ball over herself? She is in the ball and wet.

Does she have cover? The rules for the cover are also with the DM, but probably not.

How much coverage? Again it's at the DM, but probably not, though maybe slightly obscured.

Anna challenges the bullet to knock on the door of Cardamon, the cultist who lives next to her in a town 4 km away, and then find and roll over the exposed flames that she expects Cardamon's children to find somewhere Hof, and then find a copy of the book of sublime deeds and bring it back to her. How much of it can the ball afford?

Can it go 2.5 miles? No, it has a reach of 30 feet.

Can it "find" something? No, it is manipulated by the caster, it does not become sensitive.

Can it "track down" or "bring" something? No again.

How much can it do? If you put a buoyant book in a water globe and then move it, the book would move as well. Although it would be soggy.

Anna dismisses her familiar and then the galloping water horse before throwing Shape Water again on a third hole and this time shaping the water into a funny big wooden mallet. She threw the hammer in the air and then falls on the dummy. Does the exercise doll take damage? Is it moving? Is it wet? Later she lets the hammer fly around and hit some enemies on the head. What happens?

Does the dummy take damage? It can not take damage directly out of the water as it can not move with enough force to cause damage. However, if you were on a cliff and dropped an ice block on someone, they may do damage at the discretion of your DM.

Is it moving? If a 3 meter water cube hits you, you're probably moving a bit.

Is it wet? Yes, it is water.

And the enemies? Even wet, even a small amount moved.

How can I insert a moving red dot into the animated drawing?

ss1 = NDSolve({x'(t) == 
     8*(1 - (x(t)^2 + y(t)^2))*x(t) + (Omega)(t)*y(t) + 
    y'(t) == 
     8*(1 - (x(t)^2 + y(t)^2))*y(t) - (Omega)(t)*x(t), (Omega)'(
      t) == 1.1*Sin(11*t)*y(t)/(Sqrt(x(t)^2 + y(t)^2)), x(0) == 1, 
    y(0) == 0, (Omega)(0) == 2}, {x, y, (Omega)}, {t, 0, 200*Pi});

   Evaluate({x(t), y(t), t} /. ss1), {t, tmax - 2, tmax}, 
   PlotRange -> All, PlotStyle -> {Thick, Green}, 
   BoxRatios -> {1, 1, 2}, PerformanceGoal -> "Quality"), {tmax, 2, 

If you do this in Mathematica, you will notice that a trajectory is displayed for a certain amount of time. At the moment I'm trying to put a red dot on the head of this snaky trajectory. Then this will be the case very clear in which direction it develops. Any help from someone will be very helpful.

Unity – Character does not collect animated coins

I'm trying to make a simple game in which the player jumps and collects animated coins. For some reason my character does not collect coins at all. The player is currently in the middle of the coin animation and nothing happens. The option & # 39; isTrigger & # 39; is activated for all coins. This is the code for the coin collection and the scene change.

    using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class Coins : MonoBehaviour
    (SerializeField) private string newLevel;
    public int coinAmount;
    int coins ;

        void OnTriggerEnter2d(Collider2D other)
        if (other.CompareTag("Player"))
            coins += 1;



    void addCoins()

        if (coins == coinAmount)

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R animated graphic

I try to play an animation diagram according to the evolution of the lambda parameter. Below is the code and the picture.

In this part are the functions

bspline <- function(x,xl,xr,ndx,bdeg){
  dx <- (xr-xl)/ndx
  knots <- seq(xl-bdeg*dx,xr+bdeg*dx,by=dx)
  B <- spline.des(knots,x,bdeg+1,0*x,outer.ok=TRUE)$design
  output <- list(knots=knots,B=B)
tpoly <- function(x,t,p){
  B = NULL
  for (i in 1:length(t)){
    B <- cbind(B,(x-t(i))^p*(x>t(i)))

# P-spline regression fit with basis and coefficients
f <- sin(3*pi*x)
x <- seq(0,1,l=200)
B = list()
xl <- min(x)+0.01
xr <- max(x)+0.01
ndx = 15
pord <- 2
lam <- c(1e-3,1,100,1000)


graf = for(i in 1:4){
  plot(x,y,col="grey",pch=19,cex=.55); title(bquote(lambda == .(lam(i))))
  Basis <- bspline(x,0,1,ndx=ndx,bdeg=3)
  B <- Basis$B
  knots <- Basis$knots
  D <- diff(diag(ncol(B)),differences=pord)
  P <- lam(i)*t(D)%*%D
  theta <- solve(t(B)%*%B + P,t(B)%*%y)
  fit <- B%*%theta
######################## Animation ##################

I'm trying to set a lambda parameter variation slider, and this graphic becomes an animation.
Illustration 1:
Enter image description here

How to use Animation Player in Godot like Animated Sprite

I'm currently using the following code to play my sprites (AnimatedSprite Node).

$Sprite.play("Animation Name")

Now I want to use the AnimationPlayer node to play my sprites. How can I do that? I searched the documents and there is no tutorial and I searched online, but you need to use AnimationTree or a sprite sheet that I do not have. (I have individual sprites).

So my question is how to use the AnimationPlayer node as well as the AnimatedSprite node.

Note: The reason I use AnimationPlayer instead of AnimatedSprite is because I want to change collisions during certain frames, but that's another time.

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