Theming – Geocoding an address using the Google Map API

Drupal 8


composer require drupal/geofield_map
composer require drupal/geocoder:^3.0@beta
composer require geocoder-php/google-maps-provider
composer require drupal/address

Add a knot:

Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here

API access denied. Inquiry:
– Message: This API project is not authorized to use this API.

I spent hours fixing the problem, but I couldn't. When I add a node, the geocode should be converted automatically. But it doesn't convert. How can I fix it?

Rest API with dynamic types

Which API design is better and why?


        "group": {
            "id": 1314395,
            "title": "My Group"
        "event": {
            "id": 1398209,
            "description": "My Event"


        "type": "group"
        "object": {
            "id": 1314395,
            "title": "My Group"
        "type": "event"
        "object": {
            "id": 1398209,
            "description": "My Event"

I prefer the second because I automate with Moshi, but I am missing more arguments to convince my colleagues;] Do you know of some good open APIs that use the second convention instead of the first?

GDAX Post API does not work

I have problems with a (400) incorrect request for POST requests. I can do all get and delete requests using the same signature process, but the text is obviously string.empty. We tested all sorts of JSON formatting to get this working, but it doesn't work. We couldn't find an example of a pre-hash signature to compare with. Unless the POST server time differs from the GET and DELETE server times, we have the correct time stamp because we are within 1 second of the GET / time API call for the server time. GDAX enables authentication of 30 seconds of buffer.

Public Shared Function placeOrder()
        Dim Body As String = "{""type"":""limit"",""side"":""sell"",""product_id"":""BTC-USD"",""price"":""20000"",""size"":""0.02235229""}"
        Dim ts As String = GetNonce()
        Dim method As String = "/orders"
        Dim str_GDAX_Main As String = ""
        Dim sig As String = GetSignature(ts, "POST", method, Body)
        Dim fr As System.Net.HttpWebRequest
        Dim targetURI As New Uri(str_GDAX_Main & method)
        'Dim response As String

        Dim jsonDataBytes As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(Body)

        fr = DirectCast(HttpWebRequest.Create(targetURI), System.Net.HttpWebRequest)
        fr.Headers.Add("CB-ACCESS-KEY", config_API_Key)
        fr.Headers.Add("CB-ACCESS-SIGN", sig)
        fr.Headers.Add("CB-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP", ts)
        fr.Headers.Add("CB-ACCESS-PASSPHRASE", config_API_Passphrase)
        fr.UserAgent = UserAgent
        fr.Accept = "application/json"
        fr.Method = "POST"
        fr.ContentLength = jsonDataBytes.Length

        Dim stream = fr.GetRequestStream()
        stream.Write(jsonDataBytes, 0, jsonDataBytes.Length)

        Dim response = fr.GetResponse().GetResponseStream()

        Dim reader As New StreamReader(response)
        Dim res = reader.ReadToEnd()
        Return res

        'If (fr.GetResponse().ContentLength > 0) Then
        '    Dim str As New System.IO.StreamReader(fr.GetResponse().GetResponseStream())
        '    response = (str.ReadToEnd())
        '    str.Close()
        'End If

        'Form1.RichTextBox1.Text = (response)
    Catch ex As System.Net.WebException
        'Error in accessing the resource, handle it
    End Try
End Function

Public Shared Function GetNonce() As String
    Return (DateTime.UtcNow - New DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0)).TotalSeconds.ToString()
End Function

Public Shared Function GetSignature(nonce As String, method As String, url As String, body As String) As String
    Dim message As String = String.Concat(nonce, method.ToUpper(), url, body)
    Dim encoding = New ASCIIEncoding()
    Dim keyByte As Byte() = Convert.FromBase64String(config_API_Secret)
    Dim messageBytes As Byte() = encoding.GetBytes(message)
    Using hmacsha256 = New HMACSHA256(keyByte)
        Dim hashmessage As Byte() = hmacsha256.ComputeHash(messageBytes)
        Return Convert.ToBase64String(hashmessage)
    End Using
End Function

We have no idea if our body is wrong or if the URI is wrong or where the problem is. If someone can take a look and find out where our body syntax error is. Or if we should look elsewhere.

php – WordPress REST API register_rest_route reports a 500 error

I want to create a class to register my custom residual topic routes. After writing this code, I found that the rest of the API returned an error of 500 and axios cannot get the data. I want to create a WordPress website with only one page using vue to get the content of the pages, but now I have to solve this problem. Can someone help me? Is my code correct?

class Uheme_Rest_Routes {

  public static function init()
    add_action( 'rest_api_init', array( __CLASS__, 'uheme_routes') );

  public function uheme_routes()
        'method' => 'GET',
        'callback' => array($this, '_rest_menu')


  public function _rest_menu()
    return wp_get_nav_menu_items('menu');

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Python code that interacts with the rest of the API

Please help me code check a simple Python function that interacts with the rest of the API

def submit_notebook():
    job_submit_url = "some_url"
    authorization_header = "Some token"
    path = "some_path"
    temp_run_id_file = "file_name"
    submit_response =, json=job_submit_dict,
                                    headers={"Content-Type": "application/json", "Authorization": authorization_header})
    if submit_response.status_code == 200:
        submit_response_json = submit_response.json()
        if "run_id" in submit_response_json:
            run_id = submit_response_json("run_id")
  "Run ID is:" + str(run_id))
            with open(path + temp_run_id_file, 'w') as file:
            return run_id
            raise Exception("Got a bad response.")

8 – Search API manipulates phrase

I have a website with search API and views.
I have configured and created my search. (The page is in Hebrew), I noticed that when I search for a 4-letter word – let's say "was"; I get results with the words "reward" and Likewise "wad" (?!?) and for a 7-letter word like – I "discover" Not Get the results for "rediscovery".

I want my search to find the exact word. and of course I didn't configure the search for partial match.

What do i miss ?? Thanks for your help(