SharePoint 2016 Publishing Site with anonymous access asking for Credentials

I have a SharePoint publishing site with anonymous access with domain eg Whenever I request the following URL it is asking me for credentials.

The above URL points to the pages which are Documents and Libraries. I don’t want the site to ask for credentials for the above URL. The following will be my home page.

So I don’t want my SharePoint site to ask for credentials if the URL is pointing to Documents and Libraries. In this scenario I want the URL to be pointing to the home page.

I have done some R&D on my part but haven’t got any solution. Some suggested using SharePoint:SpSecurityTrimmedControl for hiding the elements for the anonymous users, but I don’t think it is useful for what I want to achieve. Here is the link that suggested SharePoint:SpSecurityTrimmedControl

Below is the screenshot of what I don’t want to show to the anonymous users.

enter image description here

Best practice for Anonymous Donation forms?

I’d avoid Captcha until you’ve exhausted other options. In order to be successful in matching a CC #/name pattern the baddies much be doing thousands of attempts against your server. As mentioned before the first line of defense should be to identify suspicious behavior patterns and block those.

In particular, if you get more than, say, 5 attempts at form completion within 30 seconds from the same IP, you could remove the form and put a message like “It seems like you’re having problems making a donation. Our apologies. We’re happy to accept your donation over the phone at __“. Friendly message in case there’s actually a legit person that falls in this bucket, but presents a dead-end to the baddies.

Another idea related to form completion time — split the form into multiple pages (contact info on one, CC info on another perhaps). Block anyone that fills the initial page in within milliseconds when they go to the next page.

And as I mentioned in a comment on the original question — the best solution may be to outsource the credit card gateway to one of the many companies out there. I’ve worked for small non-profits before and even the most responsible developers likely don’t have the bandwidth to keep up on every possible security concern. The transaction costs of using a vendor are a concern, but shifting the burden of protecting against fraud can free the organization to focus on bigger issues.

caching – View shows different data to administrator users and anonymous users

I have created a simple page that only shows JSON. The issue I have is that administrator users and anonymous users see different data.


I assume this is a cache problem, but I am not sure, nor am I sure how to fix this.

I am new to Drupal but I was able to find this settings page, which shows that caching is disabled.


Does anybody have an idea on what I can do?

How to use CSOM, SOAP or Rest API to detect anonymous views of list items for a List?

Let’s say I have a SharePoint site with anonymous view enabled for the entire website
anonymous access of website

But I have a List that breaks role inheritance.

How do I use CSOM, Rest API or SOAP API to detect if a List has anonymous access enabled?

View Items - View items in lists, documents in document libraries, view Web discussion comments, and set up alerts for lists.

anonymous access of list

It seems like the only thing in the entire SharePoint object model that changes when I update that field is AnonymousPermMask. But that does not appear to be available from any of the apis except the Soap API? Why isn’t this available?

AnonymousPermMask="68719546465" – When checked.
AnonymousPermMask="0" – When not checked.

_vti_bin accessible even removed permissions of anonymous access and all permissions for domain users

I have created a site collection and want to publish to internet before that i tested that _vti_bin urls’ _vti_bin/spsdisco.aspx ‘accessible to users even I removed permissions of anonymous access and domain user permissions (i removed from all SharePoint groups).

enter image description here

enter image description here

proxy – Can I use IPSec for anonymous browsing (like in commercial proxies)?

In class, we learned how to set up a VPN between two remote sites using IPSec in tunnel mode. I have a VPS for hosting my website (with root access), but if I set up a tunnel between my PC and the VPS, then my source IP will still be clear between the VPS and the internet when I browse the internet, right? (traffic is encrypted only between left and right parameters of ipsec.conf file, which are my PC and the VPS)

How do commercial proxies (such as Hotspot Shield) solve this problem?

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8 – What causes a search_api based view to stay cached for anonymous users even after the index is updated?

Is it possible you have a “non Drupal” cache for anonymous users? Common such caches include Varnish (server based) or Cloudflare (cloud/cdn based)

Failing that, have you checked the cache settings on the view itself? I believe for search API the correct settings should be Caching: Search API (tag based) (under advanced in the view edit screen). If that doesn’t work you could try turning off the views cache temporarily to at least determine if that is the root cause.

Finally check your modules are up to date, including Search API & check the issue queue to see if there are any patches that may solve your issue:

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things”

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