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1. All payments must be made in advance and in full via PayPal. By purchasing items, you agree that all transactions are final and can not be refunded.
Second You must send the payment as a gift, otherwise you will have to pay the fees.
Third After ordering, you will receive an estimated time frame (if not already specified) in which the order will be completed.
4th I have the right to refuse orders for any reason. This is probably because I'm not familiar with your forum or blog genre.


15-day versions of the active packages are also available. They are offered at half price and half content.

30-day answer / thread active package — 40 USD
This active package is a combination of responses and thread. You'll receive new topics that other members of your forum can respond to, as well as answers to existing topics.
Daily answers: 3
Daily topics: 2
total capacity: 90 replies + 60 topics

30 days answer active package — 30 USD
This active package consists of answers only. New posts on already existing topics will be made available in your forum.
Daily answers: 5
Total answers: 150

30 days Thread Active Package — 20 USD
This active package consists of threads only. New threads are provided to which other members can respond.
Daily topics: 2
Total number of topics: 60


Bronze Package — 4 USD
Answers: 15
Topics: 5
Total content: 20
– FOR BLOGS: 10 comments

Silver package — 8 USD
Answers: 30
Topics: 10
Total content: 40
– FOR BLOGS: 20 comments

Gold Package — 12 USD
Answers: 45
Topics: 15
Total content: 60
– FOR BLOGS: 30 comments


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Special wishes:

Send via a private message (PM).


1. A satisfied profile is provided. Please note that I will not provide any personal information.
Second Of course, if I'm a new member of your forum, I'll post an introductory thread.
Third At least 40 words per answer and 60 words per thread are guaranteed. However, I almost never stay close to the final result and usually make 60-120 formulated posts. Sometimes more.
4th I try not to make punctual, grammatical or other mistakes. But we all know that we are humans and that here and there a typo can occur. I'll check again if there are any mistakes and if I fix them. However, if you also notice something that I have missed, feel free to send me a message to correct it.
5th Since I love forums and chatting, the posts I'm about to make will certainly look natural. Also, I'll never mention that I'm doing a paid service.
6th You will receive daily progress reports.


The prices you see are not the cheapest you can find, but they are not the most expensive. I believe the services are average and fair and based on quality. There are also discounts and welding agreements that come from time to time.


Do you think that you would have to hire me to start? To answer this question, you have to ask yourself one question: Do I really need a paid post service? Will I benefit from it? The answer could be yes or no. If you plan to start a new community, the paid post service can help you create some new content in the beginning so that the forums do not look empty and send potential members away. And for already established communities, it really depends on the level of activity. If you are satisfied with the amount of content you receive, you may not need to purchase paid contributions. However, if you find it difficult to maintain a constant level of activity, service can help by adding extra posts here and there.

Paid booking is exactly what it is. You pay a freelancer to publish content in your forum. It can not cause the activity level to go to the moon and back, heh, I'm not a magician. What I can promise you is that I will strive to do a great job if you choose to hire me and that you have some nice conversations in your forum.

In case you do not want to get any further

Authentication – Do you correct UX for the scenario in which a user forgets the answers to his security questions?

As a second factor, you effectively use security issues.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) authentication makes it more difficult for attackers to retrieve logon credentials. You may have seen them in great services like Amazon Two-Step Verification or Google. It makes perfect sense to use them when it comes to money.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on multi-factor authentication.

Security issues for 2FA

Better suited in another context, see 2-Factor Authentication vs. security questions

Security questions for "forgot password"

Security questions are useful to prevent your users from being misused by the Forgot Password feature of other users. Here's a little user story on how it works:

Anna is on GitHub. Her username is her e-mail address, with which she also signs her commits and which she has publicly in her profile.

Anna starts a fight with Bob. Bob knows that Anna is on Github and wants to annoy her. That's why he triggers GitHub's Forgot Password feature every hour to distract Anna.

Say, GitHub allowed Anna to ask a security question (if she wants to). Then the story would look like this:

Anna is on GitHub. Her username is her e-mail address, with which she also signs her commits and which she has publicly in her profile. Having previously received some "forgotten password" emails, she sets her security question to "What is the second name of my spouse's mother?". A few people in her family know that, but it's not public information.

Bob knows that Anna is on Github and wants to annoy her. It triggers the function "password forgotten". He is asked, "What is the second name of my spouse's mother?". He googles afterwards, but can not find this information. Anna is not disturbed.

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