Throwing There was a problem reaching this app when hosting a custom Microsoft Teams app

I’m trying to host a custom teams tab application to my organization’s team and when I try to add the application I’m thrown with “There was a problem reaching this app” error. I’ve tried with both App studio as well as directly through a teams channel. The app was generated using yeoman app generator for teams. When trying to run in the browser this error is thrown.
enter image description here

Does anybody have an idea of as to why this is happening? (All the permissions are set properly).
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java – command-line demo app & design-pattern usage examples

I started learning from the book: head first design patterns. As I am trying out different programs in the book, I am compiling them in this one demo app. Below is the code for its driver function. Can anyone guide me with any improvements to the program (related to style, programming, formatting or anything else)? Entire repository can be found here: Any improvement in rest of those functions would be appreciated as well.

Demo Driver Code:

package com.aviralgarg;

import java.util.Scanner;

import static com.aviralgarg.strategy.Main.runDuckSimulator;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String() args) {

        try {
        } catch (Exception e) {
        } finally {
            System.err.println("Something went horribly wrong!");

    private static void demoLoop() {
        while (true) {

            Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
            int option = scanner.nextInt();

            switch (option) {
                case 0 -> System.exit(0);
                case 1 -> showDesignPrinciples();
                case 2 -> runDuckSimulator();
                default -> System.err.println("Please select a valid option.");


    private static void showHorizontalLine() {

    private static void showOptions() {
        System.out.println("nPick one of the following options:" +
                "nt1. Show design principles" +
                "nt2. Strategy pattern - Run the Duck Simulator" +
                "nt0. Exit");

    private static void showDesignPrinciples() {
        System.out.println("Design Principles:" +
                "n1. Identify the aspects of your application that vary and separate them from what stays the same." +
                "n2. Program to an interface, not an implementation." +
                "n3. Favor composition over inheritance." +

permissions – What can an app like WhatsApp acess on my phone

The app WhatsApp would like to have permission to access my device’s photos, media and files.

If I grant permission, exactly what can (could) the application access?
Can it access all of the photos on my phone? Or just the photos I have shared or downloaded with the app?
Can it access all of the phone’s media?
Can it access all of the files on the phone?

Or does Android restrict what it can access? If so, what does it restrict it to and how?

I’m not interested in what WhatsApp says it will or won’t access, or even what it has promised in its EULA. I’m interested in what it could access, if it wanted to.

Sending email from an alias using Gmail app

I use G-Suite for business. I have the main domain (Let’s call it and a number of secondary domains (we’ll use for this). I have set up aliases so that I can receive email sent to and also

Using GMail on the web I can select a default email address for outgoing email. So, although my primary address is my outgoing email appears to come from

So far, so good.

Now I want to do the same thing on my Android phone and tablet.

How can I set up Gmail for Android to use my alias instead of my primary address

Note that I don’t want to reset the phone and sign in with a different address. I just want to change the GMail alias.

One answer to this question suggests it’s not possible, but that was five years ago. Has anything changed?

wordpress – Why do I have one htaccess file in each directory of an app?

I have a question related to .htaccess use: I have two WordPress installations in my app:

  • one is located in /applications/main/public_html/ – let’s call it ht1 in this post
  • the second one is located here: /applications/main/public_html/my_blog – let’s call it ht2

in each directory there is .htaccess file, is it normal and does it create a conflict? I thought only one .htaccess was needed at the root of the app (which would be the first one, ht1).

It has always been the case on my server, and I’m wondering if it is a problem. I’m asking this question because I need to modify the ht2 (in my_blog, for security matters) and I’m wondering if it would make sense to add these lines only in ht1 – hence impacting all subfolders.

Thanks a lot,

privacy – Was I hacked? Does the Apple Mail App on Desktop trigger a Google “signed-in device”?

Several of my personal accounts were hacked by my former employer (files were altered). I confronted them, mentioned the platforms but only sent them evidence of my Google account being hacked knowing that they might try to sweep it under the rug.

They conducted an “internal investigation” and concluded that the Apple Mail on my work device triggered those sign-ins. Besides the fact that their explanation doesn’t explain why my other accounts were hacked, I tested their theory and couldn’t replicate it. I looked it up and some people said that pull requests from Apple Mail don’t trigger logins. Can anyone confirm?

In addition, I did more digging and downloaded my Facebook data and this is what I found. It shows everything including the browser used, which a third-party app is not.

The hacks coincide with both a complaint I submitted to IT about their questionable practices and false allegations (made by IT a week after my complaint) that led to my dismissal.

http – Downloading unencrypted data with Android app

I’m writing a relatively simple app for Android, which should get GPS coordinates and detect if the device is inside one of defined polygons. These polygon definitions I intend to download from a server through an unencrypted connection before the app launches its GPS activities. The polygon data is created by users and they should enter the address into the app and it will connect and download that JSON data.

So the main question is about that download process security: is it safe to transfer that data openly or should I bother with encryption?

One way I imagined is to make the users to encrypt the JSON data. Before they download it, they should input not only address, but also a password to decrypt that data, so the app can decrypt it after the download. Is there any point in doing this? Or should I do proper authorization (which I consider excessively complex for this case)?

Jobs – 75 BMF = Download app + Bind Code | Proxies-free

Hi guys,

This task is very simple. You just need to download the app found in Playstore “Tongits Club” and bind my invitation code.

Link: 👇

If you cannot download in Playstore due to region restriction, use the apk version of the app.

👉APK file version

1. Download, Install & Open the app and just login thru Facebook.

2. Click the 1000P icon below


3. Click the “Fill in the Invitation Code” and input my invitation code: TBCHGZ


And it should look like this 👇 below.

Send me a screenshot the same as below image with invitation code: TBCHGZ


Reward: 75 BMF

Screenshot app that freezes screen to then capture?

Here’s an example of the type of screenshots I’m trying to make for a tutorial book:

  1. In the Finder, I Option-drag a file over a folder. I get a green + sign next to my mouse pointer and the folder is highlighted.
  2. I press a key command to freeze the screen in that state, ready to determine which area I want to capture.
  3. I take my time framing the exact area I want to capture.
  4. I double-click or press Enter to finalize my screenshot.

The resulting screenshot shows my mouse pointer with the green + sign and the folder selected.

Is there an app out there that does that?

macbook pro – Is there any macOS snipping app can take picture with lower resolution

The native snipping tool in macOS takes an image with the full original pixel.
when I paste it to use, the resolution is a little too big to web blog or in Microsoft-word, I need to resize it smaller by hand every time, is there any other snipping tool that can take a lower resolution image in clipboard?