How do I record application audio when I share the screen on Zoom (Android)?

I use the Android zoom application to share the screen with other people. You all see my screen sharing fine, but the application's audio is muted. I can mute and unmute the hardware microphone (it picks up ambient noise or my language) but the sound of the Android application itself (e.g. video playback, system sounds, YouTube video, etc.) is not present.

In the desktop version of Zoom, when you share your screen, there is a check box for sharing system sounds or the screen you are sharing. However, such an option is not displayed in the Android version.

I'm using Samsung ActiveTab 2 (on Samsung's Android 9, I think).

Catalina Patcher fails with "Installation of macOS Catalina application is corrupt"

I am trying to upgrade from macOS 10.15.2 to 10.15.4 on a 2009 Mac Pro. I used dosdude's macOS Catalina Patcher to successfully install 10.15.2, but attempts to install the latest version all end in …

This copy of the Install macOS Catalina application is corrupt and cannot be used to install macOS.

I can create a bootable installer, but booting from it and trying to reinstall macOS leads to the error.

I tried to download a new copy of the installer, set the date from the terminal and delete it Install macOS, all without success.

I'm using Catalina Patcher v1.4 and installing macOS Catalina v15.4.01. I have both the Install macOS Catalina app store version and the patcher download versions.

Functional analysis – application of the principle of uniformity.

Here's the question:

To let $ A = (a_ {ij}) _ {i, j = 1} ^ { infty} $ be an infinite matrix of real numbers and assume that for each $ x in ell ^ 2, $ the sequence $ Ax $ heard $ ell ^ 2. $ Prove that the operator $ T, $ defined by $ T (x) = Ax, $ is a restricted operator to $ ell ^ 2. $

** Here is my exam: **

We will use the principle of the uniformly limited theorem as we have shown that $ ( ell ^ 2, | x | _ {2}) $ is a standardized space. and it is easy to show that it is complete by showing that each Cauchy sequence also converges $ | . | _ {2} $, then $ ( ell ^ 2, | x | _ {2}) $ is a Banach room and we gave it to everyone $ x in ell ^ 2, $ the sequence $ Ax $ heard $ ell ^ 2. $ Which can be formulated mathematically as follows:

We can define according to the circumstances $ A: ell ^ 2 rightarrow ell ^ 2 $ by $$ A x = A ( xi_ {1}, xi_ {2}, …) = ( beta_ {1}, beta_ {2}, …), $$
Where (a_ {ij}) begin {equation *}
begin {array} {ccc}
xi_ {1} \
xi_ {2} \
end {array} right)
end {equation *}

begin {array} {ccc}
beta _ {1} \
beta_ {2} \
end {array}
end {equation *}; i.e. $ beta_ {i} = sum_ {j = 1} ^ { infty} a_ {ij} xi_ {j} $.

$ | Ax | ^ {2} = sum_ {i = 1} ^ { infty} | beta_ {i} | ^ 2 < infty $

Therefore $ sup { | A x | } < infty $ and therefore $ sup { | T | } = sup { | A | } < infty $ as required.

Is my solution correct?

How to transform Excel VBA-based applications into other application types

I have developed an Excel VBA-based set of codes that process a lot of data.
However, what I've seen is that execution time for VBA code continues to increase as the Excel file gets huge (e.g.> 20MB). The execution time is particularly long if the Excel file size is> 100 MB.

I want to know what other server-based application I can use. The prerequisite is that the app / code must be executed without the Internet (in the same lines in which different users access shared folder data).

Note: I am an absolute newcomer and still willing to learn. Sorry if the question is incorrectly framed.

Desktop application – Other tab alternative (I have to design more than 10 categories on the same screen)

I am working on a system with a lot of content on the same screen.
There is a 2/3 table on the left and 1/3 right curtain details.
When the user clicks on an element in the table, the right curtain shows and minimizes the table width.

The use case is that I have more than 10 categories in the table and I have to split each of the categories in the same view into a different table …

The alternatives are:
1. Tabs
2nd accordion
3. Tags

Does anyone have another solution?

Javascript – How do I debug an Angular application in VS Code?

VS Code is simply the best tool for developers with lots of plugins that extend functionality. However, is there a way to understand the full flow of an Angular application and understand any errors that may occur to enable efficient debugging?

Not every mistake is included in the documentation, others only for those who are already very experienced.

So when you start, what is the best way to debug, do you understand that the ends aren't loose?

Will this affect your UK student visa application after spending three months in Canada?

Britain and Canada share immigration information under the five-eye treaty (along with the United States, Australia, and New Zealand). You should assume that the UK authorities know about your stay.

If asked, you should declare this accordingly. Don't try to cover it up. If the UK authorities know and you don't mention it, you will likely get a lengthy ban on deception.

This affects all UK visa applications. How strong an effect is depends, among other things, on the details of the overlay and the type of application.

The only way to find out is to apply.