Privacy – How to buy Bitcoin anonymously and privately via Tor?

First of all, anonymity and privacy are two different things. Bitcoin is designed to be pseudo-simple – which comes close to anonymity, but instead of being completely anonymous, you are linked to your Bitcoin address or pseudonym.
You can not make a private transaction on the Bitcoin network, but you can try to be as anonymous as possible.

It is possible to run Bitcoin Core as a hidden Tor service and connect to such services.
The first step is to run Bitcoin Core behind a Tor proxy. This will make all outgoing connections anonymous, but more is possible.

Further instructions at Github:

Earn money online anonymously?

I want to write a blog, but it's a sensitive topic, and I do not want anyone to know I'm writing it.

For example, if I have to apply for a job, they can not google my name and then find what I wrote.

But I also want to put affiliate links etc. in the effort to make (something) money. And I want the blog and money to belong to my own LLC. For a limited liability.

Is it possible? To get money through my blog on my business bank account while remaining anonymous ???

If so, how would you do that?

Transactions – How is Bitcoin transferred anonymously to the wallet of Electrum?

I use Electrum with Tor Proxy. I receive bitcoins from another wallet that I used to buy with my ID code.

Is it safe? The server hosting my purse on electrum will know that I got these bitcoins from "another purse"? If so, what can I do about it? I do not want to be associated with the purse I used to buy bitcoins with my badge.

I think about it: Wallet used to buy bitcoins -> Bitcoin mixer -> A random web wallet -> Bitcoin mixer -> Electrum wallet.

Sell ​​- Anonymously display Instagram stories

Why are you selling this website?
I need money for my new project

How is it monetized?
Is not at the moment

Is this site coming with social media accounts?

How long does it take to run this site?
Simple webhosting

What are the challenges of running this site?
No challenges

This is a custom script that lets you view and download Instagram stories anonymously. You can also download profile pictures. The BIN price is the actual price of the script. I sell it because I desperately need the money.

settings.php – update.php is anonymously accessible at $ settings[‘update_free_access’] is set to FALSE

The value for $ settings['update_free_access'] is NOT CORRECTbut I can run the script without logging in, and I get the following error message.

Access to update.php
Not protected
The update.php script is accessible to anyone without an authentication check, which is a security risk. You must change the $ settings[‘update_free_access’] Value in your settings.php back to FALSE.

I work with Drupal 8.6.4.

How do I solve this problem?