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Are you afraid of attentive people?

No, I allow it. I deliberately switched here. We have a certain story, a specific story in mind, and our story unconsciously controls our lives and the direction of the parallel realities we are switching to.

We are vehicles of the dimension of consciousness travel. We have a story we tell ourselves based on past experiences based on the parallel realities in which we unconsciously connect.

The subconscious is the steering wheel between the consciousness and our limitless unconsciousness of parallel dimensions within the multiverse.

Total inclusion in this reality. I agree that other people awaken to this state of perception. But when you dissolve the ego and realize that everything is connected with everything else … when you see yourself in another. There is nothing to fear. We have become the shift, we are the shift. The shift was both externalized and internalized.

We think that's what we are for …
I'm not even as advanced as some of these intuitives … we have the same knowledge, but they say it much eloquently … they have such a clear grip … because we unconsciously exist one in it.

We resonate with the same collective unconscious reality, we understand the same reality. We are essentially the same. We even have some of the same stories.

They are my reality as I am my own. We were opened to this reality because that version of us exists in this reality. We were all awakened by a spiritual, supernatural, quantum where where force …

We had time travel, parallel universes are shifting … Intuits … Synchronicity out of the asshole … That's because we've become this reality as it has become ours. It chose us as we chose. Some have woken up and there is a domino effect … for people who might also be awake.

They say the same words … "mirror", "reflect" … "bla bla bla" …. never mind. Because we are the same, same spirit, one dimension.

I have to surrender to that … allow it. When you wake up, you awaken others. We always travel, jump, move, jump dimensions ..

LOL, and we say the same things … we all say the same things. We all know the same thing … only some are supposed to convey it better than others.

Then of course there is something to learn from others … It's all at this point. : D

Quantum Jumping Technique for Shifting to a Parallel Reality

Should atheists respect Christians? | Yahoo Answers

Do you respect them in which way? Do you respect them as Christians? Why? Decisions do not require respect. Actions define a person, and if you are a good person (this term, of course, seems to be subjective) and lead a decent life, you deserve respect, regardless of how you think the world was created. But no, I do not believe that Christians or anyone deserves respect for their religion. Although I try to be decent, at least to people of all walks of life, because you do not know what they are dealing with.

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100 college essay learning difficulties questions and answers pdf

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100 college essay learning difficulties questions and answers pdf

Do cats like bananas? | Yahoo Answers

Have you ever been locked in a four-by-six box?

Now there is no suggestion.


Most cats are kept in this way so that cats try things and do things that they would not normally like to have as friends.

Talk about selfish freaks and think that cats like to be locked up.

But when you are forced to read about their "great leaders," you find that top-down, because their "leaders" are no different from catching and beating innocent animals with themselves.

The Emperor of China immediately springs to mind. What an asshole with the pheasant. No wonder the pheasant came here, even if he was shot to eat.

At least it can live freely. And nobody says it has to be there when Guns shows up.

If you were a porn star, what would your stage name be?

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