Is not the new Joker movie a morbid crap?

I have worked all my life in the field of mental health.
People often wonder where mass gunners come from … well, here's the explanation.
Consider this fact in the movie: The Joker would not have been a killer if a fool had not granted him access to a weapon. No weapon, no murder.
Therefore, this film is of great relevance today when American citizens make decisions about their government and especially about weapons.

Imagine an alternative end for the Joker … he gets a licensed psychiatric treatment, or a fool gives him a gun. Which end would you prefer?

"Joker" reflects the real life. So, if you want to be entertained by an "action movie," I could see your disappointment.

Why did Trump trigger another war in the Middle East?

It's an interesting question, I do not think "Because he's an idiot" she really answers. Why would the cheater want to do that? Could Putin stand behind it? The leader of the Kurds said: "If the US does not help us, we will ask the Russians." Maybe like this.

Anyway, the president of Syria – who has a sense of honor – has sent troops to the north and they confront the Turks.

On the other hand, why did Trump say he wants to buy Greenland? There really has to be no justification for a trumpism.

And what is Trump thinking about in this crisis?

"Graphically Violent Parody Video at Trump Resort"

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do conservatives think everyone but Trump lies to them?

How sad it must be – to believe that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have spent their entire lives deceiving you, while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and well-documented lies is your only proof of truth and truth Honesty is.

Why do people say that Obama is the best in America, but Trump is the worst thing about America?

America has generally found it hard to "do the best" because it was based on slave labor, child labor and the brutal repression of labor activists, genocide and repeated backwardness treaties regarding its indigenous peoples. and illegal foreign wars.

In this context, Obama represents the neoliberal wing of corporate imperialism, while Trump represents the most compromised aspects of America's fascination with high-speed trains.

Why do blacks still hold a grudge against slavery? Why can not you just forgive and forget how we did it?

Oh look, another outsider tells us how to think and feel.

Of course you are fine now, your people suffered from the hands of America and what happened then? You passed the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, and you've got reparations, and that's less than a decade of injustice suffered.

Then I appeal to America. Here we are, 30 million blacks who have not suffered for 5 years, not for 20 years, but for 400 years, that's right.

When the Jews were wrong, they got land and redress. When the Japanese were wrong, they got reparation. So, President Trump and his citizens, what are you willing to do to help the Black Man and Black Woman rebuild and make a fresh start in a place we can call home?

What do you think about the likelihood that we will have a president Pelosi as a result of this impeachment?

Pence will not be removed. In fact, Trump will not be removed either. We just have to vote them both in 2020.

If Trump were accidentally removed from the Senate, Pence would have no chance to win the presidency in 2020. Either way, Nancy Pelosi would not become our president.

Remember that Gerald Ford took over as President after Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment and facing a trial of the Senate. He lost the presidency in 1976, however. They wanted a change.

Should Stand-Your-Ground laws be applicable if the attacker is a police officer?

Thank you for a very interesting question.

Yes obviously yes.
The police must be trained to follow our constitution and to respect the privacy and privacy of the individual. You have no authority under your roof, unless a judge gives you this right with sufficient evidence of a crime.
Even then, they have to legally terminate before entering the country.

Why can not conservatives prove that leftists commit more terrorism than rights?

This study has already been discredited, Dickbag. The ADL is a dishonest, far-left outfit that classifies all alleged racists, including self-described socialists, as well as some Islamic terrorists as "right-wingers" just to shatter the headlines of the bullshit. If you commit a mass shooting and say something negative about Jews on Twitter, it would not matter to the ADL if you were also a registered Democrat and vocally anti-capitalist. The ADL would consider you as the right wing without any thought.

Zero Republicans had slaves, the Civil Rights Movement was rejected by almost all Democrats and only two of the segregationist Dixiecrats switched to Republicans. The Nazis were socialists committed to collectivism at all levels and modeled their discrimination against Jews under the laws of the Democrats. The only reason why white supremacism and racism are even called right wing is that leftists whitewashed the story of a whole generation of education to cover their problems.