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I try to retrieve images from multiple image libraries distributed across sub-sites using the REST SEARCH API (sub-sites are all under a single site collection https: // xyz / site / *). I also need to include different filters, z as & # 39; created by & # 39; along with a specific call to the sub-site libraries. I'm currently retrieving images from the entire site collection and can not limit the call to just subordinate sites.

How do I identify the private key encryption algorithm using the OpenSSL API?

I am creating a C ++ application that includes loading private key files (RSA / DSA / DH) into their respective class containers.

Is there an OpenSSL function that uses a file as a parameter and determines which encryption algorithm the private key uses? Otherwise, the only solution I can think of is to write a function to open the file myself and read the first line of the file, e.g.

8 – REST Api logon call does not work from the server

I have Drupal in a Docker container and Nginx in another container.

If I make the login call over the postman, that works fine.
However, when I call from within my application, I get the following error:

curl -v http: // {ip_nginx_container} / user / login? _format = json

{"message": "The parameter" user "was not converted for the path
"/ user / {user}" (route name: "rest.entity.user.GET") "}

I use the IP of the nginx container as hostname.

It seems that my call does not hit the API endpoint, but uses "login" as a parameter to get the user. Does anyone have any idea what that could do?

Views – Formatting paragraphs in JSON, in my Drupal powered REST API

1 & # 39; m to organize paragraphs with my content. From the project has many paragraphs. Each paragraph can be of type text or images (thanks to paragraph type function).

1 want to expose my salary to a REST API. 1 so creates a view with a rest import listing projects.

Here's an example of the data I'm getting. This project has three paragraphs (called slides);

"Title": "My project title"
"Field_slides" "
  • N n
    N n
    N n
  • N n

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed temporal and vitality, leaving the work and the grief to do some important things eiusmod. Over the years, I will come, the aliquip nostrud will take advantage of the exercise, making stimulus efforts when the school district and longevity. Would you be a pain in the cupidatat cillum has been criticized in the Duis et dolore magna flee produces no resulting joy. Excepteur cupidatat blacks are not excepteur, the soul is soothing, that is, they leave the common duties of those who are to blame for their labors.

    N n
  • N n
    N n
    N n
" } ]

All slides are on a string. It also shows the edit link and some other HTML markup and 1 can not use this format with my client API.
Ideally, the slides (3 slides here so an array of objects 3) and only slide show content (raw text or image URL) need to be separated. In this way 1 could consume my api.

Any idea how 1 can achieve this?

8 – How can I integrate Javascript API for Office?

I need to use Office 365 Excel as my data source.
However, I can not connect to the Javascript Office APIs. I added in libraries.yml as follows:
Version 1
Header: true
js: {type: external, minified: true}

Data cards:
Libraries / css / data.css: {}
Libraries / js / data-locator.js: {}
Libraries / js / office_excel.js: {}
- Core / Jquery
- Kern / Drupal
- core / drupal settings
- module name /

In office_excel.js:

                Office.onReady (Function (Info) {
if ( === Office.HostType.Excel) {
// perform an Excel-specific initialization (eg add-in task area)
// Appearance compatible with Excel "green").
if (info.platform === Office.PlatformType.PC) {
// Make minor layout changes in the task pane.
console.log (`Office.js is now ready in $ {} on $ {info.platform}`););

In the browser console, I get a warning:

Warning: Office.js is being loaded outside of the Office client

Can someone help me where I am wrong here.