When were women allowed to vote in the US for the first time?

The election of Lydia Taft in 1756 is generally recognized as the first confirmed woman to vote, but I have read that there were certainly cases in which women have previously voted.

That was colonial America, of course. Both women and men, who owned land, could vote in 1776 in New Jersey.

Do we, the people, have the right to resist our government by force?

The second amendment should never allow an uprising against the elected government. The described "well-ordered militia" should help the military in times of need. Since the civil war has been finally decided, there is no right to public authority against the actions of the legally elected government.

Somehow the idea of ​​non-taxation without representation has not turned into taxation. Since we elected the representation, we fight in the elections and before courts. The right to protest does not include the right to revolt.

Why do people want to raise the minimum wage?

1. Vocational training costs money. They need money to get a well-paid job. Not everyone has parents who can pay for their training, so some people have to work to pay for it. An increase in the minimum wage would facilitate this.

2. What if you can not find work with your education? You should be able to find a job in search that deserves a living wage.

3. Even if you get a job with your education, this job can:

A. Pay a salary that is not much higher than min. wage
B. Pay a good salary, but not enough to meet all your needs, so you need a second job.