If you could make a movie with Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson, what would the movie be about and who would it be?

Four old men on their last visit to Las Vegas. The leading actresses were Theron, Zeta Jones, Jolie and Foster.

The four old people have a car breakdown directly in front of LAS. The four ladies drive by and rescue the four old people. They take pity on the four old people and decide to escort them to all the Las Vegas hotspots, including the Mustang Ranch. One of the elders dies of the stress of the last flight, but he dies with a smile on his face. With that the film is over when the old men return to the house where they lived and the ladies return to their drum life in LA.

Why do companies strive for SJWs when most people hate SJWs and it's bad for the business?

It's a sort of vocal minority type. For example, only 18% of the US population are feminists, but feminists have strength where it matters. Feminist organizations have a very strong lobby, so even conservative politicians often feel they have to respond to them. Feminists have many celebrities on their side, have the liberal media on their side and have a strong influence on education. Thus, a minority can influence the majority.

The other thing is that SJWs have worked hard to create a very politically correct social attitude towards their problems. For example, most people do not like the whole identity politics, but there is no escape.

David: I never mentioned anyone being afraid of open-minded women. I suppose you lie about what I said because you dislike the facts, but you can not deny them.

[ Mythology & Folklore ] Open Question: Why did Trump spend 290 of his 547 days in office, either playing golf or at his private clubs and properties? That's more than half?

Do you think maybe it's because he works 10 times as hard as other presidents, so he needs 10x the holidays?

Should not my tax money be used for something useful? Like a nurse with special needs?

Why has nobody ever found credible evidence of a large-scale electoral fraud?

Why was California forced by court order to remove 1.5 million voters from the list?
The registration of motor voters in California can not guarantee the sanctity of the vote and Foreign Minister Padilla says, "Mistakes in the DMV threaten to undermine confidence in the program." LOL

"Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has issued documented evidence that in just 138 districts and cities, Virginia's voters have tacitly canceled 5,556 non-national voters over the past few years, and one-third of them have cast ballots duplicated in many other states, which is why a national investigation is inevitable. "


Update to comment: Apparently, the courts have taken them seriously ….. LOL

What is your opinion on the protests in Hong Kong?

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