If Republicans are supposed to hate minorities and immigrants so much, why are they supporting a black immigrant dropping AOC?

Do not get us wrong, they also love tokenism.

"Look at my African American here"
– Donald Trump

AOC received 78% of the votes in its district, I doubt it will turn red (it has been held by a Democrat since 1993). If someone really wants to get them off the pitch, it has to be a Democratic main challenger.


AOC sued for blocking people on Twitter?

US Democratic Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being charged with blocking people on Twitter.

"The first amendment does not allow an official using a social media account for all sorts of official purposes to exclude people from an otherwise open online dialogue because they have voiced views the official disagrees with" , was the verdict.

According to Mr Hikind's complaint, the congressman – commonly known by her initials AOC – blocked him after criticizing her and her political views.


AOC is right. The internment camps on the border are concentration camps. How will Trump supporters try to twist this?

They mock the Jews by saying that. She and others were involuntarily brought to these concentration camps and gassed.

These people come to America and break our laws.

They accept human trafficking, the rape of women, the children are exploited by you Democrats.


I am very disappointed in the Democratic Party. Since Ilhan Omar and AOC took control, I have given up any support for the Democratic Party.

The Democrat did not talk about it.

I tell you, I voted for John Kerry in 2004.

But now the Democrat platform is only open to borders and racial baits.

Ilhan Omar's remarks that some people have "done something" are totally unacceptable. She should have resigned immediately.

Some people have not "done something".

Nearly 3,000 innocent Americans were killed that day. I remember watching TV on TV as people fell to the ground.


Do you believe AOC? Does President Trump intend to bring African-Americans to concentration camps?

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