reactjs – How can I render an SVG file in the dayRender method of FullCalendar 4.x in a React app?

My Reaction component uses FullCalendar, and I want to provide a custom dayRender method. If the date matches a specific date, I'll add a special SVG file to that day cell.

At the moment I have imported the svg with the following code:

Import svg from "Assets / special.svg";

My dayRender code looks like this:

const dayRender = (dayRenderInfo) => {
if (moment ( .format (dateFormat) === myDate) {
// How do I render my SVG?

The problem is that we need to change dayRenderInfo.el to add additional DOMNodes. However, my SVG, when I inspect it with console.log, is just a filename.

I think I have to somehow render the svg as DOMNode and then attach it to dayRenderInfo.el.

What is the right way to do this?

I saw this post, but I checked and unfortunately IE does not support this feature. Full Calendar: How can I use the DayRender feature to display an icon every day of the month?

App Windows – MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 13.0 Build 95 RePack by KpoJIuK | NulledTeam UnderGround

Languages: Русский / English | File size: 133 MB

For more than 25 years, SOUND FORGE Pro has set standards in the recording, processing and processing of audio. The latest version 13 sets new standards and provides an improved user experience with more efficiency, stability and speed for the ultimate in audio production. The improved 64-bit audio engine handles everything from capture and editing to restoration and mastering with incredible precision.
In case you do not want to get any further


Crystal clear on several channels. Record unadulterated audio on up to 32 channels simultaneously at sample rates up to 64-bit / 768kHz. SOUND FORGE Pro 13 is a portable recording studio that you can take anywhere to record classical concerts, live bands and other challenging projects in multiple channels.

Audio processing
Precision in a nutshell. SOUND FORGE Pro 13 offers professional audio processing and sound design at the highest level. Edit audio from video soundtracks to the final surround sound mix with sample precision. Numerous effects processors and editing tools make SOUND FORGE Pro the ideal application for sound designers.

Professional sound, noiseless. With the brand new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 you can deliver technically perfect masters for CD or streaming. All thanks to advanced signal processing tools and high-end effects based on high-quality DSP algorithms. Restore shots and effortlessly remove clicks, pops and other sounds.

• Recording, editing and processing of 32-channel files
• 64-bit architecture
• Customizable interface: 4 color levels, new icon design and docking
• Improved VST engine and ARA2 support
• NEW! Recording at 64 bit / 768 kHz
• Numerous audio effects and plug-ins
• Mastering and restoring with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 8 Elements & RX 7 Elements
• New oscilloscope and peak meter V2 for level measurement
• zplane élastique timestretch with new élastiquePro v3 engine

New in SOUND FORGE Pro 13:

New interface
The SOUND FORGE Pro 13 user interface is now adjustable in four shades for a better user experience. The new icon design and redesigned docking capabilities make your workflow even more efficient.

New VST engine
The improved SOUND FORGE Pro VST engine gives you more stability and speed when using plug-ins. It is now available with the ARA2 interface extension.

New visualizations
SOUND FORGE Pro 13 includes the Peak Meter V2 with industry-standard visual feedback indicating peak audio levels and a new oscilloscope.

System requirements:
• You need a 32-bit or 64-bit version of one of the following operating systems:
• Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
• Processor: 1 GHz
• RAM: 512 MB
• Graphics card: Onboard, min. Resolution 1024 x 768
• Sound card: onboard
• Hard disk space: 500 MB for program installation

Properties RePack:
– Type: x86 / x64 installation
– Languages: Russian, English
– Activation: pawel97
– Optional: noise reduction plug-in


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ios – iPhone X UI support for existing App in AppStore

I have an in-store application that was updated 2 years ago and meets 64-bit requirements. Currently, however, this application is not actively developed. However, we do not want to disappoint existing customers who use this application.

When testing the app on a new iPhone X and other devices with a first-class display, a black bar appears at the top and bottom. Is there a policy to update the existing app to be compatible with the iPhone X display? Otherwise, Apple will be removed from the store.

App Windows – Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.3 (x64) | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 745 MB

Trapcode Suite – The industry-standard motion graphics package in After Effects. The Red Giant Trapcode Suite consists of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects.
In case you do not want to get any further


Trapcode Suite brings the power of 3D particle systems directly into After Effects. Use particle emitters to create fire, water, smoke, snow, and other organic visual effects, or create technological wonders and user interfaces with immortal particle lattices and 3D shapes. Combine multiple particle systems into a single 3D space for impressive results. With GPU acceleration, Trapcode plug-ins help you get great results quickly.

Perform realistic fluid simulations for the first time with the new Dynamic Fluids ™ physics engine or emulate particles that move through the air and bounce off surfaces.

Create flowing surfaces, mountainous areas, endless tunnels and abstract shapes. Use paths and movements to create beautifully complex geometric shapes, bands, and extrusions. Whether you create motion graphics or visual effects, the possibilities are endless.

Bring light and life into your motion design. Simulate organic, 3D camera-aware room lighting. Use masks and paths to add streaks of light that can bring your logos and text to life, and add starry shimmer to highlight the highlights in your work.

Use audio to generate keyframes that control animations and effects. Scale, rotate and move to the beat or use drum hits to create particle effects. Duplicate and move layers and move them with ease. With Trapcode Suite, you can easily automate complex animations.

The Red Giant Trapcode Suite consists of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects.

New in the Trapcode Suite 15.0
– Updated designer for visual effects creation
– Fluid dynamics
– text emitter
– Mask radiator
– 175 new presets (over 300 in total)

– Updated designer for visual effects creation
– Fluid dynamics
– Text forms
– Mask shapes
– Over 150 new presets

– Import OBJ models as Mir surfaces
– Contains a library of over 60 3D models
– 16 surface presets for fast material settings

System requirements:
Windows 10 (x64)
Adobe Creative Cloud (2017 – 2019)

What's new?
Performance improvements and minor bug fixes


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Hyperlink – After changing the default AAM zone, App Launcher and "About Me" continue to link to the old URL

I configure a local SharePoint 2016 farm. I exchanged the default zone URL for the intranet zone URL. This is because the URL of the intranet zone is just a server name that can not be resolved for the IP address. After the exchange everything works fine, including the search results.

However, the app launcher (links below the top left waffle icon) and the link above me (top right corner, below the username) are both still connected to the internet zone.

Can I repair / configure the links under the top bar?

App Mac – 1Password 7.3.1 CR2 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

1Password 7.3.1 Multilingual | macos | 57 mb

1Password is a popular tool for storing usernames, passwords, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, driver's licenses, passports and more behind a master password with end-to-end encryption. With a built-in password generator, users can create secure, unique passwords and catchy passwords.

The latest version of the popular Password Manager is a major update with dozens of new features and enhancements, including a new dark theme sidebar that simplifies the use and management of password depots.
The app's new design extends to the lock screen, login icons, tags, item pop-up windows, and more. There's also a new Courier Prime Bits custom font from Alan Dague-Greene, which makes it easier to view passwords.
A short list of other changes made by AgileBits:
– Each pixel has been scrutinized and polished for maximum enhancement.
– With the new "pop-out" feature, you can view an article in its own window and keep it handy.
– Secure notes are now rendered with Markdown.
– Quick Open allows you to quickly jump to your objects or vaults (found in the File menu).
– Your own custom password font, courtesy of Alan Dague-Greene.
– A new password strength meter.
Touch ID now uses the secure enclave of your computer and makes it safer than ever.
– Login objects now have a beautiful, custom icon by default.
– Remove duplicate items per vault by clicking Help> Tools> Clean Up Duplicate Items.
– Spotlight integration lets you find your items using Apple's integrated search engine.
– Nested tags allow you to expand your organization: Add tags with / and 1Password breaks them down into groups.
– Enable automatic updates and never let you go back.
: macOS 10.12 or higher 64-bit


App Windows – CCleaner Professional Plus 5.60 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 28.13 MB

Piriform CCleaner Professional Plus – This is a selection of the latest versions of Piriform Software programs, which are grouped together to help you make your computer faster, safer, safer and more stable and confidential.
In case you do not want to get any further

We receive many requests from our users who want to buy all our products in one bundle. We've listened and are pleased to announce that we're introducing CCleaner Professional Plus: a 4-in-1 product that includes all the professional versions of CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy! With our patented technology products, you can regain complete control of your PC and re-run it: Speed ​​it up and secure it with fewer crashes, recover lost files, and keep track of what's in your PC detailed statistics on each hardware.

CCleaner is a utility for cleaning the deposits in the operating system. While working, CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) searches for and removes unused files. These include: cookies, history, website visits to the Internet, temporary Internet files, search strings, files, recycle bin, etc.

Also search for third-party application temporary files: Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Alcohol 120, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip, GetRight, Morpheus, Download Accelerator Plus, VirtualDub, ZoneAlarm and many others. Can be cleaned up and enrolled in Windows to eliminate unnecessary extensions to the old library DLL and wrong ways that accumulate in significant amounts, especially after installing and uninstalling a variety of programs.

Add a program:
CCleaner 5.50 Professional
Defraggler 2.22 Professional
Recuva 1.53 Professional
Speccy 1.32 Professional

What's new:
CCleaner 5.60


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App Windows – Webcam Surveyor 3.7.6 Build 1104 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 7.76 MB

Webcam Surveyor is a webcam software that combines video surveillance and video recording tools. With this program you can easily record videos, take pictures or record picture sequences. Work as a motion detector to trigger event software alerts: Send an email alert, upload images to an FTP site, capture all motion activity in AVI video format. This allows you to remotely monitor the activities detected by your camera. The built-in file browser helps to organize the resulting images and videos. Webcam Surveyor supports video and audio codecs such as: MJpeg, DivX, Mpeg-4 and MPEG Layer 3 (MP3), WMAudio Encoder (WMA). With Webcam Surveyor you can also capture image sequences with a time interval of one second up to 59 hours.
In case you do not want to get any further

Key Features:

• Video Capture – You can easily create a video from your webcam simply by clicking the Start Video Capture button. Webcam Surveyor supports the most popular video and audio encoding algorithms, enabling high-quality, long-term video capture.
• Record in multiple video files – This feature allows you to record video 24/7. Webcam Surveyor creates video files while recording video. You can set the time period in which the program creates the files. This allows you to view already recorded files while recording continues.
• Record picture sequences – This feature allows you to take pictures from a webcam at specified intervals. With this software, you can create your own time-lapse video or record time-shifted events.
• HD Video Recording – The Webcam Surveyor can be used with HD video sources. Up to 3 megapixel video stream is supported.
• Motion detection – Use your camera to monitor your office and home. It allows the configuration of various actions of the program when motion is detected. You can adjust the motion sensitivity and exclude the image area where motion is not detected.
• Motion Detection – Use this feature to capture only the images in which motion was detected. If you use it, you will not have to watch many unnecessary videos. As with video recording, you can perform continuous 24/7 motion recording.
• Stealth Mode – You can hide Webcam Surveyor on your computer. Use this feature for hidden video surveillance. This allows you to record videos in the presence of unwanted people or find out what happens to your PC in your absence. In stealth mode, you can use hotkeys to manage it.
• Schedule – You can set the schedule for the video recording, image sequence, motion detection, e-mail, and FTP alerts.
• Usability and compatibility.
• Digital Zoom – view webcams with digital zoom;
• E-mail Notification – Send an e-mail message with snapshots when a motion is detected.
• FTP Alert – Upload images to your FTP site when a motion is detected. Even if the monitoring is interrupted and files are deleted from your computer, you can always see who did it
• Other alerts – When a motion is detected, you can predefine other alerts: run the program, play sound, open URL, and capture image sequences.
• Built-in file browser with all shell extensions – Easy organization of captured images and video clips.
• Security – Password protection prevents others from attempting to restore the Webcam Surveyor without your permission.
• Supported video / audio codecs
• Adjustable video resolution
• Adjustable frame rate
• Adjustable compression quality.
• Autostart – Webcam Surveyor is ready to start Windows.
• Camera control – Panning, zooming, tilting, scrolling, exposure, focus, and other settings.
• Multilingual interface (supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew, Romanian)

System requirements:
IBM PC-compatible computer with 700 MHz CPU or higher (dual-core PC for HD recording).
40 MB of free memory (RAM).
10 MB of free hard disk space.
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 or higher.
Display that can display 16-bit colors or higher.
WDM-compatible device (webcam or capture card)

What's new:


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App Windows – FX Cartoonizer 1.4.6 | NulledTeam UnderGround

FX Cartoonizer 1.4.6 | 93 Mb

With our FXCartoonizer for Windows PC, you can convert photos into cartoons with just a few mouse clicks. Now you can turn all your pictures and graphics into comic effects faster and more accurately. You can convert large or high-quality photos with the best results in cartoons.

You can also edit your photos and make several adjustments before or after you convert them. Add many elements, crop your photos, resize and adjust brightness and contrast.
With FXCartoonizer you can convert images into cartoons and drawings. With this software you can illustrate your family photos, events or animated pictures of your vacation trips.
– The good thing is that you can let people know what you look like without sharing your current photo, but a caricature of yours.
– You can create cartoons of your friends, pets, your home, your neighborhood, and especially the celebrities and politicians.
– Cartoons are the best gift for your family and friends. You can also use them for cups and t-shirts.
– Undoubtedly, this software is fun and addictive. It is very easy to use and also intuitive.
– No great artistic skills required, as no manual drawing is required.
– The software uses a very novel technology to carry out the whole process.
– First, the image is divided into monochrome patterns that resemble a mosaic. Then it converts the smallest details of the picture into a cartoon format.
– Since the photo is provided with effects, the final result is always of high quality.
– Animation without watermark or logo!
– Stand-alone software!
First, you need to navigate the desired photo or image from your computer. You must click the Add tab in the software to access the photos. After you have selected the photo, upload it by double-clicking.
Change settings!
You can change the size of the photo or enlarge it. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, cyan, magnet and yellow effects. & # 39; The crop function on the right allows you to crop the photo. You can also undo the effects or completely reload the photo. After making all the changes you want, just click on an effect and off you go!
Final touch
With the cartoonized photo, you can even make all sorts of adjustments.
Several effects
Use multiple effects to make your pictures desirable and fascinating.
Convert quickly
You can easily turn your photos into cartoons in seconds.
Easy to use
It's an extremely simple software with the main theme of turning pictures into cartoons.
It allows users to quickly convert photos into cartoons as normal.
Crop function
The cropping feature lets you remove unwanted parts of your image.
You can edit your pictures and adjust the brightness and contrast
All in one
No other stand-alone program or software is needed. it does all the functions itself.
No watermark
The converted cartoon does not contain a watermark or logo. (Paid version only)
To press
You do not have to save the photo to print it. You can do this directly from within your software.
The available resize feature allows you to resize your photo before or after conversion.
Various goodies enhance the overall fun and enjoyment, and add extra color to your cartoons.
– Windows 10 32/64 bit
– Windows 8 32/64 bit
– Windows 7 32/64 bit
– Windows Vista 32/64 bit
– Windows XP


Applications – Android drivers in one app

I have seen this app

What makes your external wireless adapter (RTL8187 cards) work, no root, no custom kernels. The only way this works is a kind of user-space driver. My question is, can I create an app that supports the wireless card TL2WN722N as well as this app? If I think that's possible, is it legal and how difficult is it?