Applications – Add a friend in the online app by username without ID or phone number

My name is Husam from Egypt
I know you don't even have time to read my message, but I know you have a real feeling in love.
I need your help. I added an Asian girl from Hong Kong to a friend. In line app
I lose the connection with her because when I created new software for my phone, everything disappeared from the line app and I could not add her anymore, her name is 趙如萱
And that's her profile.
She doesn't know my ID, my phone number or me
You will find me please ..
It is a matter of life and death for me and herEnter image description here

sip – How does the Catalina review app behave exactly?

By "verify" I also mean

  • an explicit popup of & # 39; Verifying & # 39;
  • or app start with XProtectService Comsuming CPU in the background

What I know

  • An app on local hard drive with xattr is checked at the first start or after a change in the app.

However, I found that some apps that run without xattr are still being verified, especially apps that were copied from (or directly running on) an external drive / network drive.

  • What is the exact behavior?
  • Anyway, to avoid this (without completely disabling SIP)?

1xbet App – Everything Else

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How to implement an e-prescription app and what type of SDK or framework is used

While I'm working on an app, a doctor needs to write a recipe (with an apple stick) to the user and save that recipe and edit or update it later in the app. If the doctor accesses this special patient prescription, it can.

However, I've been looking for a lot, but I'm still looking ….
I'm looking for an SDK that meets this requirement.

Any suggestion please ….

Web App – Should a Notification Center have an infinite history or should it allow the user to close it?

I am working on a notification center (in a web application) and can not find information about the notification history.

So I do not know how to apply for my messaging center.

EX: Facebook and Pinterest have an endless history.

  • Should I keep all notifications in the story, in which context?
  • Should I allow the user to close the notifications, in what context?

For more context, I'm working on a financial proposal for consultants.
So there are no "message notifications". Notifications in Notification Center are more like "There are new alternatives in your # 1 comparison". The notification forwards the user to the source.

Here are my sources for the notifications:

Thanks a lot!

Blockchain-based iOS App Development – Everything Else

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iphone – Does a repeated face-id query make an app more secure?

Some apps on my iPhone X, including LastPass and iCloud passwords, require me to enter my face ID before I can use it. The idea is that someone can take my unlocked phone and access my personal information.

In reality, how likely is it that the phone locks itself up pretty soon after not being used? Are there any examples of someone being attacked while using his phone, and the robber unlocked it long enough to commit further fraud, etc.?