– Apple Mail IMAP incorrectly moving to Gmail’s Trash, not Archive (All Mail) as intended

Setup: macOS Big Sur, using Apple Mail client connected to Gmail via IMAP.

Expected behavior: when deleting an email from Apple Mail client, Gmail should preserve it in All Mail (i.e Archive).

Behavior I’m getting: Gmail moves emails to Trash.

Gmail IMAP settings:
enter image description here

Apple Mail settings – Mailbox Behaviors:

enter image description here

appletv – iPhone remote apps – “Apple TV Remote” vs … something else?

I use the “Apple TV Remote” app to control my Apple TV 4K (A1842). From Settings I can see that I have version 2.2 (344.28) of the app (it’s called merely “Remote” in there, but the info screen confirms it is “Apple TV Remote”).

I can access the app in three different ways:

  1. Via its icon in the Control Center (this is my normal method)
  2. By telling Siri to ”Open Apple TV Remote”
  3. By tapping the app’s icon (labelled “Remote”) on my iPhone

HOWEVER: the main screen I get using method 1 looks different from what I get with the other two methods. They look like the following, with method 1 producing the first view and methods 2 and 3 producing the second view:



It almost looks like the first method is running a different app from the other two methods.

However, if I go to Settings>Control Center and see what remote app is in there, I find that it is called Apple TV Remote.

So, what’s going on? When I go into Control Center and tap on what Settings claims is Apple TV Remote, why do I get something different from what I get if I tell Siri to open Apple TV Remote (or if I simply find the Remote app and choose it).


mac appstore – Apple Store will not download apps

I cannot download apps from the app store.
I am running Mojave and do not want to upgrade

I have already tried to do the following:

  • Sign in and out of my app store account
  • Delete any app store cache files
  • Kill any app store process and tried again
  • Reinstalled Mojave
  • Installed from a backup
  • Tried to install apps on a different user

Any ideas? Thanks!

macbook pro – Windows Explorer stopped working after connecting external display (monitor) to My Apple Mac Book Air 2011

Earlier i was using Window 7 32 bit (bootcamp), and i have replaced my new SSD and load the windows 7 64 bit. After installing windows 7 64 bit, i was facing display driver issue due to incompatible drivers automatically loaded after running bootcamp, and intel HD graphic 4000 (version installed. i restarted by laptop, and after restarting black screen was coming, so i copied the display driver (Intel HD graphic 4000 version from my 32 bit SSD and installed the driver. After installing display driver version, i can boot in windows 7 bootcamp and also it is working fine but when i connect external display (monitor) via thunder bolt to VGA port then it is showing windows explorer stopped working and i have to restart the windows explorer then i can see the external display on my monitor. This error coming each time, i connect external display with my Mac.

Kindly help to resolve this issue.

airdrop – Apple script that changes the destination folder of airdropped files is not working with large selection of images being airdropped?

I’m using the script below to move airdrop images into a different folder. This works if i send a low number of images but does not when i send amounts like 100 or more, which i do regularly for work. Im not a programer but thought the QUARANTINE_KEY : “59” was the limiting factor but this does not fix the problem if i change the value of “59” to a higher number like “200”.

I would appreciate any assistance.

property AIRDROP_FOLDER : “Macintosh HD:Users:pschorn:Airdrop”
property QUARANTINE_KEY : “59”

property GET_QUARANTINE_COMMAND_START : “ls -l -@ ‘”
property GET_QUARANTINE_COMMAND_END : “‘ | tr ‘n’ ‘ ‘ | sed ‘s/*)/ 1/’ | awk ‘{$1=$1};1′”

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
repeat with i from 1 to length of added_items
set current_item to item i of added_items
set quarantine_type to getQuarantineType(POSIX path of current_item)
if quarantine_type is equal to QUARANTINE_KEY then
moveFile(current_item, alias AIRDROP_FOLDER)
end if
end repeat
end adding folder items to

on moveFile(move_file, destination_dir)
tell application “Finder”
move move_file to destination_dir with replacing
end tell
end moveFile

on getQuarantineType(file_path)
end getQuarantineType

apple music – iPad to control Mac Pro computer audio system



  • MacPro macOS
  • 11.0.1 Big Sur

My wife’s

Stereo system

MacPro has a hardwired digital connection to my stereo system’s DAC.
No other available inputs (wireless or bluetooth) into the stereo system.

So, I can not send music directly from any other device to the stereo system. The stereo has no other inputs remote or otherwise.

I use Apple’s Music app.
Works perfectly.


Enable my wife’s iPadPro to remotely access my Mac Pro’s Music app.
So she can play music on the attached stereo system.

Note: She has a different AppleID than I do, but I could let her use mine if it would help.

Thoughts appreciated.

icloud – Why can’t I change Apple ID email?

The Apple ID account servicing page makes provision for changing the email address associated with an account. Not just the “contactable at” address, but changing the primary address, using the option “Change Apple ID”.

I want to do this for my five-year-old son’s Apple ID – change it from the existing to a Google Account

I have already added against “Contactable At”.

When I begin to change the primary address, I see the following pop-up, as expected (since I am the parent of the account-holder)…

enter image description here

The only problem is, that consent notice is never sent. Rather, the input form just updates to display the following error in red, including the bold HTML tags…

enter image description here

<b>Could not send request to Robert.</b><br/>Your Apple ID change request could not be sent at this time.

As a test, I have attempted to change the Apple ID address to (I can use any wildcard prefix at my domain). That time, the consent verification WAS successfully sent.

So, why won’t Apple accept