Factory Reset – How do I delete and install an encrypted device with 7.1.2 when TWRP does not boot anymore?

I have installed an unofficial build of Resurrection Remix 7.1.2 on Meizu Pro 5 (M86) with TWRP 3.0.2. Out of curiosity I then activated the encryption with the thought that I could reset the previous system backup via TWRP, even if I do not like it and I can not undo it. There is no data to worry about, but I want to be able to install on the phone whatever I want.

I was wrong. TWRP does not boot anymore. The startup screen will be displayed, but will flash only about every 5 seconds.

I then tried a few things:

  • Factory reset from the settings. I can call the "delete all" button, but nothing is executed.
  • Factory reset of ADB:
    • recovery --wipe_data says /system/bin/sh: recovery: not found
    • wipe data says /system/bin/sh: wipe: not found
    • To adb reboot bootloader I am not lucky when running fastboot devices: there is nothing
  • An attempt was made to flash a newer version of TWRP from the TWRP app (picture for Meizu Note 6, there is no picture for my device), but it is claimed that the device is not rooted (the developer settings allow only rooting via ADB).

Is there a way to simply delete the device and reinstall something on it?

Wi-Fi – USB tethering used to work with Wi-Fi, but it does not work anymore

As the title implies, a few weeks ago I was able to turn on the WiFi completely, disable the data and enable USB tethering for my Surface Pro 6. This happens because computers can not connect to this particular network. I use my phone as a kind of wireless card.
There was no problem until my phone got an update. Now, when I turn on USB tethering, the Wi-Fi is turned off automatically and I can only make a data connection, but I do not have unlimited data. I do not want a jargon because it works 100% and I'm just asking if anyone knows how to handle it or why Samsung removed that feature.

Galaxy S9 64 GB
Android 9
Surface Pro 6 i7, 256 GB, 8 GB

I booked a self-service appointment for my UK visa, but I did not accidentally upload all my documents and can not add anymore

I booked a self-service appointment for my UK visa, but I did not accidentally upload all my documents and can not add anymore. One of the most important documents is missing and if it is not there, my visa will definitely be rejected. What can I do?

Why do not all Facebook apps "Find your friends" work anymore?

All listed Facebook apps "Find your friends": https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-ways-facebook-friends-world-map/, do not work anymore. This article dates from 2011, but all searches for newer alternatives have been unsuccessful.

There is, of course, the Friends Nearby feature, but it only shows people who have enabled the feature. It does not "crawl" through the Friends list and collect the date "Lives in" from each person's profile, although theoretically this should be very possible.

There also appears to be a SnapChat imitation on Facebook: https://9to5mac.com/2018/10/03/facebook-location-sharing-nearby-friends/, but if I click on "Friends Nearby" here, I click here on my phone In Canada, only the list is displayed (not the card). It's possible that the SnapChat-like feature works only in the US (it's also true that you can "send money" through Facebook Messenger in the US, but not in Canada).

Why is it so difficult to find a Facebook app that does what was so easy a few years ago? I understand that privacy policies may have been tightened, but if that's the reason, which privacy policies are the culprit here?

System Installation – I tried installing Ubuntu, but now my laptop is not booting anymore

I tried to install Ubuntu, but after restarting my laptop at the end of the installation it failed to start and the following error message appeared.

Error opening EF BOOT mmx64.efi – Not found
Error loading image EF BOOT mmx64.efi: Not found
Error starting MokManager: Not found
A fatal error occurred: import_mok_state () failed: Not found

I can not have sex with my girlfriend anymore because a teacher told us.

The Soviet "Red Army" actually raped and murdered their way through East Germany. Many women and young girls were raped. Many older men and boys were killed. Thousands of German civilians have been (literally) forced into slavery for years in Russian concentration camps. Many have never returned.

The former areas of Germany, which were occupied by the Russian army, had to force ethnic cleansing, so that most German peoples had to leave their homes and refugees were to West Germany. Pomors and East Prussia have not recovered yet.

You should seek professional advice as you have been emotionally hurt. You and your girlfriend both suffer the damage. Imagine going to a doctor for a broken arm.

Good luck.

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Tablet – Galaxy Tab S4 – Security patch difference. webrtc does not work anymore

I have 2 Galaxy Tab S4, model number: SM-T830, and I have a program that connects video via WebRTC (connect to the rasp Pi WiFi, then go to the program localhost page, then it loads the program fine, motors and all but pi hosted video is not loading, it works on the original tablet that has one Security patch level from 1 June 2018 but for the tablet that does not work, it has one Security patch level from December 1, 2018, Any ideas on how to reset or why it does not work? I also use Firefox, the video runs consistently on webrtc on the original tablet flawlessly.

On the original tablet, the video streams are loaded within 5 seconds (ICE server). On the non-functioning tablet, the video stream simply will not load.

Maybe it has something to do with the auto-run feature of Firefox? Personally, it may have something to do with the difference Security patch level on the Android operating systems. Firefox and all have the same settings. Including to go about: config and then stop Fullscreen api.allow-Trusted requests-only to not correct

I also can not install custom ROM or flash the Android tablets I have.